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User Reviews for Apri (Page 10)

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Birth Control
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Reviews for Apri

PennyGadem June 18, 2014

For Birth Control "Apri was great for the first month and a half. I take this pill religiously and have never missed or thrown up a dose. Then I had the worst period I've ever experienced in my life while I still had a week and a half of active pills left. I couldn't even drive that week. The period symptoms finally ended but the bleeding itself did not. It lightened up, but continued for three more weeks. This is ruining my sex life for the time being and I've gone through two boxes of liners. I switched to a higher dose of estrogen and will start taking it next week - and thank God."

Kobato · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 20, 2014

For Birth Control "I've been on Apri for about a year now, since I took it I had no extreme side effects however, it didn't do much to regulate the length of my periods which stayed in 5 days, didn't clear up my skin though I never had an acne problem to begin with, I did take away my sex drive and I gained 7 pounds but I didn't get pregnant which is why I needed it to begin with. Overall it does the main job."

Mel. · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 17, 2014

For Birth Control "I've been on Apri 28 for about two and a half months now, For about the first two weeks of starting it my stomach was so upset, I couldn't really eat much food. But it did go away. My breasts did get bigger and I gain a little weight but also I've been working out so I don't know if its Muscle gain or from the pill, Another thing is, My period either comes super early, like two weeks early or a week late. I know it's probably just my body not used to the pill and it won't follow the pills schedule until after 6 months of taking it, however my periods don't really hurt at all now. But I'm just sharing my journey so far in case anyone one else has been experiencing the same stuff."

Nursejrb April 11, 2014

For Birth Control "I've tried many different birth controls for about 3 yrs prior to taking Apri. I took Apri for my acne & birth control for 2 yrs & it worked great. I decided to stop taking birth control altogether about 1.5 yrs ago. My acne came back immediately but my periods were lighter and I didn't have cramps while I was off of it. My dermatologists prescribed me Accutane for my acne but I decided to try birth control again. I've been taking Apri for 4 months & my skin is basically completely clear. Maybe 1 or 2 when it's TOM. However I've noticed recent weight gain (10 lbs in 2 wks) & increase in my appetite & cravings. My breasts are sore & noticeably bigger. I'm worried this is side effects from Apri. But 10lbs is better than acne!"

Would not reccommend · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 29, 2014

For Birth Control "Although Apri was very effective in doing its main job, preventing pregnancy, the side effects were very bad. I had perfectly clear skin prior to going on Apri, and about a month after starting I started having very severe break outs. I had noticeable mood swings that were not present before going on Apri. After being on Apri for 5 months, I have now switched to Sprintec which is a pill with a higher dose of estrogen. After being on Sprintec for a month I have noticed my skin clearing slightly and no crying spells before my period. Works better for me and would recommend it over Apri!"

Ahmi · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 19, 2014

For Birth Control "I was put onto Apri because I had horrible cramps and long heavy periods. I took it for about six months, and around the 5 month mark, my longtime boyfriend and I broke up. He told me it was because I was "too emotional" and stressed him out. He was right, before Apri I was always happy and relaxed, but on it. I would lie in bed at night and cry sometimes for no reason at all. I had constant fatigue, frequent headaches, mood-swings, moodiness, and felt depressed a lot of the time. After a conversation with my boyfriend, I realized that we began to argue about the time I got onto Apri. I went to my doctor and told her this and she told me that this was because its high levels of progesterone. I switched and am much better now without Apri."

