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User Reviews for Ethinyl estradiol/norethindrone to treat Birth Control (Page 9)

Also known as: Junel Fe 1/20, Blisovi Fe 1/20, Microgestin Fe 1/20, Taytulla, Blisovi 24 Fe, Lo Loestrin Fe, Junel Fe 1.5/30, Junel Fe 24, Loestrin 21 1/20, Loestrin Fe 1.5/30, Larin Fe 1/20, Microgestin 1.5/30, Briellyn, Mibelas 24 Fe, Larin 24 Fe, Hailey Fe 1/20, Minastrin 24 Fe, Brevicon, Ortho-Novum 7/7/7, femhrt, Nortrel 1/35, Nortrel 0.5/35, Zenchent, Aurovela Fe 1.5/30, Aurovela Fe 1/20, Dasetta 1/35, Alyacen 1/35, Charlotte 24 Fe, Blisovi Fe 1.5/30, Layolis Fe, Generess Fe, Gildess 24 Fe, Hailey 24 Fe, Wera, Wymzya Fe, Pirmella 7/7/7, Pirmella 1/35, Cyclafem 1/35, Cyclafem 7/7/7, Gildess Fe 1.5/30, Norinyl 1+35, Gildess Fe 1/20, Jinteli, Loestrin Fe 1/20, Loestrin 21 1.5/30, Necon 0.5/35, Estrostep Fe, Tarina Fe 1/20, Microgestin Fe 1.5/30, Nortrel 7/7/7, Necon 7/7/7, Aranelle, Microgestin 1/20, Leena, Junel 1.5/30, Zenchent Fe, Junel 1/20, Loestrin 24 Fe, Balziva, Femcon Fe, Nylia 7/7/7, Cyonanz, Nylia 1/35, Aurovela 24 Fe, Aurovela 1/20, Tarina 24 Fe, Leribane, Aurovela 1.5/30, Fyavolv, Cyclafem 0.5/35, Kaitlib Fe, Tri-Legest, Gildagia, Tri-Legest Fe Tilia Fe Lomedia 24 Fe Dasetta Dasetta 7/7/7 Philith Hailey 1.5/30 Hailey Fe 1.5/30 Nexesta Fe Alyacen 7/7/7 Larin Fe 1.5/30 Gildess 1.5/30 Melodetta 24 Fe Gildess 1/20 Vyfemla Larin 1.5/30 Finzala Larin 1/20 Chabelina Fe …show all brand names

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Ethinyl estradiol/norethindrone Rating Summary

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Reviews for Ethinyl estradiol/norethindrone

Alexis February 20, 2020

Junel Fe 1/20 (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “I got the Skyla IUD and loved it. When that expired and it was time to get it removed, I opted for the Mirena IUD because it lasted longer. WORST MISTAKE EVER! There were too much hormones. I kept it for over a year hoping my body would adjust, but I couldn’t stand it any longer. I was depressed, anxious, insecure, sad, and my mood swings were so bad I thought I was bi-polar. My boyfriend could hardly recognize the girl he met prior to the Mirena. My doctor didn’t seem to fully believe the Mirena was causing this, but I am 110% certain. I started Junel immediately after removing the IUD and have felt a huge weight of relief. I’m smiling again, I no longer want to rage at every person who annoys me, and my relationship is healthy once again. I read a lot of reviews saying they hated this pill, and maybe it’s because my body was already super accustomed to hormones, but I love it! The bleeding at first was SEVERE but some iron pills and rest cleared it up.”

9 / 10
anon · Taken for less than 1 month February 18, 2020

Larin Fe 1/20 (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “This made me super depressed, no energy.”

1 / 10
Amanda February 18, 2020

Lo Loestrin Fe (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “From the start, I had major side effects while on Lo Loestrin Fe. It started with headaches, back pain and anxiety. My provider encouraged me to continue to take the medication for a few more months as my body should adjust. After 4 months on this medication, I had enough. I have never felt more irritable, anxious and bloated in my life. My appetite was out of control. This pill was definitely effective but my body did not respond well to it.”

