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User Reviews for Clonazepam (Page 7)

Also known as: Klonopin

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Temporomandibular Joint Disorder 9.7
4 reviews 31 medications
Epilepsy 9.5
2 reviews 54 medications
Hyperekplexia 9.0
3 reviews 6 medications
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 8.9
7 reviews 11 medications
Borderline Personality Disorder 8.8
4 reviews 25 medications
Periodic Limb Movement Disorder 8.8
16 reviews 9 medications
Bipolar Disorder 8.6
85 reviews 30 medications
Panic Disorder 8.6
395 reviews 19 medications
Seizure Prevention 8.5
59 reviews 28 medications
Anxiety 8.4
688 reviews 53 medications
Chronic Myofascial Pain 8.3
3 reviews 42 medications
Sleep Paralysis 8.3
5 reviews 1 medications
Restless Legs Syndrome 8.2
79 reviews 14 medications
Migraine Prevention 8.1
26 reviews 31 medications
Burning Mouth Syndrome 8.0
23 reviews 11 medications
Night Terrors 7.7
21 reviews 3 medications
Insomnia 7.4
151 reviews 109 medications
Benzodiazepine Withdrawal 4.5
62 reviews 2 medications
Summary of Clonazepam reviews 8.2 1,633 reviews

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Reviews for Clonazepam

Lily88 · Taken for less than 1 month October 29, 2019

For Anxiety: “I seem to be one of the few people that does not get any benefit from clonazepam. I have treatment resistant OCD, depression, anxiety, and panic disorder. I thought I'd try this med to deal with the constant anxiety OCD causes me. I figured I'd take it just once or twice a week to avoid dependence. I tried 0.5mg which did virtually nothing, so the next time I tried 1mg which maybe helped the tiniest bit for a few hours, but it made me exhausted and I fell asleep sitting up. Also with both doses, after those first few hours, my OCD got WORSE for several days, which made my depression worse too. This is the 9th med I've failed, not sure what's next. Ps. All benzos contain lactose, keep in mind if you are intolerant.”

2 / 10
Scarr October 29, 2019

Klonopin (clonazepam) for Seizure Prevention: “Klonopin was great for my seizures until it wasn’t. I have seizures in my sleep. I started with 1.5 mgs. then went up to 4 mgs. I have been on Klonopin ,Clonazepam for 32 years! I noticed it stopped working but I had to take it or no sleep at all. I finally went to a specialist for sleep. I got off of it but too fast 4 weeks went thru withdrawals went back on. Was getting used to Gabapentin. I decided to trick my body into not missing it. I taper down but I take 5-7 weeks in between dropping the dose. It has taken me 6 months to get below the halfway mark but a made a mistake this drop and 6 weeks later still feeling it. I only took 35 days....and I now know I should have lowered the amount I am dropping. I was dropping .5. Klonopin has a long half-life it takes about 3-4 days before the body registers it and about 2 - weeks to adjust depending on dosage and time. I might feel this for up to 2 years after last dose. I am hoping a slow taper will help lessen that.”

1 / 10
Hail · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 26, 2019

For Anxiety: “Once my doctor prescribed this medication clonazepam with .25 mg and I felt relieved. Then I thought of increasing to get its full benefits (.25 to .50 then .50 to 1mg then 1mg x2 and finally 1mg x3). The more I increased the more I felt relaxed, focused and smart. So, I was on 3mg per day. Finally, when I ended up with 3mg I started having the side effects like sleepiness (more like sedation), forgetfulness, decreased sexual urge, confusion, increased depression etc. I tried a lot to quit from it and my anxiety comeback more severely and had a fainting sensation. I had to be admitted in hospital to withdraw fully from it. Now, I am fully withdrawn from it but my anxiety in has increased than usual with disorganised thinking and speaking, slight forgetfulness. This is an occasional or short term drug which is given during the initial period of any drugs. Using this for long term period creates high dependency for this drug and you will no longer be the same person with it!”

