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User Reviews for NuvaRing to treat Birth Control (Page 8)

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NuvaRing Rating Summary

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19% (199)
16% (172)
10% (108)
7% (75)
6% (63)
9% (98)
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12% (134)
6.1/10 Average Rating
1075 ratings from 1123 user reviews

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Reviews for NuvaRing

Spacey December 16, 2018

“I had copper IUD for 4 and a half months. I have had 14 day long periods, random rage that I've never had before and horrible cramps that stopped after month 3. Also exhaustion and low iron from losing so much blood, very depressed and no motivation at all. Now I've switched to Nuvaring and I am on day two. I've had migraines, congestion in lungs and sinus at random times but woke up on day two and felt great I could run again and no cramps. I did get nauseous a few times wanted to throw up and constipation but I'm hoping once I hit 3 months I'll get used to the hormones because paragard has none and Nuvaring does”

5 / 10
liv · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 16, 2018

“I have been using the NuvaRing for about 5 months now and I'm really contemplating taking it out and stopping use. It has been effective at preventing pregnancy, but it is so annoying having to take it out every time you want to have sex. I have also had a severe increase in my acne and this started the week of putting the NuvaRing in. I had very clear skin before and this has been persistent for all 5 months so I attribute it to the NuvaRing. Overall, it has not been a great experience.”

7 / 10
Kizzy · Taken for 6 months to 1 year December 6, 2018

“I was on the Nuvaring from January- October and while it did not cause me to be pregnant, it had a lot of negative side effects. It contributed to my anxiety, which I had already had due to other birth controls. My main issue with nuvaring was the huge amount of weight gain. It triples your appetite, and because of this I have gained 2 stone. I have been off birth control for about two months now and already my mind is so much clearer, but I am starving all the time due to cutting down my formerly massive appetite! It’s a handy medication but use it with caution”

5 / 10
JC · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 5, 2018

“USER BEWARE. I am 22 y/o and have been using Nuvaring for about 2 years. Since then, I have put on about 30 pounds (due to intense increase in appetite), been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, have bouts of anger and irritability, and my sex drive is nearly non existent compared to pre-Nuvaring me. I chalked it up to the stresses of undergrad, and only NOW are my doctors and I linking this to Nuvaring. After reading some of the reviews on here, I am absolutely certain of it. Like a few others have mentioned as well, the week when my ring is out, I feel like myself again almost immediately (I am happier, more talkative, my sex drive is back, and I am able to control my appetite and eat healthier). Only reason I am giving this two stars is because it kept me from getting pregnant (although it did come out a few times DURING sex). I am now looking into getting an IUD in the next couple weeks, although the reviews on those do not have me feeling very optimistic either.”

2 / 10
Chappie · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 4, 2018

“I am 23 years old and type 2 diabetic. I've used this birth control on and off for 5 years. Until recently, I've liked nuvaring because it gave me the ability to customize when I wanted my cycle. Unfortunately, having to take an anxiety med with it has changed my mind about this method. Pros: Customize your cycle, easy to remove, relaxed schedule, no pills. Cons: Can interact with anxiety meds, can cause blood sugar spikes, weight gain, irritability, and for me personally, the first day of insertion always triggers a panic attack. Use Nuvaring at your own risk, as the aforementioned issues can happen. That being said, for someone young and in good health, nuvaring may still be a good option.”

3 / 10
M December 1, 2018

“I used the nuvaring for four years. It took me that long to figure out what caused my problems such as : attacks of crying for no reason(2-4 hours on end), anxiety, depression, fatigue, rage, severe mood swings, difficulty in breathing, headaches, migraines. Eventually it became too much, I had to go on sick leave, due to severe cognitive impairment. I weren't able to follow simple instructions or engage in conversation. I suffered from memory loss, and I will probably never be the same again. 4 years have passed since I stopped using the nuvaring, and I still struggle. Shopping for groceries demands several hours of planning and my attention span is 25 minutes long. Whenever there's a social event I'm looking forward to a migraine soon after it ends.”

1 / 10
Katherine November 26, 2018

“Apart from it being very convenient, I have almost nothing good to say about the NuvaRing. I've been on the it for 2.5 years now. I cry every day about everything, and I am so fatigued I get up at 7:30 and will nap before lunch, then again before dinner. My eyes are so dry I had to get a prescription for eye drops to improve my vision. My gums bleed when I brush my teeth. A little over a year ago my partner and I started having issues as sex became very painful for me, and I have almost no more sex drive. About 6 months ago I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, and was put on medication for it. The people I love have noticed a huge difference in my personality. I took the NuvaRing out this morning, and will be getting an IUD soon. Here's to hoping things turn around for the better! TAKE THIS MEDICATION WITH EXTREME CAUTION, my symptoms took about a year before they started getting bad, and we think it will be months before I start to feel myself again.”