5 / 10
bruh · Taken for less than 1 month February 18, 2020

Nortrel 1/35 (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “Works fine. not pregnant so that's good. A little more emotional than usual but nothing major! no overall weight gain but my boobs got bigger ;) it's important to remember everyone's experience will be different!”

9 / 10
Julie · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 17, 2020

Microgestin Fe 1/20 (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “I started Microgestin 1/20 FE last year. I got a years supply so I didn't have to worry about switching, and it was one of the most depressing years I have experienced. I didn't blame the pill for my daily super dark thoughts until I switched pills 2 weeks ago, and since then I have had zero suicidal thoughts or impulses. In my experience Microgestin increases depression and dark thoughts exponentially. One plus is that I did not get pregnant while on it.”

2 / 10
Angel February 17, 2020

Blisovi Fe 1/20 (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “I've been on this pill for 2 months now and I'm stopping today. The first month wasn't that bad I had a little water retention but it went away eventually and every now and then I was a bit moody but from going from not being an emotional person at all to being moody was already enough to make me want to stop but I decided to go another month just to see if my body would get use to it. The second month was the most emotional month of my entire life I've never had so many terrible mood swings to the point my boyfriend doesn't even know who I am anymore. I've cried about everyday taking the pill this month and could not wait to just finish the pack. I did not gain any weight being on the pill but I believe that's because I'm consistent in the gym but I did notice the way my body stored fat changed slightly.”

1 / 10
Headaching · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 17, 2020

Junel Fe 1.5/30 (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “My doctor increased my dose of Junel to the 1.5/30 28 day and I started having awful tension headaches. The headaches were over my eyes so I thought I had a sinus infection. After 3 weeks of headaches on most days ( getting no relief from Motrin, excedrin etc) I realized it was from the hormonal increase in the Junel. I’ve also noticed that my appetite has increased this month. It’s not a good pill for me, I've never experienced headaches like this from any other bc pill.”

1 / 10
Emotional sally · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 15, 2020

Junel Fe 24 (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “Was put on this pill for my poly cystic ovarian and metabolic syndrome after all other birth control pills (BCP) made me an emotional wreck. This brand on the first month made me cry over an empty jar of pickles and I would also experience sudden emotional outbursts which I were the same as the other bcps. I also experienced very painful periods to the point the only thing I could do was lay in bed in a fetal position. The second month I noticed a burning sensation and the hair on the top of my head was falling out. I told my doctor and he all but blew me off telling me that there was less than 1% probability of me experiencing these types of side effect from my bcp. I am not only taking myself off of this HORRIBLE pill, I am also switching doctors. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PILL!!!”

Kay kay · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 15, 2020

Blisovi Fe 1/20 (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “This birth control is absolutely lovely. I take the 1/20 dose because I know higher doses can make people feel off. Anyway, the first month I took it I broke out in pimples, my breasts got tender but it all cleared with in 2 weeks. My periods started becoming irregular due to a hormonal imbalance. (No I do not have PCOS). But it regulated my period for the first month of use. Now I am on month 2 and I am still fine. Also, this pill has not made me gain weight. Coming from a woman taking this who currently has extra weight on her. I take control in what I am eating so that I don't gain weight. I haven't gained any weight, I've actually lost a few pounds. But that's because I am fairly active and I have a healthy diet. I do treat myself ”

10 / 10
Sweetypie · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 13, 2020

Lo Loestrin Fe (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “I loved everything about this pill Lo Loestrin Fe, but one major thing. I had the most horrible acne I have ever had in my life. My face, back and chest. I gave it 3 months and each month it kept getting worse and worse and the previous acne was not disappearing but just staying. I didn't want to switch off this pill because I loved everything else about it. But I couldn't take the acne any longer.”

Monte · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 13, 2020

Taytulla (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “I’ve been on this pill Taytulla for 1 1/2 months. After 2 weeks acne was becoming present. The acne started to get so bad that I didn’t want to leave the house. I started noticing I was tired all the time, my mood swing were frequent, I wasn’t myself. I missed my period entirely which I was told by my doctor may happen. Two days ago I was feeling light-headed, I got hot flashes, I didn’t have an appetite and I felt extreme anxiety for no reason. I was terrified because I didn’t know what was happening to me. I had been on another birth control for 14 years (no issues) up until I had a baby two years ago then I got on this. Worst decision. I stopped taking this halfway through the pill pack. The side effects are horrible. Based on my experience and these reviews I would never recommend.”