Anonymous January 16, 2014

For Birth Control "Apri was my first ever birth control. The first month I experienced horrible symptoms (breakthrough bleeding for 30 days straight, bloating, cravings, nose bleeds, and vaginal odor) I contemplated getting off of it altogether but after the 30days I returned back to normal and it has been great since then! Everyone's body is different so this was just MY personal experience. I was taking it in preparation to consummate my marriage and I would suggest to any other women working on a timeline to start it waaaaay in advance so as to avoid and prepare for any changes to your cycle time and bodys adjustment."

allygirl13 January 9, 2014

For Birth Control "Not really impressed with this. Ortho-Cyclen was much better for me. I have been on it for 9 months and at first it was ok but after a while I would get painful, heavy periods the first day, backaches during period, breasts hurt all the time, and no sex drive whatsoever. Will be coming off of this soon."

lms6393 · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 23, 2013

For Birth Control "I took Apri for over 2 years with no side effects. My periods went from extremely heavy for 6-7 days to very light for 3-4 days. My cramps went away, skin cleared up a little bit. Then I switched to Implanon for a month. During that time I bled every single day and broke out horribly all over my chest and back. So I got that removed and went back on Apri. Since then my periods have gone back to normal, I've gone up 2 cup sizes in the last 8 months, but I have been experiencing some very mild nausea and lightheadedness. I love it overall."

jenatoller December 8, 2013

For Birth Control "Apri was prescribed to me as my first birth control pill to use..ever. I have been taking them for a month so far. Before Apri, I had been experiencing very tender breasts, break outs, and constant food cravings before my period would start. My period was also very irregular. After taking Apri, my breasts no longer become painfully tender before my period (period flow is the same but shorter 3-5 days when it used to be 5-8 days). I do not get moody, rather it has not affected my mood at all. I've noticed my breasts getting bigger. No weight loss or gain so far. I have the same appetite but I seem to become fuller sooner."

jackienld · Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 14, 2013

For Birth Control "I decided to give Apri a 10/10 score because I've been on this pill for 11 months now and had absolutely no issues with it. As for clearing acne, my acne was already starting to fade away before taking the pill so I haven't had too many issues. I still break out sometimes before my period is due. My boyfriend and I have not used any back up method of birth control and I haven't gotten I suppose it's doing its job. But of course, I realize we still SHOULD be using a back up method. Before getting on this pill, I used to have horrible cramping and very heavy periods, lasting as long as 10 days. Now I have short, pain-free periods that last usually from Thursday to Saturday (or very light on Sunday when I begin my new pack.)"

Hayrodgers555 November 10, 2013

For Birth Control "I've been taking Apri for 5 months now in hopes to clear my acne. There has been zero improvement! Although everything else about Apri is positive. No weight gain"

my experience · Taken for less than 1 month October 26, 2013

For Birth Control "I started taking Apri, because my periods became irregular. I took it for 10 days. I felt horrible my mind felt cloudy. I couldn't remember where I was 15 minutes later. It was the 2nd time in my life that I took birth control. I am 37 and I break out like I was 17. I would have liked to stay on it, but I could not deal with my symptoms."

mana27 October 25, 2013

For Birth Control "I have been on apri for a year and was recently put on another then forced back do to a recall, I was so sad to be put back on apri. While off for 2 months, my weight had gone down, and sex drive went back to normal, and I head energy again. now back on for not even a month and everything is getting messed up again. It's not the pills fault, but you may notice weight gain, feel sluggish, and a lower sex drive if your body reacts to this the same way I do. :( it's time to figure out something else.... My body and relationship can't go thu this again."

alexandra.. October 20, 2013

For Birth Control "I was on this birth control for a month and a half. I experienced terrible bloating. I've been thin my whole life, always very active and able to eat whatever I wanted. With this pill, I constantly felt tired and had to monitor what I ate so I didn't gain weight (I gained about 5 pounds, still working out although not as intense as before due to being tired, BUT I was eating less!) Also, this pill affected my mood a lot- it was a subtle change, but then a month and a half later I realized I never had the energy to do anything. I was sad quite often. My acne didn't improve at all, if anything it made it worse. Breast were tender. But, no decrease in sex drive and did prevent pregnancy."

SamanthaAshley · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 7, 2013

For Birth Control "I have recently switched to Apri28 from having tried a handful before it. I have been on Yasmin for the past 3 and a half years. Nothing really affected me except that I felt I was getting really moody and would snap for no reason, and I was always a happy person before. So naturally, I wanted a change. I waited a month after coming off of it and my back and forehead started to break out which I NEVER had, even before Yasmin so I started taking Apri right away. Honestly, it took a couple weeks for my body to adjust but I am clear once again, I feel like myself FINALLY! And I haven't had any problems. My left leg was a little tingly at times after a week or two, but that is gone.. even after only 2 months I know it was a good choice for me."

