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User Reviews for Apri (Page 12)

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Birth Control
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Summary of Apri reviews 5.5 372 reviews

Reviews for Apri

Anonymous July 16, 2012

For Birth Control "I have only been on Apri for about a month now and I love it. I have not gained any weight, my sex drive is the same it was before I started taking the pill and my insurance covers it. I get it for no cost at all. I don't know why everyone thinks that one pill is going to give everyone that takes it the same side effects. Every person is going to have different side effects and some will have the same but the pill is going to react different to every women who takes it. This pill overall is my favorite. I absolutely love this pill. It's effective and affordable."

Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 8, 2012

For Birth Control "I have been taking Apri for 2 years now. It has prevented pregnancy! That's about it! Mood swings are horrible, appetite is horrible, no sex drive at all."

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 4, 2012

For Birth Control "I have been on for 1 month and a half. My period lasted for 10 days, then I came on again in the same month for another 10 days. That was all new to me. Sex drive has increased. My period is still irregular so I'm waiting on my next period. Slight headaches and I feel sick sometimes. This is my first birth control and I haven't been on it long. Things may change. Not sure."

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 14, 2012

For Birth Control "I love Apri! I took it for a year, then I got selfish and switched to Jolessa because I wanted to have fewer periods. On Jolessa I had week-long or longer, super irregular periods. I would get breakthrough bleeding at the most random times and gained about 15 pounds. It almost destroyed my relationship, I was so moody and depressed. I switched back to Apri in January and already my periods are back to regular, predictable and short. I have had almost no breakthrough bleeding, no weight gain and no problem with weight gain. It's an incredibly effective and beneficial pill."

Anonymous June 6, 2012

For Birth Control "I was on Ocella in the past for years until they took it off the market. I tried several different birth control pills and none worked for me. Someone recommended I try Apri it has worked great for me cleared my horrible acne up which I was spending a lot of money on trying to correct, doesn't change my mood or sex drive, weight stayed the same, no headaches, no depression, light predictable periods lasts three days! Let's just say I love Apri and it's cheap."

Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 5, 2012

For Birth Control "Lack of sex drive, mood swings, increased bra size from A to D, gained 10lbs, heavy 7 day period, cramps."

Sasha12345 · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 30, 2012

For Birth Control "At first, I loved the pill. It made my periods shorter, about 3 days instead of 8, and it kept me from getting pregnant. It's affordable and got rid of my acne. It did not help with cramps at all, and it made me gain a lot of weight. I went from 118 lbs to 135 in a short amount of time. My breasts got big as well which was a plus. Then after almost a year, I began getting chronic urinary tract infections. Doctors could not figure it out so I stopped taking Apri to see if that was the problem and since then I have had no problems. "

Anonymous April 23, 2012

For Birth Control "I started on Tri-Sprintec and I hated it. It made me break out with huge pimples, when I previously had nearly perfect skin. I switched to Apri and the acne got a lot better but is still present, when it never used to be. I don't think I've gained weight off this pill, my weight fluctuates on its own but I have noticed (for me) significant increase in breast size, which I and my boyfriend love. I haven't noticed a decrease in sex drive, but I haven't seen my boyfriend as often as usual so when he moves back I guess we'll see. I'm a very moody person and get terribly emotional around my period even without birth control, so I haven't noticed a difference there either. Overall, I'd say this birth control has been a good experience!"

Vertolli April 12, 2012

For Birth Control "I've been taking this pill for 6 years and it has worked wonders! I've never spotted, my cramps are milder then before I took it, I rarely have a blemish, never gained weight and for the past 2 years I've personally been having sex without a condom and never had a pregnancy scare (I don't know if it will be the same for everyone so use a condom!). Overall I suggest this pill to many of my close friends because my sex drive is still high and they see how I've never had a mood swing, or bloated."

Anonymous April 2, 2012

For Birth Control "I've been taking Apri for a little over a year now. My breasts have grown almost 2 full cup sizes but I have not gained weight anywhere else. So I'm ecstatic. No cramps, 5 day periods, no mood swings, not pregnant. I love this pill!"

Anonymous March 9, 2012

For Birth Control "At first I was very pleased with Apri. I initially began taking birth control to control severe PMS and cramping and have switched pills 3 times, most recently to Apri. After taking it for 6 months, however, it stopped controlling my PMS and hormones and after three months of getting my heavy periods/cramps again I went into a new (different) doctor and found out I had high blood pressure. As an athletic, non-smoking, health nut 18 year old I was shocked at this information, and my new doctor explained to me how they were going to discontinue providing prescriptions for this pill as well as several others because of these issues. "

BCApri March 7, 2012

For Birth Control "This is the worst birth control experience I've ever had. I was on Quasense for three years, but stopped when breakthrough started to occur. I am on these medications for birth control, but also to manage excessively heavy and painful periods. I started Apri on the first day of my period. I then bled for 12 days, followed by five days of horrible discharge. I stopped Apri 12 days into the pack after experiencing ridiculous weight gain (My diet did NOT change.) headaches, outrageous mood swings, anxiety, full body pain, cramping, muscle spasms in my neck and severe fatigue. It is now day 18, (five days off the pill) and I'm still bleeding and dealing with tremendous mood swings. I have gained what looks like 20 or so pounds. "

Anonymous March 2, 2012

For Birth Control "I've been on this pill for nearly two years. It's incredible. No acne, no weight gain, regular periods, no migraines (related to it), no decrease in sex drive."

stlee February 27, 2012

For Birth Control "I have endometriosis and this is the only pill that will keep periods from happening when taking continuous active pills."

