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User Reviews for Hydroxyzine (Page 8)

Also known as: Vistaril

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
39 reviews 56 medications
Allergic Urticaria
29 reviews 35 medications
29 reviews 295 medications
Interstitial Cystitis
4 reviews 30 medications
114 reviews 38 medications
17 reviews 160 medications
19 reviews 1111 medications
596 reviews 56 medications
Summary of Hydroxyzine reviews 6.0 847 reviews

Reviews for Hydroxyzine

Cetta · Taken for less than 1 month April 13, 2018

For Anxiety: "Life Changer.I have experienced anxiety most of my life to the point of not interacting with people staying to myself. After taking this medication I feel a full body calming. I just feel less anxious and never felt like this before. The only reason I don’t give the medication 10 stars is because I only been taking it for a few weeks.I don’t know if this is one of those medications that wears off Less anger and irritability too I take 25 milligrams 2 times a days but am upping it until 25 milligrams 4 times a day"

Richietwo · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 12, 2018

For Sedation: "I was taking 0.5 mg Alprazolam and melatonin to get to sleep and the doctor switched me to hydroxyzine. Hydroxyzine has no effect on me, I might as well take nothing. Going back to the Doctor for a discussion period."

Sarah · Taken for less than 1 month April 12, 2018

For Sedation: "I have been on this for a little while, I have not been taking them though. Last night I took two, one pill is 100mgs. I have always had an issue with sleeping, it was either not sleep at all or have very bad nightmares. I was so tired and I couldn't sleep so I took them. I passed out around 8pm and woke up around 2pm. I didn't wake up once, although I felt like death all day. I was still tired and I felt like a zombie."

Opeth · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 10, 2018

Vistaril (hydroxyzine) for Anxiety: "Vistaril works great for me right before bed, takes care of anxiety and allows me to get to sleep easier. Taken it 4 years now no problems."

blues · Taken for less than 1 month April 5, 2018

For Anxiety: "It's really working . I took only one pill and and suddenly felt so relaxed. Also this drug has 5 times less side effects than SRRI SRRI near killed me"

SleepyInSeattle · Taken for 1 to 2 years April 4, 2018

For Sedation: "Wow! I take this medication once in a while to help me sleep. If I take 50mg or 100 milligram doesn’t matter. Same effects—It puts me right to sleep. But I do not like because the next day is completely awful. I am so sluggish and sleepy I can’t get anything done. Take for instance yesterday. I took 100mg around 6:30pm and crawled into bed around 8pm and slept until 8am. Today I’ve fallen asleep 4 times at my desk between 9am and and noon. I’ve left work early because I can only sleep. I got home at 1pm and slept again until 3:30p. I’m still so sleepy I am going to crawl in bed soon for the night. The drug works great to help you sleep and therefore give it a 10 but a 1 for side effects because I'm so drowsy and seem to have a mental fog the whole next day. I just waste my day the next day."

Gini · Taken for less than 1 month April 2, 2018

For Anxiety: "I was put on hydroxyzine March 26 but I didn't take it until March 28. I am also on Prozac and they raised the dosage to 20mg. Well since being on hydroxyzine I feel very dizzy through out the whole day. I have trouble sleeping at night. Went to the ER the day before Easter because I felt so out of it. Heart was racing my head felt so groggy. Woke up this morning and still feel out of it. Didn't take it at 2 like I was supposed to so let's see what happens. But not being able to function or feel like I'm able to breath properly sucks. Not taking thing drug again."

Dantheman93 · Taken for less than 1 month March 31, 2018

For Anxiety: "Made me feel loopy and increased my anxiety. Major feelings of derealization. Also mild audatory hallucinations as I was trying to fall asleep, which I couldn't do."

Jamie K · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 31, 2018

For Anxiety: "This pill has been a godsend for me! I can not think of one bad thing to say about it. it has helped me be able to ignore my anxiety and panic symptoms enough to leave my house and go to appointments. (I also have agoraphobia) every now and then they will make me just a little drowsy but never anything that inhibits my control or focus. I have also benefited from hydroxyzine for allergies as well. it really is a wonderful thing, especially because it is not habit forming and you do not build a tolerance to it. I have used 25mg for about 2 years (as needed) and it still is just as effective as day 1. I definitely recommend to anyone struggling with their anxiety even with an antidepressant medication, as sometimes in the moment we need a little extra help. Hydroxyzine has definitely done that for me."

Anonymous March 29, 2018

For Anxiety: "I've been on this drug for about 1 month and a half to get off welbutrin because I wanted to get off it (cold turkey) . Now I've been taking this drug it helps to a point. Sometimes I feel my heart racing and sweat a lot. But I feel like I'm getting so use to it that it is starting to not help so now I just take it as needed."

