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User Reviews for Lunesta (Page 11)

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Insomnia 6.0
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Reviews for Lunesta

pals March 1, 2009

For Insomnia: “I have used Lunesta for five years now, and I am so glad. I have been a chronic insomniac for the entire time due to anxiety and depression from my husband's long illness and death (PTSS), and Post Menopausal Syndrome that hit the same time my husband died. Just ghastly. Most physical and mental symptoms are gone now, but I still can not sleep or rest without this pill and I have tried and still do practice all the recommended actions (like a cool room; don't eat after five in the afternoon, etc.). If your stomach is even half full at bedtime, it does not work nearly as well. I do not experience any adverse physical or mental symptoms, including any bad taste using this medication. Getting enough rest is so important to me.”

10 / 10
Anonymous February 8, 2009

For Insomnia: “I find Lunesta a very helpful sleeping aide. And it doesn't make me drowsy in the morning.”

9 / 10
Anonymous January 24, 2009

For Insomnia: “Started taking this drug after having trouble dealing with anxiety at bedtime, and I honestly could not have asked for a more effective drug or excellent results. Unfortunately finally built up resistance to 3mg; at that point I had to stop taking it and did so the wrong way. Went cold turkey and did not sleep for three nights in a row even though I was taking Benadryl x3 and a Rozerem. Been trying different non-sedadting (hypnotic/non-benzodiazepine) sleep aids and have found nothing close to Lunesta yet.”

8 / 10
Anonymous January 7, 2009

For Insomnia: “Mu husband actually took Lunesta and he could not have been happier with the results. He has insomnia and will sometimes go 2-3 days with little sleep. Within 10 minutes of taking the pill he was out and slept ALL night.”

10 / 10
Afbb6455 September 30, 2008

For Insomnia: “It worked great for me. I was having insomnia issues due to anxiety. I sure am happy I did not have to take a different medication like Xanax.”

10 / 10
Clown Face September 25, 2008

For Insomnia: “It is good.”

5 / 10
Tina Boo August 2, 2008

For Insomnia: “Started using Lunesta last night. First all nights sleep last night. This is saving my life by giving me my rest.”

10 / 10
Anonymous July 7, 2008

For Insomnia: “I've been on Lunesta for about 7 months and it's made a huge difference. I can actually sleep. The taste hasn't bothered me as much as it seems to bother some people. I take it and then read for a while and often the next day I can't remember what I read, but now that I'm used to it, that doesn't bother me either. My doctor said it's not safe to take it for an extended period of time and tried to switch me to Rozerem, but that didn't work at all, and I insisted on the Lunesta.”

8 / 10
pumpkincat210 June 27, 2008

For Insomnia: “It tastes bitter but goes away in the morning and isn't really bothersome because you are finally asleep.”

10 / 10
mssignchick June 17, 2008

For Insomnia: “If you can get past the nasty taste in your mouth (which eventually you won't notice), this medicine is great. I have tried Ambien, which made me forget anything that happened before bed. Lunesta seems to have the best results, I really cannot sleep without it now.”

baton rouge La May 1, 2008

For Insomnia: “Ive taken many sleeping medications, Lunesta worked the best for the longest (7 months i think). i take a break from it for a few months and take something else that doesnt work as well, then i go back to lunesta, just to give my body a break from it... all in all, good stuff. i like the taste- i know its kickin' in and im about to fall asleep!”

7 / 10
spiffCMH April 9, 2008

For Insomnia: “I just wanted to say that i have been on Lunesta over 2 years. Works like a charm, exactly as advertised. For me anyways. As far as the taste goes, no longer bothersome for me. Someone told me ginger works great for taking the taste away, give it a whirl if that is all you hate about it. I love it, saved my life.”

10 / 10
Anonymous March 30, 2008

For Insomnia: “I have been taking this medication for about a year. It puts me to sleep every night about 15 minutes after I have taken it. I do have dreams which I hadn't had in years, they are not bad nightmares, just dreams about my stresses of life. I feel so much better now that I take it, I wake up feeling great and ready to jump into my workout programs and life. Before Lunesta I was tired, groucy, hard to get along with, now that I am catching up on my lost sleep of many years I feel wonderful!”

9 / 10
duardonme January 30, 2008

For Insomnia: “I tried Lunesta last year and couldn't stand the taste. Went back to Ambien, gained weight due to night eating episodes and decided to try lunesta again. I've discovered that if you takes lunesta with about 4 oz of orange juice, then sit up for a half hour so as to let the pill dissolve and the juice digest, there is no nasty taste the following morning. I have hopes for it. I haven't had a night time eating episode yet.”

bmxmom January 26, 2008

For Insomnia: “Works great with falling asleep, but still wake up 2-3 times per night. Lunesta works better than Ambien. Ambian only helper for 3 nights, and then My insomnia returned. I have experienced no side effects, and have been taking Lunesta for about a year and a half as I have insomnia 2-3 nights per week.”

ADB2005 October 30, 2007

For Insomnia: “This medication has a horrible aftertaste, kind of the like the effect Altoids has in your mouth, but a harsh chemical taste thats last for a very long time and makes everything taste horrible even purified water. I took the pill about 9pm last night and the taste finally went away about 11am this morning. My dreams were vivid as well but not too pleasant. I wil not take this medication again.”

sandra_s122 October 24, 2007

For Insomnia: “I have been taking Lunesta for about a month now. So far, it has helped with my insomnia. I get tired within 15 to 20 minutes of taking the pill. However, I've noticed a definate weight gain since I've been taking Lunesta. Also, the medication makes me very swollen and leaves a bad taste in my mounth. If it weren't for the weight gain and swelling, this drug is one of the better treatments I've tried for insomnia.”

meli24241 September 24, 2007

For Insomnia: “I take lunesta occasionally with help sleeping and twice I have total memory loss of things before sleep.”

nosleep4days September 20, 2007

For Insomnia: “While taking this medication, it increased my aggitation level. It made anger creep from around the corners and i would instantly snap on my husband. My dreams worsened and became more vivid. My doctor had to immediately take me off this medication.. Scary stuff!!”