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User Reviews for Apri (Page 11)

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Birth Control
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Summary of Apri reviews 5.4 379 reviews

Reviews for Apri

Holls August 16, 2013

For Birth Control "I've been on Apri for about 2 weeks now. The only side effect I've noticed has been waking up at night or falling asleep at night extremely nauseous, but I assume that's normal because my body is adjusting to the pill. Also, for just being two week I've noticed my boobs are getting somewhat bigger. I'm not complaining though. Lets see how the next couple of months go."

s0ngBird August 1, 2013

For Birth Control "I have been on this birth control for almost 10 years. It has cleared up my acne, made my periods lighter, and my breasts went from a size B to a size C. The only negative effect is that it may have made my eyes even drier than they already are. When I tried to stop using Apri, just to see how my body would react because I didn't want to be taking medicine for no reason, all my acne on my face came back and I even had acne on my chest and my back, which I had never had before. I am kind of afraid to ever stop taking it for that reason."

decader · Taken for 10 years or more July 30, 2013

For Birth Control "I have been on Apri for about 12 years now. I have nothing but good things to say about it. I have gained weight in the last year, I wasn't sure if it was caused by the birth control, so I went off of it for about 6 months. Nothing changed, it's obviously just my diet and lack of exercise. My OBGYN said that being on this pill has significantly reduced my risk of breast cancer, and I have much more regular periods and less cramping."

jurn · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 14, 2013

For Birth Control "I guess it does what it's supposed to, prevents pregnancy! I have been on it for 2 months and the weight gain in my belly is ridiculous! I've gained 5 pounds. My mood is all whacked out. I plan on quitting."

Allie W July 13, 2013

For Birth Control "I've been on April for about three years now and it has been great. I've never had any problems with regulated my period and also kept it really light. The only thing I've noticed is that it made me gain a few pounds. Other than that, it's worked well. The best part...I'm not pregnant. It has kept my acne under control as well. Overall it has a few side effects but I recommend it."

Amber31322 July 7, 2013

For Birth Control "It cleared my oily skin and acne, but my hunger was out of control and my mood swings were awful. I had no desire at all for sex anymore and that can really put a damper on a new marriage."

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 2, 2013

For Birth Control "Apri was the very first birth control pill prescribed to me. My skin cleared up to the point of being a little dry and my periods were light and regular. However, I started passing large clots during the placebo week, which were very painful. I also gained about 5-7 pounds and I could have been imagining it, but I thought my legs started feeling funny at night. I stopped taking this pill after 4 months and am now on a different brand I am very happy with."

Anonymous May 17, 2013

"Loved this pill and experienced no side effects until after taking it for about 4 months. My sex drive has been ZERO and have had horrible dryness which was never an issue at all for me until after taking the pill. Talked to my doctor and apparently this is very common on this pill. It has started to interfere with my relationship so I will be switching."

cyberlily4 May 16, 2013

For Birth Control "I'm glad to have read these reviews, because now I know why I'm hungry all the time! I think about food all the time. I have never been that way. I'm a healthy eater and gym junkie. So, I have gained weight, lost any sex drive (but I'm not active anyway), and am a little irritable. But besides that, I have no other problems. I'm using it for surrogacy, so they have me on my second pack in a row to skip my period which worked perfectly. The last pill did not stop it. Why cant I be one of the people who have lost weight on it? "

Love Elle May 14, 2013

For Birth Control "My experience with Apri has been great. I have been on it for about 5 years now. I do not get any of the side effects - no headaches, mood swings, weight gain, etc. I was recommended by 2 doctors to take 4 x 21 packs of Apri in a row, totaling to 3 months of birth control then stopping for a week to get my period. So this means that you only get your periods 4 times a year. This causes no health risks at all (unless you take it longer than 3 months in a row) and I have been doing this for 3 years with no side effects at all. I have spoken to 4 doctors about this and none of them disagreed with this method. I was told to try it and if it worked for me to definitely keep doing it. *May not be for everyone so please consult your doctor first*."

______ April 7, 2013

For Birth Control "This birth control pill is awesome. It made my periods even lighter than they were before, I get no pimples, I've lost 15 pounds, my breasts went from a B to a D, and emotionally I feel the same as I did before it. I would highly recommend it."

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month March 29, 2013

For Birth Control "I started originally on Tri-Sprintec but after a few days I couldn't handle the cramps, bloating and spotting all the time. I call my doctor and she prescribed Apri. After seeing all the reviews I felt that this was a better choice then the Tri-Sprintec pill. Since Apri had better reviews then Tri, everyone's body is different but So far it has worked great no side effect's I LOVE IT."

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 26, 2013

For Birth Control "This pill is a dream! I was so worried to go on birth control, due to all the scary side effects I always here about! After two months, I have had none. I had really bad periods that would leave me very sick for days. I only get very light cramping right before my period starts. I haven't gained any weight. I actually lost weight around my waist, and I am already very petite to begin with. My cup size went up to a C from a B, and my light acne has become almost non-existent. I was lucky to find a pill that worked for me right off of the bat!"