Reliefatlast · Taken for less than 1 month October 25, 2019

For Burning Mouth Syndrome: “I've suffered for 18 months with BMS (burning mouth syndrome), and tried over a dozen potential remedies to no avail, nothing touched it. I stumbled on this website, and during a routine checkup asked my Dr. If I could try clonazepam. I was a bit surprised he agreed given the current climate for these types of drugs. He said because of my anxiety he could justify it. 0.5mg once daily had an IMMEDIATE effect. A slight dryness and tingle remains, but pain is almost completely vanished. So thankful for a new lease on life; I was about to end it.”

9 / 10
Respectful-li October 25, 2019

Klonopin (clonazepam) for Panic Disorder: “I almost thought my life was over before Klonopin. I had treatment resistant depression and the cause came from panic attacks. I went manic for almost a month. No medicine helped and It was a long road to health Klonopin was not a miracle drug, but it kept me from hanging myself. And eventually through the love and healing power of God,I smile now. I can walk without shaking and a racing mind. I don't pass out because of anxiety attacks I enjoy company and life again. Thank you and just know you guys who suffer with whatever and take any kind of medication are Loved!!!!!! Life is more than pain. Take the pill. ”

8 / 10
Insomniac · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 25, 2019

For Anxiety: “I have suffered with anxiety, depression, and panic disorder my whole life. I was prescribed this clonazepam med a few years ago and am now taking about 3mg a day and it’s a lifesaver. I’m a night shift nurse for a few more months so it not only helps my anxiety but also my circadian rhythm problems. Scared to go off if I become pregnant though (I’m a 25 year old woman and heard withdrawals are pretty bad)”

10 / 10
Doubleg · Taken for 10 years or more October 24, 2019

For Anxiety: “I have been taking Clonazepam 0.5mg for about 10 years now. When my initial anxiety emerged my doctor put me on Paxil. With Paxil I was not myself and the side effects were horrible. Just this month I had to take mental health leave from work due to being overwhelmed, never had to do this before. Doctor tried putting me on Cymbalta and the side effects trying to get I. This drug were horrific, like a nightmare. I don’t know why doctors don’t listen. Clonazepam work 100% for me. They talk about addictive ness of Clonazepam, but they never talk about the horrific side effects of anti depressants going on and coming off those meds. I use to have panic attacks and anxiety even when on anti depressants, but once I was prescribed Clonazepam have not had a panic attack in 8 years.”

10 / 10
Tango · Taken for 5 to 10 years October 24, 2019

For Seizure Prevention: “I was prescribed the 0.5 mg Clonazepam disintegrating tablets as my rescue med on an as needed basis after I had a grand mal on a plane about 6 years ago. It has given me freedom as I carry it everywhere and have it is by my bed and in my bathroom in case I have an aura - I usually have time to grab this medicine and it will help me relax and stop a seizure before coming on. I use it about 5 times a year at this time - no addiction issues.”

10 / 10
Youngtwin · Taken for 10 years or more October 20, 2019

For Benzodiazepine Withdrawal: “I have taken clonazepam 1mg, 4 times a day for over 15 years. 120 tablets 1mg per month....My doctor & I are tapering over a LONG period of time. We reduced script to 110 1mg tablets. (will do for 2 months) (VERY SLOW TAPERING) Next refill was 100, 1mg tablets. (did this for 2 months). I now have 80 1mg for a month. (cut all in half) I tried to cold turkey & ended up in the emergency room. DO NOT cold turkey this medication! I was prescribed this med about 15 years ago. So my body is dependent on it, but not for much longer! Have gone from 120-1mg pills per month, to 80 1mg tablets per month..Next refill will be 75 1mg per month for 2 months. And so on...Talk to your doctor about everything, your rough days etc.. Taper over a slow period!! .Hope this was helpful. I still have some months to go, but, feeling much better physically & mentally! Good luck! You can do it!!!”