1 / 10
Andrea · Taken for less than 1 month November 26, 2018

“I used for a few months, I didn't get pregnant, but my vagina got itchy every day and I could not longer sleep well. Also, vaginal discharge was a lot more than normal. I decided to take it out and boom!! An hour after itchiness was gone.”

2 / 10
This is stupid November 11, 2018

“Horrible depression, no motivation, horrible horrible anger. The second I started on nuva ring (for endometriosis) I had terrible diarrhea EVERY single day. I stopped for 2 months and had no stomach issues and I felt like myself again. I went back on nuvaring to give it another try and had instant diarrhea that I couldn’t eat anything throughout the day until I was done with my day to prepare to be in the bathroom ALL night long. Don't like this birthcontrol.”

1 / 10
Kate · Taken for 1 to 2 years November 7, 2018

“This option had pros and cons for me. I have been on it for over a year. It’s a very easy and effortless option. It’s nice to skip your period. I did have about 4-5 yeast infections in the past year, which never occurred until I started nuvaring. I have put on about 10lbs. Very bloated and so hungry all of the time!!! I also have a decrease in sex drive and mood fluctuations. I have become depressed over the past year and wonder if it is due to this medication. I am going to try the pill again at the end of this month. My doctor did not want to risk any more weight gain.”

7 / 10
Yoyo · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 1, 2018

“My girl got pregnant... thanks Nuvaring”

1 / 10
Lisa · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 31, 2018

“The nuvaring worked for me in that it prevented pregnancy for a whole year of constant unprotected sex. However, I have gained 20 pounds on it - I’m not sure if it’s all because of the ring but I believe it did cause me to retain weight that I would normally have been able to work off. I also feel that it made me incredibly irrational and emotional, totally put a hole in my relationship for awhile. I’m excited to try being off hormonal birth control to see what changes.”

6 / 10
sam · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 29, 2018

“I love the nuvaring I've been on it now for about a year and haven't had any horrible side effects. It was a amazing change compared to the pills I was on, tri lo marzia (generic and non-generic) . That pill gave me horrible anxiety, depression, excess mucus and vomiting. I don't feel the ring during sex or in general, it has never fallen out or caused pain and my partner isn't bothered by it. I couldn't recommend this enough, if you haven't had great luck with pills try the ring.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 25, 2018

“I have been using the NuvaRing for a year now. I have had a great experience with this method. I wanted something with little hormones and something I didn’t have to take everyday. I didn’t have any side effects.”

10 / 10
Audy · Taken for less than 1 month October 12, 2018

“I'm 21 years old and I've been on this birth control for 2 weeks. Don't take this drug if you are prone to irritability. I was on it for 1 week AND I WAS SO MOODY AHHHHHHHHHH and all at my partner (tried to break up twice.) Another reason, IT FALLS OUT I'M NOT KIDDING. I have a really tight snatch and it seriously still falls out. You're paranoid to death it's gonna fall out in the toilet and sometimes it gets stuck at the entrance and it pushes up against your bone and hurts like heck. You have to constantly push it back up too. The only thing good about this method is that it's easy to remember because it stays.”

1 / 10
MRN75 · Taken for 5 to 10 years October 7, 2018

“I have been using the new the ring for over 6 years and I would never switch to any other birth control. I have used all kinds of other birth control and this is what I would stick to. I definitely prefer Nuva ring and highly recommend it...”

10 / 10
Mena October 4, 2018

“I've been on this medication since 2006 - I didn't want the patch or pills because I knew my body is susceptible to weight gain and the possibility of getting a blood clot (especially at the time, they were finding the patch was causing clots) I have a family history of heart disease and stroke. I'm 31 years old right now and I'm still using nuvaring. The ring is convenient for me since I can leave it in continuous according to my doctor. It has fallen out once and I took plan B for extra measure but overall it is really really difficult for it to dislodge. In my experience, I may have to get OFF birth control to revive my libido. I've noticed a decline in sex drive and it is annoying me because now my boyfriend thinks I don't want any, which I obviously do not. Nuvaring has cause me dryness and may correlate to not desiring sex because .. dry sex equals to after sex discomfort.”

8 / 10
2ndTimerInLateTwenties · Taken for 10 years or more October 3, 2018

“I'm 27 and I just started back on the NuvaRing a couple of weeks ago after taking a 6-12 month break from birth control. I had been on Nuvaring from age 14 until I was almost 27 and I had thought it was completely wonderful. I took a break to see what my body would be like without it and actually came out of my lifelong depression, anxiety, paranoia, and horrible sleep patterns. I had no idea that stopping NR was the reason until I started back on it again. After just two weeks, I am not sleeping, fighting with my partner, accusing him of all sorts of crazy things, breaking down in tears every moment, and feeling so tired and unmotivated. Took it out a few minutes ago as I read that many others like me loved it the first time (in our younger years) and have trouble with it now.”