LisaD · Taken for less than 1 month March 28, 2018

For Pruritus: "Have had intense itching, especially at nite, since being diagnosed with RA in 2013. I had my RA in remission primarily through gluten free, mainly vegan diet until three days ago when I took my first dose of Hydroxyzine 25 mg. Oh WOW how this antihistimine drug makes my body scream in pain. As soon as I feel better I will have to revisit the itching dilemna. In the meantime, it's probably curtains for me with the hydroxyzine!!"

y1o2l3o March 25, 2018

For Anxiety: "Got prescribed this medication by the family doc. Took 50 mg a day (based on my weight). So half a pill in morning, half a pill during lunch and a full 25 mg pill in the evening. It did NOTHING for me. The only thing... made my mouth dry andmy concentration decreased. The good thing is that you can take this medicine whenever you need it. However, I think it would be nice if it worked for the anxiety"

melanie123 · Taken for less than 1 month March 24, 2018

Vistaril (hydroxyzine) for Anxiety: "Vistaril is nothing but a glorified antihistamine. It did nothing for my anxiety but made me high I guess? I was avoiding having to take this (the bottle was sitting in the cabinet) and decided I needed to try one. Well, it didn't do anything. I feel dizzy, drunk and I feel like I am suffering from insane depersonalization. I want to get this out of my system now."

Nikole909 · Taken for less than 1 month March 19, 2018

For Anxiety: "I got prescribed this for my in between anxiety period while lexapro took its place. It is absolutely horrible I don't feel anything upon taking it. I tried to stay away from benzos because of the addiction so I thought this would be a good alternative route. Did not help me."

Michelle · Taken for 5 to 10 years March 19, 2018

For Sedation: "I take three 50mg capsules a night. It helps me fall asleep and that’s it. I have taken up to 100mg lately and I’m still having trouble sleeping. I can’t take anything that has any type of addictive ingredients so it’s hard for Doc to help me. I was trying to find how much is too much in one dose. I have been taking this medication for 10 years now, and I guess my body is just used to it."

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month March 18, 2018

For Anxiety: "I was prescribed this to help get through withdrawals from a combo of opiates and benzodiazepines, mainly the anxiety connected to that. It had almost no effect, other than stopping the sneezing spells I went through. Otherwise it was like I didn’t take anything. I was prescribed 100 mg , but quit taking it since it had no effect on anxiety."

Will · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 17, 2018

For Anxiety: "I am 32 years old and I started experimenting with drugs in high school. I took an extreme liking to benzos and opiates so much that I ended up in rehab. The doctors prescribed me hydroxozine to help with my anxiety, since I have taken strong benzodiazepines for so long. This drug is a lifesaver for me, it really helps with my anxiety and knocks my cravings out and it doesn’t make me sleepy. I take 25 mg 3 times a day and it helps tremendously. And if I don’t need it, I don’t take it. It’s not addictive so if I do miss a dose I don’t have withdrawals, I don’t even notice. I highly recommend people take this if you have anxiety. Benzodiazepines are addictive, dangerous and they impair your memory and judgement. This medicine has helped me tremendously, I hope this helps anyone who has had addiction problems, it is rough out there but this medicine will help. It definitely has helped me."

John. · Taken for less than 1 month March 12, 2018

For Allergic Urticaria: "Periodically I get hives. This time I was prescribed the standard prednisone pack and Hydroxyzine. I took the prednisone but not the antihistamine. Dumb me. The rash got better but the back of my head began to itch terribly. As a result large welts began to form. My hands itched and other welts on my legs and chest began to form. So, I decided to take my hydroxyzine. I took it right before bed. When I woke up all the welts were nearly all gone. My hands stopped itching. This drug works wonders. Yes, it made me a little sleepy. Who cares. It knocked my hives out like a heavyweight boxer."

Hi · Taken for 1 to 2 years March 9, 2018

For Anxiety: "Works great for my nighttime anxiety and helps me relax my mind so I can sleep. It takes the edge off the anxiety."

J · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 8, 2018

For Anxiety: "didn't work for me, just made me sleepy"

Rossie79 · Taken for less than 1 month February 28, 2018

For Anxiety: "My doctor is taking me off xanex after being on it for a year. He prescribed me 10 mg of this drug. The worst experience ever it’s been hours and I feel nausea headache and so dizzy I can’t stand too long. Heart murmurs heaviness in my chest. Blurred vision so bad I feel cross eyed. Never taking it ever again!"

Joanne · Taken for less than 1 month February 28, 2018

For Anxiety: "My dr gave me this as he doesn't like Xanax because it can become addicting. It did nothing for me. If anything, I think it made my anxiety attacks worse. He did say that it helps some people but not everyone and I agreed to try it. I threw them out"

LS · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 25, 2018

For Anxiety: "I have been taking 25mg hydroxizine for the past nine months. The impact has been positive and has given me more control over my actions during situations of anxiety and panic due to a specific phobia. Originally the medication made me extremely drowsy, but this wore off after a few weeks. The medication has also helped with sleeping and allergies, which have in turn improved my mood and decreased my anxiety. It may not work for everyone, but it's worth a try."

Lynn · Taken for less than 1 month February 24, 2018

For Sedation: "I am 20 and was prescribed this for insomnia. I took 50mg and an hour later became very drowsy and slept straight through the night. Woke up at 9 and was so tired I just wanted to sleep, around 1pm I passed out until 4. Definitely helped me get some sleep at night but I do not like how I was too tired to function today. I will try taking 25 mg tonight at a lot earlier time."

RickC59 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 19, 2018

Atarax (hydroxyzine) for Anxiety: "Helps with my allergic reactions to soaps, creams, and lotions. Does not provide any noticable anxiety relief. "


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