6 / 10
Caneman56 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 20, 2019

For Anxiety: “Doctors have made me try every SNRI, SSRI out there. My symptoms worsen. I have been hospitalized with serotonin syndrome taking these medications. A doctor did not look over my current drugs and prescribed me amitriptyline for foot neuropathy. Within two weeks I was in the ER. They gave me more clonazepam with ativan and fixed me right up. Much of my anxiety stems from being disabled by two back surgeries and spinal stenosis. This medicine saved my life. I was given valium before clonazapam.”

10 / 10
Carabear October 19, 2019

For Anxiety: “I have suffered for most of my life with bad anxiety and panic attacks. I believe it is the cause of my high blood pressure. I have been on this for almost two years. I am prescribed to take 1 mg 3 times a day but only take 1 and half a day.... I am going to slowly try and get off of these. I don’t notice any side effects. I do believe I am addicted to them. I take them daily. I want to start taking only when I need them. But after suffering for so many years with chronic anxiety and panic attacks. I take everyday. I never want to feel anxiety or have another panic attack again on my life. But I don’t want to be on a pill everyday either. This pill has saved my life, but it’s time to cut back and start feeling things I don’t want to feel again. I’m praying I won’t feel the anxiety anymore? But I know I will. I hate anxiety and I feel so bad for everyone that suffers from it!”

7 / 10
Sterling · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 19, 2019

For Benzodiazepine Withdrawal: “Clonazapam helped anxiety for 2 weeks, but I was on them for 8 months. Terrible withdrawals - been off for 4 months now and feel like I'm dying, withdrawals could last years. Do not take for more than 5 weeks, dangerous Benzo. Doctors need to be more educated on these dangerous drugs and not hand them out like candy!”

1 / 10
Brij · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 19, 2019

For Night Terrors: “I'm on clonazepam for Somnambulism (sleepwalking). I started on 0.5mg tab and 12 months later I'm now on 2mg (4 tabs). The problem is, one gets tolerance to them very quickly and although I can fall to sleep within minutes, after around 4-5 hours, I can be diving out of bed head first, kicking or thumping my ever-so-understanding girlfriend, or crawling/walking around the bedroom until my GF wakes me up etc. They're ok for an initial sleep but unfortunately, with me, they wear off to quickly.”

7 / 10
Marie · Taken for 5 to 10 years October 17, 2019

For Anxiety: “I have been taking Klonopin for approximately 7 years now but only on an “as needed” basis. I only take 1 (0.5mg) when I feel like I truly need it and sometimes I just cut in half. This drug is great for that purpose alone. I would never want to take it daily and end up with dependency. This is just my opinion and personal experience with it. I always keep it on hand for peace of mind and my Dr (knowing I don’t abuse it) still prescribes it for me. My heart goes out to people who have been taking it daily for years and then try to wean off only to find themselves in a nightmare of withdrawals!!”

8 / 10
Layne · Taken for 10 years or more October 15, 2019

For Burning Mouth Syndrome: “I was on klonopin for 20 years and my Dr took me off because I was on Adderall too. So my burning mouth came on within a month. It's very hard to lead a quality life. My primary doc put me back on for another year then told me I was quitting it too - cold turkey. It has been the worst years of my life. With the opioid crisis I cannot be on klonopin and Norco at the same time. After being on both for over twenty years and didn't have any trouble why do I think I would suddenly now. Anyway burning tongue is ruining my life...”

10 / 10
Dani.333 October 13, 2019

For Benzodiazepine Withdrawal: “I've been on clonazapam 0.5mg for three years now. Six months ago I started having really bad vertigo, my PCP said I can just stop it completely without fear of seizures because I'm at such a low dose and I wasn't abusing it. I have been weaning myself off week by week. I'm down to 1/4 of .5mg taking it two days then nothing for one day then again for two days. I'm hoping to be done by November or by end of November at the latest. I will post again once I'm off and recovered to share any symptoms. Best of luck to all trying to get off the medication.”