Butta1629 January 23, 2012

For Birth Control "I've been takin Apri for about 3 wks sex drive is extremely high, even 15-20 minutes after I take the pill. I've had sex more times in the past 3 weeks than I have had in the past 6months exaggeration. My breast has been extremely tender, which turns me on...everything turns me on....its ridiculous. I love it."

Ariana924 January 23, 2012

For Birth Control "I just started taking Apri. I have not been on birth control since 2008 when I was taking Tri-Sprintec. After a few months of Tri-Sprintec I gained 17 lbs! I have always been small (5'4 108 lbs) so this weight gain was very noticeable and I could not shed the weight. I got off Tri-Sprintec and do not recommend it to anyone! Anyways, I'm on Apri now and I really like it. The only downside I've noticed is intense cramping the first week I took it. Hope this helps!"

Anonymous January 20, 2012

For Polycystic Ovary Syndrome "Dramatically reduced excessive hair growth on my face related to PCOS. Was on this for 7 years and loved it! Took a break to start a family, but will start taking again."

Shaina carey January 12, 2012

For Birth Control "I actually lost weight the first 2 months I have been taking it. My periods were never regular and I have Aspergers which made it hard to keep up with a heavy flow. I noticed my periods were shorter and the cramps were less."

Anonymous January 12, 2012

For Birth Control "I just switched to Apris a few months ago because my insurance would not cover my other generic birth control. Literally within 2 months I put on about 15lbs without changing my diet or exercise routine. I have been trying to get the weight off but it seems impossible. I also have had worse acne and have been tired quite a bit. I also have lost my sex drive. To me, I would rather live my life feeling better about myself and have a better sex life than to be on this. To me, the cons outweigh the pros."

Anonymous January 1, 2012

For Birth Control "I've been on Apri for about a year now I had to start taking it at night because it made me feel very sick. I still feel sick in the morning and can't eat when I first wake up for the 1st week then that goes away. I do believe it decreased my sex drive because it has changed since I started taking this pill. The only plus to this pill is that I've had short periods that are very light and I know the day it will start and end. I just asked for a new birth control to try and I'll see how that goes! If it doesn't go well ill probably be returning to Apri."

Anonymous November 28, 2011

For Birth Control "I switched to this pill from Necon 1/35 to try and improve my acne in addition to birth control. I tried it for 2 months. Side effects I noticed: tired and it felt hard to get out of bed (very unlike me!), faint tension headaches across my forehead, acne breakouts on my chest and face, ravenously hungry at times, and then no appetite (haven't gained any weight, may have lost a pound or two), slightly sore but much larger breasts, decreased sex drive but not as low as while on Necon 1/35. I have decided to try a new pill because of these side effects. This pill was meant to help my acne but it seems to have made it worse, and feeling tired all the time with headaches isn't tolerable for me since I am very active."

Asherdasher November 26, 2011

For Birth Control "I was on Yaz and it was the BEST! I had no acne, very light and short periods, no weight gain, and no mood swings. The only bad thing with Yaz was my hair began to thin and it was very dry. I never had sex on Yaz so I don't know how effective it was at that. On Apri, I now have mild acne especially on my period and I have horrible periods at that. Very heavy with lots of cramping. My appetite increased so much to the point I have gained 8 pounds. After a year of dealing with Apri I switched to Beyaz since it has folate, which is good for hair and a baby if I ever do get pregnant! "

Anonymous October 28, 2011

For Birth Control "I just started Apri and so far it's the best pill I've taken. (Tri-Sprintec --> Levora --> Loestrin 24 Fe, now Apri) I have a few side effects. My appetite has definitely increased, so I'm trying to be aware of that. I also have my sex drive, which I never really knew was gone until I switched to Apri. I haven't had my period on this yet (only on week 2) but so far, so good. It's also very inexpensive."

Anonymous September 14, 2011

For Birth Control "I have been taking Apri for one month now and I absolutely love it! No side effects or weight gain or anything! It was my first pill ever taken and I'm so happy there are no complications. I recommend it to anyone! Excellent choice!"

starfirus September 12, 2011

For Birth Control "My bra size definitely got higher, and my sex drive hasn't changed at all. I haven't noticed that I have gained weight, but I am always hungry and have a lot of cravings, period is regular and its nice to know when the time comes. I think Apri is good and I would not change it for another brand."