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User Reviews for Lexapro to treat Anxiety (Page 6)

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Lexapro Rating Summary

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Reviews for Lexapro

Nick68 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 6, 2018

"I am a 50 year old male in a highly stressful professional occupation. I became stricken with severe work related anxiety making me irritable and agonizing over decisions or interacting with others. Lexapro 10mg saved my career, as I was at the point that I believed I could no longer continue to function at work. The first few days were rough, but after 5 days, I remember waking up and feeling like the anxiety has diminished substantially. My anxiety continued to diminish gradually and now, after being on this medication for 1 year, I feel great. Only side effect is lasting complaints from the wife. I was hesitant to take the pharmaceutical route and felt real men should tough it stupid."

JCPM February 5, 2018

"I tried Zoloft first and it made me extremely sick. I switched to Lexapro (generic) after a week and it helped the sickness tremendously. I have been on Lexapro for about a month and a half now and it is really just starting to work. It is helping a lot with my anxiety but I am having some common and not so common side effects. The common: difficulty orgasming (this was present in the Zoloft as well for me). Uncommon: I am also having trouble urinating (I can't go right away or at all if I don't REALLY have to go). My scalp has become very dry and itchy. I also got a yeast infection, which I am assuming is from the medication. It is not listed in the side effects but I have seen many other women complain of this. Over all, the fact that I feel like a normal person again outweighs all of the side effects for me. I am on 10mg and I plan to go down to 5mg after 6 months and my doctor thinks that will help with the side effects."

AustraliaLexapro February 3, 2018

"Pros I felt the positive effects of this medication within a matter of hours. I was at a point in my life where anxiety was dominating both my personal, professional, and familial relationships. I also had extreme health anxiety, which dominated a lot of my thoughts. Since starting Lexapro, I have noticed a huge difference in the reduction of my anxiety, including my health anxiety. I am happier and better able to connect with people (most likely because my anxiety has reduced a lot). The pros definitely outweigh the cons I experienced. Cons I have heard that this medication can increase suicidal ideation, which is a big con. I didn't have a huge depressive element to my anxiety, so I can't comment on the effects it has with depression Side effects: I have been having hot flushes, mainly at night Definitely increased thirst and dry mouth Some diarrhoea at the start, but that has settled Some waking up at 5am wide awake"

SMP1989 January 29, 2018

"I’ve been suffering chronic anxiety and regular bouts of deep depression since my mid teens. I’m 28. I’ve tried everything, including therapy for many years, & was starting to fear I was doomed to feel sad for the rest of my life. I was desperate to see if anything could make me feel better so I set aside my stubborn anti-medication stance. I am so glad I did. I’ve been on lexapro 3 wks now (still at a tiny 5mg dose) & saw an almost immediate improvement. My emotions have levelled out & my anxiety has toned down. Side effects were: weird kaleidoscopic closed-eye hallucinations when going to sleep, fluttery chest & increased anxiety in the evening...but only for the first few nights. Still experiencing a bit of sleeplessness. I also found my ability to orgasm disappeared for the first 2.5 weeks (to my horror) and I was considering stopping because of that, but lo and behold, it came back - so if anyone else experiences that I encourage you to hang in there a few weeks!"

Harrison.nnnnn January 16, 2018

"This got rid of my anxiety completely while on it! I finally got my life back. I’ve been struggling from severe anxiety my whole life and this finally helped. Like every medication, their are some symptoms that slip through. I still get anxious, but not as often, and only like 5 times a day. For me, that’s barely bad. I used to be anxious over EVERYTHING. For my depression it helps me not feel depressed as long, but I still felt almost as equally depressed as before just not everyday. And, most of the time I wasn’t depressed. But it did work better for my anxiety. Overall, everyone reacts to different medications differently so my advice probably won’t be relevant to your experience."

Anonymous January 8, 2018

"Here’s the thing there are so many different types of anxiety and depression medications out there, what works well with one person can have horrible effects on another. Keep that in mind when looking for what’s best for you"

pwordtx · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 3, 2018

"I took Lexapro for a couple of years and stopped but have now just started back up again due to severe anxiety along with some agoraphobia. The first time I was on it, I started at 10 mg and went to 20 mg after two weeks. For me this medication works very well. Startup side effects are slight nausea, jitters, and not sleeping very well. Also more difficult to ejaculate. The jitters which, when you already have anxiety, will only exacerbate the problem until the side effects wear off after about a week or so. It's helpful to have a prescription for Ativan or Xanax on standby to get through any panic attacks during the startup period. When it does kick in, there isn't a "wow, I feel amazing!" moment. More "wow, I don't feel awful anymore.""

JesseJones · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 28, 2017

"Lexapro is the first SSRI I've tried, and it's done wonders for me. I'm not a slave to my moods anymore - I'm extremely grateful for the emotional stability this drug has given me. It's absolutely fantastic for anxiety. The only side effect I've experienced is decreased libido, which is why I'm giving it a 9 and not a 10."