1 / 10
Eckam93 February 13, 2020

Larin Fe 1/20 (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “I’ve been on Larin 1.5/30 for maybe two and a half months. At first I didn’t notice any real side effects, but eventually they all started to creep in. It started with my breasts becoming swollen and tender to the touch, and they’ve been uncomfortably tender for about two straight months now. My appetite has decreased dramatically, and some days I barely eat at all. I feel like I’ve definitely lost some weight due to that and I’m terrified of it getting worse because I’m trying to actually gain some weight right now. I randomly get headaches and some small cramps, but nothing too bad. I would say the worst part about all of this is the anxiety and mood swings I’ve had. I already have anxiety, but since taking this birth control it’s gotten much worse. I will say though it is HIGHLY effective at preventing pregnancy.”

7 / 10
Mir February 12, 2020

Junel Fe 1/20 (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “The 1st month on Junel Fe 1/20 was fine and the only side effect was breakthrough bleeding. 2nd month I had a panic attack where I experienced disassociation (I have never experienced anything close to this before) and intense anxiety. I figured that it was just the result of dehydration and stress but in retrospect I should’ve considered that my birth control may have been the cause. 3rd month I felt anxious, extremely depressed & hopeless, and had no appetite. I had times of disassociation which was frankly terrifying. This is not like me. Towards the end of my 3rd month I decided to stop taking birth control. I am four days off of it and have started to feel a bit better. My doctor told me that these symptoms stem from birth control. I suggest considering different options if you have a history of mental health issues. I know everyone’s body reacts differently so this is just my experience. I am sending you all love & sincerely hope this birth control works for you.”

1 / 10
Anna February 11, 2020

Junel Fe 1/20 (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “I am a medical student so I have studied OCPs and various side effects that are expected. But even my education couldn’t prepare me for the months of HORROR I experienced. I had sore nipples but knew it was my body adjusting to the increased estrogen so I tolerated it, what I didn’t expect was this empty feeling unlike anything I’ve ever felt. Also I felt irrational rage and my mood was explosive. I felt like I was going crazy, little things would irritate me and I would be emotional rather than cope. I thought it’s stress from medical school, but I’ve always had stress and dealt with. Prior to Junel I was on Microgestin for 10+ years. I stopped Junel a month ago, I am back to feeling like myself. Junel is so dangerous..I am a happy easy going person with a lot going on for me in life but it made me feel so worthless and at those darkest moments even suicidal please avoid. I know everyone reacts differently but if you read reviews you can see a pattern”

1 / 10
G · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 10, 2020

Taytulla (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “I have never been on birth control and was always kind of opposed to it given the horror stories of side effects I had heard of. However, my gyno talked me in to trying Taytulla. I was so nervous to try it, especially after reading some of these reviews, but honestly I am so glad I did. I just finished the first month and so far the only side effect I've noticed is an increase in appetite. That's it! No nausea, mood changes, headaches, or anything like that. There was one day with some random, very minimal spotting. Right now I'm on my first period since starting Taytulla and it is drastically a lighter flow, which is really nice. Another perk I've noticed is clearer skin. It has only been one month, so I really hope things continue this way and no worse side effects present themselves. Based on my experience so far I would definitely recommend it, but it seems it's different for everyone.”

8 / 10
hunniebee · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 10, 2020

Lo Loestrin Fe (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “I have been on Lo Loestrin Fe for a little over seven months and have had cystic/hormonal acne, and irregular periods that caused a few pregnancy scares. I'm currently in the process of changing my birth control.”

5 / 10
1998 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 10, 2020

Microgestin Fe 1/20 (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “Bled for a very long time, didn't help with the cramps. But did help with pregnancy prevention”

6 / 10
panda · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 10, 2020

Loestrin 24 Fe (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “Loestsrin 24 Fe is horrible pill. It did not regulate me at all....I didn’t have my period for 6 months I thought I was going crazy, then my period would show up when I was taking the active pills such a horrible pill”

1 / 10
Av · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 10, 2020

Junel Fe 24 (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “I started taking this birth-control about 4 months ago and it’s horrible. I constantly feel angry all of the time and I don’t even know why. It has even made my acne much worse. I would not recommend!”

