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User Reviews for Chaparral

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Herbal Supplementation
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Summary of Chaparral reviews 9.7 3 reviews

Reviews for Chaparral

For Herbal Supplementation: "Type 2 diabetes: This has cured my type 2 diabetes. When I went to the hospital ER I was extremely thirsty and just wanted to run around in circles cause I was so full of sugar in my blood. I had ketoacidos. I stayed in the hospital for 3 days and they got my sugar down to normal. It had been 480 in the ER. Well they gave me pills to take and they were very hard on my system. One day I went to an Indian pow wow, as I am 3/16 Cherokee. I met a woman there who was selling medicines and asked her what she had for diabetes? She sold me herbs in a plastic bag with instructions on it. I followed the instructions and never had to take the pills again. my AC1 is 0.6 absolutely normal. Took 30 drops in hot water 3 times a week. I am cured!"


garyellis October 9, 2016

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For Herbal Supplementation: "I started drinking this tea when I found out I had stones in my gallbladder. Drs wanted to remove my whole gallbladder but I didn't like the idea of surgery or removing an organ. I haven't had any pain in fact I believe I passed stones in my stool. I have also lost weight since drinking it. It cleaned me out good and keeps my system clean and running. Even though its a nasty tea it has definitely helped me."


Anonymous January 4, 2012

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For Cancer: "Chaparral is a 10. My boyfriend was diagnosed with colon cancer. He was unable to have a bowel motion due to the size of the growth was blocking the colon. In the time between the announcement that surgery was the only option and the day of the surgery, the tumor shrank enough to have normal bowel motion by the day of the surgery (2 weeks!). He had the surgery and continues to use Chaparral to keep cancer cell growth at bay. I began taking it as a preventive measure. "


Just Really Lucky June 28, 2011

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