5 / 10
Vnrx · Taken for less than 1 month September 27, 2018

“I have had the nuvaring for 2 weeks & a couple days and honestly it is not too bad, I thought it was gonna be worse due to reading some reviews. The first two days I felt light headed and very tired but went away. The ring has not made me gain weight, I’m actually loosing weight due to eating healthy and working out 5-6 days a week. The ring has never fallen out or tried to. I never feel it and forget it’s in there. I have more of a appetite but It is controllable. Some cons are some days I can be moody or irritable. I have been getting period cramps, some painful and some that don’t bother me at all. Another thing I have experienced is that one day I got very depressed, I just laid in bed and ate what ever I wanted and was very emotional for no reason. I’m sure it’s due to the ring because I didn’t know why I was so down that day but I was fine the next day. It was very weird but overall is an okay method of birth control.”

7 / 10
Anon16 · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 26, 2018

“I’m 21 years old and start nuvaring back in January. Was on it for ~7 months and experienced the worst depression after the first month. I lost all motivation and happiness. I have possible IBS (irritable bowel synmdrome) and it made my stomach problems triple, was bloated 24:7 and gained 25lbs in 6 months. I was devastated and worked out every other day with a big decrease in appetite during my time on it. I would have anxiety when it got closer to my period week and found my mood swings to be irate. I didn’t sleep well and was extremely exhausted all the time. Sex was painful but definitely protected me and didn’t make me spot. Periods were light but got heavier towards the last month I took it where there was a lot of clotting. Nuvaring left me with more health issues than I started with.”

3 / 10
Steph September 18, 2018

“I have been on Nuva ring for 5 months now and am really liking it so far! I was nervous to start it after reading all the bad reviews but I found that ALL birth control methods have terrifying reviews online. Nuva ring has been working really well for me (I'm not pregnant so that is a big win)! It's really comfortable and I don't even notice that it is in. Also, neither my husband or I feel it during sex. I also haven't had any issues with it falling out ever. The only reason I give it a 9 out of 10 is because just this last month, I've been breaking out way more than usual and my skin feels more oily. Not sure if my body is adjusting to the ring and this is my new normal or if it's just been a stressful month with lots of travel and starting grad school. The good news is, I started a great skin care routine (bio clarity) and my acne has really subsided. I also haven't noticed any mood or weight change.”

9 / 10
PA Person · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 16, 2018

“I started the Nuvaring June 2017 at 20 years old. A year and a couple months later I'm still using it monthly and getting comfortable with skipping periods and getting it at the same exact time every month. It has helped me so much with my mood swings, depression, body aches, cramps, long and heavy bleeding, cravings, and fatigue. I also had good results on the pill I took before this but love not needing to take a pill every single day. The one thing I don't like about the Nuvaring is that is did decrease my libido and I get nervous with knowing it can be activated if it gets too warm. Other than that I haven't had any of these negative issues stated here but remember - everyone's body will respond differently.”

9 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 14, 2018

“This was a big mistake. I went in for a consultation about an IUD and got talked out of it and was told I should try this first since I can do it myself. I thought it was perfect. BOY WAS I WRONG. The ring put me into a worse depression than ever before. My hormones were all out of balance, I got acne, it constantly fell out and was uncomfortable, had heavy periods, gave me yeast infections, etc. I stuck it out for 3 months and finally took it out and went for an IUD. Getting off this birth control was one of the best decisions. Be very careful when using this drug...”

1 / 10
SOS · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 4, 2018

“The NuvaRing is officially “the devil”, I loved it the first two years and like most was recommending it to everyone. However, I got off it for four months (Jan-April 2018) then went back to it in May because I didn’t want to get prego. Well it’s been a nightmare since, I have the worst mood swings and can’t stand my own self. Lost all motivation, depressed, angry, happy, sad. Labia itches, armpits smell weird, constant headaches and bloating. It’s like I’m living in a nightmare and I can't get out because I’m afraid of becoming pregnant....... so I lay around crying all the time wishing for something to change. OH AND yeah the week I take it out I do feel human again, so I think I should take it out NOW and feel alive again.”

3 / 10
Taylor · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 25, 2018

“I started depo March of 2016, decided to try out Nuvaring because of the ease and I felt like I would be in control of my bday. I started Nuvaring in November of 2017 and nothing extremely noticeable went wrong. The months past and I started to notice my hair was thinning but I didn’t think much of it. February of 2018 is when everything went TERRIBLE. Insomnia, anxiety, depression. I was a MAD WOMAN I just couldn’t pin point my change in emotions to Nuvaring. One morning in June I woke up and could literally not stop crying for no reason something instantly snapped and I snatched the Nuvaring out that day. Suddenly, my mood changed for the better. Here I am in August and my mood swings are awful the week of my period. It feels like I’m on Nuvaring all over again. Hopefully my hormones balance out and I’m not stuck feeling like this the rest of my life.”

1 / 10