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 13, 2013

For Birth Control "I have taken it for about a year and I no longer have cramps, I have lost weight, and my pimples have vanished. My friend however took it and got light headed. This is not for everyone but it works for me and I am not pregnant."

Kaattee January 23, 2013

For Birth Control "I started Apri five months ago. I have always suffered with terrible ovarian cysts, and now they're starting to finally decrease. I have lost twenty pounds while I've been taking the pills, without changing my diet or exercise. I'm not pregnant, nor have I ever been. My sex drive is the same, but I can't eat anymore. Small meals twice a day that has absolutely no dairy in them are all my stomach can handle now. I have never had a problem with dairy before Apri. I also get terrible headaches and am constantly tired. There are positive and negatives to this pill."

Anonymous January 22, 2013

For Birth Control "Before I start my period, I get cramps, acne and I'm very moody on this pill. My sex drive is usually very high. This is the only pill I've ever taken so I don't have much to compare it to but I don't find it that bad."

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 9, 2013

For Birth Control "When I first started on Apri, it made me nauseous in the mornings. That went away, but around the third month of use, I got really depressed moods for no particular reason and had random bouts of crying. That went away when I stopped taking it. It worked for its intended purposes, but it wasn't right for me."

Anonymous December 12, 2012

For Polycystic Ovary Syndrome "I was prescribed Apri for my PCOS (polycystic overian syndrom) and have been taking it for 2 months now. Before taking it my periods were completely irregular. Never knew if they were going to be later or early if they were going to last 3 days, 7 days, 2 weeks, or a month. My cramps were horrible and could barely get out of bed. I am happy to say that Apri has helped with that. My cramps ( on a scale from 1-10 before Apri was about a 8-9) are not a 4 on the pain scale. I gave the Apri a 9 because for some reason ever since I started on Apri have been having a brown discharge during my menstrual cycles. If they continue I will contact my doctor to find out what is going on with that."

Anonymous December 9, 2012

For Birth Control "This birth control was not good. I gained weight all in my stomach and had horrible horrible bloating before my period for about 3 days. It was as if I was 4 months pregnant - none of my clothes fit and I'd feel too uncomfortable to sit in a chair. Acne was more worse than it has ever been."

Anonymous December 3, 2012

For Birth Control "I have tried all other formulations of birth control pills without success. The only way I can describe it is that I feel clinically insane when taking birth control pills, and this was the last option to try. I should note the reason I went on it is because my body stopped having periods, I went over a year without any periods (I wasn't pregnant, and was 23 yrs old). So I went ahead and tried it. I was not as crazy on this, and it cleared up my skin completely. After about 4 months though I completely lost my sex drive. Like from 100 to -100. After my periods regulated out I quit taking it. Now 8 months later I am back to not having a period and just started taking it again the other day. This time around I am feeling kind of sick."

Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 25, 2012

For Birth Control "I haven't had a single noticeable side effect while taking this pill. No acne, no significant weight gain, no mood changes, no loss of sex drive. Not to mention it works wonders for your cycle: mine's extremely consistent, my periods are lighter, and my once terrible cramps are distant memories. Oh, and you also won't get pregnant. This is a great pill, the side effects some people report are probably an expected reaction or an individual bad experience. Highly recommended."

Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 19, 2012

For Birth Control "I took Apri for 2 years. I have experienced extreme bloating (went for 112lbs to 118 lbs just of retained water). Blurry vision in my left eye, tiredness, chest pain sometimes, could not drink any alcohol it would make my bloating worse. I changed to Yaz 2 weeks ago and I feel like a brand new person. No more bloating, I feel great!"

Anonymous October 13, 2012

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding "I have been on Apri for 9 months. I am on birth control to help intense bleeding and an incredibly enlarged uterus. Please keep this in mind while reading my side-effects. These aren't typical for Apri. Apri has given me all of the symptoms of pregnancy without the baby. I wake up nauseous, I have night terrors almost every night (waking up bawling, and that's not normal for me), and a strange craving for eggs whereas I never really liked them before. I also have slight mood swings that aren't so bad that they can't be controlled. However, it has changed my period length from 10-14 days to 4 days, removed all cramping, regulated my cycle, and saved my uterus. It gets a 7 out of 10 from me."

momof3yipee · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 10, 2012

For Birth Control "I had a baby 12 weeks ago and have been on Apri since my 6 week postpartum appointment. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and my periods have always been VERY irregular. I also get a few whiskers that grow on my chin from the PCOS. Since starting the pill I have noticed that those whiskers aren't growing anymore, also I have regular periods, my sex drive is normal and I have not gained any weight! INFACT I have lost 20lbs since starting it and have not changed my diet or exercise routine. I love this pill, this is why I rate it 10! Oh and after having 3 children there is a BONUS I am not pregnant."

joface · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 8, 2012

For Birth Control "Previously I was taking Ortho-cept, before that I was on Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo. Both of these were wonderful for my skin, which I naturally have troubles with. My insurance doesn't cover Ortho-cept so my pharmacy have me Apri. My face exploded and hasn't gotten any better after 3 months. I assume this is a permanent thing and I'm looking to switch to Tri-Sprintec. I normally have very painful abdominal cramps but Apri has helped a lot with the pain."