Thibault · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 19, 2017

"My wife began taking Lexapro about two months ago. After two weeks her personality was unrecognizable. One month after she began taking Lexapro she filed for divorce. She began calling the police on me and of course the police did nothing to me. We had five kids. My whole world, my kids lives, all of it destroyed by this drug. Don't do it."

Lanahiya · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 14, 2017

"I was suffering bad anxiety when I lost a very close friend. I started to think something was wrong with me and gradually my anxiety took over. I was at the doctor every other day with palpitations thinking I was having a heart attack then thinking I had lumps around that area. After about 6 weeks I finally said to my doctor I need help he prescribed me lexapro 10mgs the first 5 weeks were horrible couldn’t keep awake feeling sick could hardly eat felt awful. Then it kicked in I’m back to myself I find it an amazing medication please stick with it. I’m so happy I did. But as I said first 5 weeks were tough. But now it has turned me back to myself."

Happy that I switch to Lexapro November 19, 2017

"So I have been taking Prozac for a long time but I was always taking naps and tired, I didn’t want to do anything go anywhere. I decided to look into Lexapro reviews some of them really scared me. I thought why not give it a shot one of my cousins takes Lexapro. The doctor switched me from Prozac to Lexapro and I’m going on three weeks I feel so much better I have more energy I’m not sleeping all the time. I’m noticing more things that make me happy. I did have side effects in the beginning but they were very mild constipation dizziness tingly feelings but those are starting to go away. I’m so glad I try this medication I hope it continues to work for me. The doctor started me on 5 mg and I’m slowly working my way up to 10 mg. Write your reviews because people actually do read them."

GiveItTime November 18, 2017

"My first few days I had a lot of nausea as expected then some increased anxiety. But after a few week to around 6 weeks in I was back to my old self. Life saver for me! Everyday prior to taking lexapro for months was a struggle with anxiety and random panic attacks, face tingling, unbalanced feeling and just feeling off all around. 4 months of taking 10 mg and what a relief. Back to socialization, eating better, feeling better With no face tingling. Give it a try for about 6 weeks for full effects and side effects will subside. They did for me."

Diana92708 November 17, 2017

"First time taking 2.5mg Lexapro 3 hours after taking it I could not speak or think or walk normally, had severe nausea and headache, Spent 8 hours in ER. 2nd day have diarrhea and heart palpitations. I only took 2.5mg once. Not for me!"

KathyBSN · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 16, 2017

"I made it to 62 without needing any anti-depressants or mood meds ever. Then my Mom got ill with dementia , fell often and my husband and I were "it" to take care of her. We sold our house and moved closer to her. The anxiety that came with taking over her care and the care of my down syndrome sister was overwhelming. I thought I was dealing with it but finally caved. My MD put me on Lexapro and made me better. Before the lexapro I was grumpy , not happy at work , I didn't want to be around people AND had bowel issues at inopportune times. Lexapro was a life float for me. Yes it made me a little sleepy the first 2 weeks , I had some transient constipation and libido problems but all that passed. I like the person I am on Lexapro."

Gville Guy · Taken for less than 1 month November 13, 2017

"Wasn't sleeping well and was having career-related anxiety. I went to my PCP and he put me on Ambien and Lexapro. I was very concerned about effect Lexapro would have on me, but I went ahead and started it. First day I was a little tingly but no other immediate physical response. The next morning I woke up retching/dry heaving. I spent the whole day having hot and cold spells. My ears were burning. My head felt congested but without any sinus issues. I was severely agitated/restless. I couldn't sit still. Felt sick all day. I took the pill again the second morning (yesterday), but today woke up retching again. Still very restless with some twitching of arms and legs. Didn't take the medicine again today."

bambam80503 November 10, 2017

"I started Lexapro about 4 weeks ago. It helped anxiety but depression was still there. I talked with counsellor today and he had just gotten back from a symposium on depression. He said people sometimes underuse their anti-depressants. They feel a little better but till not great. He advised increasing the medication to a level I feel really better. So I am going up to 10 mg. I think 10-15 mg may be right for me. Keep trying, this is a chemical imbalance, runs in families. If you R not satisfied w/results then try increasing your dose after discussing with Dr of course. I am so happy to have found this med, my anxiety is already getting better, I've had no major side effects. I wish you all the best."

butfirstanxiety · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 27, 2017

"I was not going to take Lexapro after reading all the reviews. I was really skeptical about the side effects. I read one very positive review & it changed my mind. I am so glad I started Lexapro two months ago. I was put on Lexapro for anxiety. I was always in a bad mood & everything set me off. I started with 10mg & saw a slight improvement the first week. It wasn't until the Dr put me on 15mg about a month in that I really saw considerable improvement. Two months later I can honestly say I am am so happy to be on this medication. Everything just seems better. I am happy. I find joy in the things I used to. I look forward to social events. My mood is so much better. I did not gain weight. No sexual side affects. Please give it a try!"