2 / 10
Massy · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 12, 2019

Klonopin (clonazepam) for Panic Disorder: “Works really well to help stop panic attacks. Highly addictive so use as prescribed”

10 / 10
YEEEEEEEEEE October 11, 2019

For Panic Disorder: “I am a 25 year old male who has been on clonazepam daily for 4.5 years. Diagnoses: bipolar type 2, PTSD, panic disorder. Before starting I had severe substance abuse issues, primarily alcohol. I was self-medicating for the anxiety and panic in a vicious cycle. The first time I took 0.5 mg of this medication, I finally felt like a normal person without feeling high. The rubix cube of my neurochemistry finally clicked perfectly into place. I have not had a single drink of alcohol in the last 4.5 years. Before beginning it, I was experiencing suicidal ideation, insomnia, and 6-12 panic attacks daily. I have since graduated with a degree in psychology with a 3.73 GPA and am now in graduate school for a BSRN. I take my doses at the same time each day, without any problems of abuse. I may be a rare case, but I am eternally thankful to the doctor who first trusted me with this medication, because he saved my life.”

10 / 10
Lin · Taken for 5 to 10 years October 10, 2019

For Restless Legs Syndrome: “For years my Dr tried a lot of meds for my restless legs finally tried 1 mg clonazepam and for 7 years I never had it since I take it every night before bed. Now we moved to Florida and Drs think I'm a joke and won't give me any and I'm at my last straw with my restless legs, losing sleep and feel like I just can't take it anymore.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 9, 2019

For Anxiety: “It is hands down the best! I wish I could take it everyday but its very addicting, 3 weeks is all that is could take mentally to be hooked. It makes me feel happy, focused, no depression, think better do everything better!!”

10 / 10
novfoxeyes · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 9, 2019

For Anxiety: “I was on a low dose of Ativan for anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD symptoms, for over a decade. After so many years it didn't work as well. Instead of raising the dosage my pdoc reccomended I give clonazepam a try. I was hesitant, I dislike change. But I'm glad I gave in and tried it, it stays in my system much much longer than the Ativan and I don't even need a high dosage. I take 0.5 x 2 daily as needed. It will be a year next month and in this past year I've had no panic attack's at all. Amazing! The side effects I've had were sleepiness and weight loss. I went from 160lbs to 130lbs in the first 6 months. Without changing anything. I do still get a little tired on it, but nothing too bad. If your thinking of trying an anxiety med, I recommend giving this one a try.”

10 / 10
Sag · Taken for 5 to 10 years October 8, 2019

For Anxiety: “I've been taking clonazepam for the last 8 years and it is very effective for anxiety. I was unable to walk and go places and feeling scary to stand and walk due to anxiety. I am taking this medicine and enjoying my work and life.”

9 / 10
Reghu · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 7, 2019

For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: “It is very good for OCD in my experience wonderful drug. I have taken it long term, a small dose with no problems. I take it with vilazodone 20.”

8 / 10
#urgoing2gothruhell or worse · Taken for less than 1 month October 7, 2019

Klonopin (clonazepam): “Just watching a CNN special with Lisa Ling. Stay away from this drug. The withdrawal symptoms often lead to suicidal thoughts. Your Dr. will switch you to Valium to ease the craziness you will experience, but this can be worse. Stay far away.”

1 / 10
Rob · Taken for 10 years or more October 7, 2019

For Insomnia: “I started taking klonopin in 2003 due to a stressful time in my life that affected my sleep. A Dr. prescribed a 0.5 dose and I've been on it since. Sometimes I split the pill in half. I've discussed my taking it with a neurologist, psychiatrist, and my PCP and no one has a problem with it. The response I get is that the dose is so low it won't do any harm. I'd honestly rather not take it but at age 73 with sleep patterns changing I find klonopin a big help. Early on my Dr. tried other sleep medications but nothing worked. Ambien kept me awake all night long and Trazadone did nothing. I've never experienced any side affects even on nights that I forgot to take it. But I can't help wondering how it is affecting my internal chemistry. I've discussed with my PCP the idea of getting off klonopin and his reply is to be prepared for some sleepless nights. For now I'll continue taking it.”