Ccccc1234cc August 29, 2013

For Birth Control "I have been taking this pill for several years. My periods went from being extremely heavy for unhealthy lengths of time which occurred frequently (heavy 2-4 week periods every 2 weeks or so) to having regular periods all around. They only last for 4 days and are much lighter compared to what i was experiencing before but are still slightly heavy. It has cleared my acne almost completely but my cup size has gone from a D to a DDD (I am not a big girl so this was quite extreme and I would say the only side effect that has bothered me. I experience no pain though). Weight gain is A LOT easier but like anything it can be controlled with extra effort. I am quite happy for the most part."

Christies · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 21, 2013

For Birth Control "I am thrilled with Apri! I decided to try birth control again because of terrible pelvic pain probably due to my polycystic ovarian syndrome. Since starting Apri the pain is gone, completely! I was to the point where I was going to opt for laparoscopy just to find a reason and hopefully a cure for the pain but my doctor convinced me to give this a try and I'm glad I did! Another bonus is that it helps with my depression and daily fatigue which was something I wasn't expecting. Add in the fact that I can take the active pills for multiple months straight means I'm feeling a thousand times more energetic than I did before Apri. But when I do switch to the white placebo pills I feel awful again for that week. Light periods too! Works for me."

Holls August 16, 2013

For Birth Control "I've been on Apri for about 2 weeks now. The only side effect I've noticed has been waking up at night or falling asleep at night extremely nauseous, but I assume that's normal because my body is adjusting to the pill. Also, for just being two week I've noticed my boobs are getting somewhat bigger. I'm not complaining though. Lets see how the next couple of months go."

s0ngBird August 1, 2013

For Birth Control "I have been on this birth control for almost 10 years. It has cleared up my acne, made my periods lighter, and my breasts went from a size B to a size C. The only negative effect is that it may have made my eyes even drier than they already are. When I tried to stop using Apri, just to see how my body would react because I didn't want to be taking medicine for no reason, all my acne on my face came back and I even had acne on my chest and my back, which I had never had before. I am kind of afraid to ever stop taking it for that reason."

decader · Taken for 10 years or more July 30, 2013

For Birth Control "I have been on Apri for about 12 years now. I have nothing but good things to say about it. I have gained weight in the last year, I wasn't sure if it was caused by the birth control, so I went off of it for about 6 months. Nothing changed, it's obviously just my diet and lack of exercise. My OBGYN said that being on this pill has significantly reduced my risk of breast cancer, and I have much more regular periods and less cramping."

jurn · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 14, 2013

For Birth Control "I guess it does what it's supposed to, prevents pregnancy! I have been on it for 2 months and the weight gain in my belly is ridiculous! I've gained 5 pounds. My mood is all whacked out. I plan on quitting."

Allie W July 13, 2013

For Birth Control "I've been on April for about three years now and it has been great. I've never had any problems with regulated my period and also kept it really light. The only thing I've noticed is that it made me gain a few pounds. Other than that, it's worked well. The best part...I'm not pregnant. It has kept my acne under control as well. Overall it has a few side effects but I recommend it."

Amber31322 July 7, 2013

For Birth Control "It cleared my oily skin and acne, but my hunger was out of control and my mood swings were awful. I had no desire at all for sex anymore and that can really put a damper on a new marriage."

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 2, 2013

For Birth Control "Apri was the very first birth control pill prescribed to me. My skin cleared up to the point of being a little dry and my periods were light and regular. However, I started passing large clots during the placebo week, which were very painful. I also gained about 5-7 pounds and I could have been imagining it, but I thought my legs started feeling funny at night. I stopped taking this pill after 4 months and am now on a different brand I am very happy with."