axmfri · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 25, 2017

"Hi I've been taking lexapro since 2014 it helps a lot although I still have some anxiety but it works wonders, no side effects I take 20mg"

j0rdann October 25, 2017

"Lexapro pretty much saved my life at one point. I’ve had anxiety/depression all my life but a few years ago I was at a low point. I wasn’t getting out of bed and felt like I had no reason to even get up in the morning. One day I decided it was time to live again and I saw a psychiatrist. He prescribed me 10mg of lexapro which I was advised to take half of for the 1st two weeks. As most people have mentioned, the 1st few weeks are for SURE not a good time. If you were already dealing with bad depression, I would advise that you stay close to good people for the 1st couple of weeks. I promise you though, it gets better if you wait it out. MAJOR sexual side effects (as in NO sex drive whatsoever) but if you have bad anxiety, it’s worth it."

G T · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 20, 2017

"I started with 0.5 tablets a day with no improvement (should be a stage to test any side effects resulted) 0.5 tablets more for every diagnosis. Kept a level of 3 tablets for longtime A peak of 4 tablets after 1 year and 2 months due to an sad period of my life I almost got no side effects and my anxiety kept reducing with less washing action for my clothing and less care of tiny dirt (Kind of dirt that I concern) However, my mood is still not always good (except those anxiety from dirt). Not sure what matters But overall Lexapro helps me a lot! At least I have more time to sleep (I used to wash my stuff until 3-4am 3-4 days a week but now I seldom wash, I have my normal bedtime even though I need to wash Sth)"

Wilex October 17, 2017

"For me and other people I have suggested this medication too it has completely changed our lives for the better. Reading reviews you often see knee jerk reactions from people suffering deeply and then taking the medication and going through the up to 4 week period of feeling worse. That is a tough 4 weeks if you felt you where already at breaking point, easy to pull out the pitch fork at that time. But you're less likely to hear from the people who would tell you the polar opposite of that because once taking lexapro providing you are feeling better it’s easy to leave the dark world behind and return to the light. My suggestion to anyone who has been recommended this, ignore stigma and try this for at least 4 weeks at your doctors direction. GL ML"

SColly · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 17, 2017

"I struggled with severe postpartum anxiety and depression for two years after my daughter was born. I went to therapy but was still struggling. I didn't want to take medication for a very long time, because I just didn't want to be a "medicated mom." I always thought it would get better. It didn't and I was exhausted. I am taking only 10mg of lexapro now (therapeutic dose is considered 20mg) and I'm staying at 10. My life is COMPLETELY different. I feel joy and happiness again, my anxiety is gone, I sleep well, my sadness and anger are gone. It is life changing and I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. And I'm actually a better, happier mom now! Give yourself a chance to get better. Mild side effects at first - mild nausea and headache."

Devon29118 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 14, 2017

"Before Lexapro I was on Adderall witch I abused with drinking and resulted in alcohol poisoning and Atrial Fibulation (irregular heartbeat) after this incident my anxiety went through the roof and I feared to drink or take another medication again. I had multiple times where I would go to the emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack and each time they told me it was anxiety. That’s when my doctor recommended lexapro. It does take some time for your body to get used to but once it did my anxiety was almost gone! You just need to let your body get used to it and find the right dose for you. I have been on it for almost a year now and I still get a little anxious but haven’t had any panic attacks."

MacyPryce · Taken for 5 to 10 years October 12, 2017

"I was on this medication for a number of years, but I've come off it, because it doesn't help my social anxiety and the side-effects are quite debilitating for me. I have both generalised and social anxiety and though the Lexapro did help me feel generally less anxious, it did not help with the social anxiety. It also made me feel constantly very fatigued. Coming off Lexapro was absolutely horrible and I felt physically and mentally awful. Though it certainly is a good fit for mild to moderate anxiety, I felt like I was trapped on the medication because coming off it even for a day made me physically ill."

lovablehaley October 7, 2017

"NEVER HAD AN ANXIETY ATTACK AFTER LEXAPRO. I used to have very severe anxiety , and I had to go to hospital multiple times thinking I had heart attacks. I had hot/cold flashes, chest pains, pounding heart, couldn’t breathe, dizziness.... unfortunately I got off of it to take a pill for my Tourette’s syndrome a few weeks ago and my anxiety came back and the new pill made me sick , so now my anxiety is back badly and I had to go to hospital multiple times thinking I had heart issues again... just got put back on lexipro a week ago hasn’t started working yet I hope it kicks in :( I also took buspar with lexapro before it is a second anxiety pill and u can take them together ."


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