1 / 10
M. Fro · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 9, 2020

Larin Fe 1.5/30 (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “My former gyno is a team gyno for a volleyball team in one of our state’s universities. After I miscarried around 10 weeks, I went to him because the post-pregnancy hormones combined with my tricyclic birth control was exacerbating my PMDD to the point of suicidal ideation for 2 weeks/month. Larin is a good option, he said, because the dose of estrogen stays consistent, unlike the tricyclic. He also advised that Larin is a fantastic BC option for athletes (I no longer play sports but I’m in the gym 4-6 days a week). Turned out he was absolute correct - I started only having periods every few months and now I’ve not had one in about 8 months. I love it. It also dialled PMDD waaaay back, obviously. The only complaint I have is that I sometimes have random period cramps throughout the month but otherwise Larin has been fantastic for me.”

9 / 10
Smith · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 9, 2020

Ortho-Novum 1/35 (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “I had started taking ortho novum in 2011-2015. I felt extremely nauseous when I first started taking it but that subsided. It was great while I was on it. Clear skin, light periods and no bad side effects. When I got off it to try to start a family my periods had become irregular and was unable to get pregnant for two years and was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 24. I was in shock. I do believe this pill caused my infertility issues. When I did get pregnant two years later I was able to get pregnant again in less than a year so I no longer had PCOS and my periods were regular. I would not recommend taking this if you want to have kids in the future. It may cause infertility issues afterwards like in my case.”

6 / 10
Anna February 8, 2020

Larin Fe 1/20 (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “I have been on birth control on and off for the last 17 years. This is by far the worst one yet. The only positive thing I can say about it is I didn’t get pregnant. However, I felt like I was. I have been on Junel FE for years with no trouble. My pharmacy was out of it and assured me Larin FE was the same exact thing. I beg to differ. By day 5 I was so nauseous and felt horrible. I was ready to fall into bed by 7:30 utterly exhausted which was not normal for me. The nausea was horrendous. I actually lost 5lbs in 12 days because I couldn’t really eat. My anxiety went through the roof which hasn’t happened in a very long time. To the point I had a horrible panic attack in the middle of the night, which hadn’t been normal for me in a while. Don’t even get me started on the headache. Whew. I stopped taking it because my doctor called my script in somewhere else and within 36 hours I was back to my normal self. I would avoid Larin at all costs.”

2 / 10
CJ · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 8, 2020

Lo Loestrin Fe (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “I have had negative reactions to hormonal birth control in the past, so I decided to try an ultra low dose pill. I am on my 4th month now and it's been a waking nightmare. I am constantly having anxiety attacks and bouts of depression. This birth control has made me break out severely on my chin, as others have mentioned as well. I would NOT recommend trying this medication.”

1 / 10
Anon. · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 7, 2020

Taytulla (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “After taking Taytulla I developed serious blood clots in my lungs which led to a pulmonary embolism. I didn’t show many side affects until the blood clots grew in size. I’m a healthy 18 year old who’s never had health problems before so be careful. If left untreated you can have a stroke or even die. My first sign that something was wrong was extreme shortness of breath and an extremely fast heart beat. I was hospitalized and now will be on blood thinners for the next 3 months to help them go away.”

1 / 10
Jane · Taken for less than 1 month February 7, 2020

Microgestin Fe 1.5/30 (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone): “I switched to this birth control after 3 weeks of spotting on my previous one that was after I had been on it for a few months. I was on this birth control for about 5 days and ended up switching back to my old one! I had never felt more horrible than I did on this pill! I got no sleep due to my throbbing headache that was so bad I couldn't even move my eyes up or down without feeling like someone was hitting the back of my head with a hammer. The nausea was terrible as well! I felt dizzy and like I was going to faint on this pill. I ended up stopping as quickly as possible when driving became unsafe for me due to the side effects I experienced from this pill.”

1 / 10