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User Reviews for Carisoprodol (Page 10)

Also known as: Soma

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Muscle Spasm 9.1
235 reviews 50 medications
Nocturnal Leg Cramps 9.0
14 reviews 17 medications

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Reviews for Carisoprodol

Anonymous April 2, 2009

For Muscle Spasm: “I was perscribed these to ease the pain i would get in my neck which would lead to bad headaches. I was told to take them when i felt neck pain coming and to take one before i go to sleep to help me get to sleep. It helped both. I would take one 1 hour before bed and i would fall asleep in less then 15 min. When my neck would pop (neck pain comming) i would take one and i wouldnt get the pain and it made my neck feel alot smoother and eaier to move. It works great and i am very greatful.”

Anonymous March 26, 2009

Soma (carisoprodol) for Muscle Spasm: “Soma works the BEST out of any muscle relaxants I have been prescribed, but all of a sudden all the doctors no longer write a prescription for it. They try to give all the things I've tried before and it didn't work. Guess someone came down real hard on the doctors. They seem AFRAID to write you a script for SOMA anymore.”

10 / 10
jamace March 14, 2009

For Muscle Spasm: “I have had right side low back spasm since 2/24/09, but within 8 hours of starting SOMA about 9pm CST on 3/12/09, my spasm relaxed. It was wonderful.”

10 / 10
ass paiin March 7, 2009

Soma (carisoprodol) for Muscle Spasm: “Not good for sciatica”

jaddo March 6, 2009

For Muscle Spasm: “These are great if you can't sleep. They lull you off nicely.”

9 / 10
Anonymous February 28, 2009

For Muscle Spasm: “I have been taking Soma for 7 years now. It is a long time I know, but if it wasn't for it I wouldn't have my life back somewhat. I have a neurological pain disease that tells my mind that past injuries are still hurt, which causes pain and muscle spasms. This medication actually helps more than my pain medications.”

10 / 10
nightcyrus February 20, 2009

Soma (carisoprodol): “Much needed co-analgesic prescription for chronic pain. Sedation not a problem when taken long term. Tried ALL OTHER muscle relaxants and NONE of them could put a "DENT" in my pain/spasms. My Doctor just cut me back saying he will eventually stop prescribing it due to others abusing it. I don't get it! So his patients will end up having more pain (which means more money for him and hospitals, etc).”

10 / 10
nightcyrus February 20, 2009

Soma (carisoprodol) for Muscle Spasm: “Much needed co-analgesic prescription for chronic pain.”

10 / 10
reddevils February 16, 2009

Soma (carisoprodol) for Muscle Spasm: “I have used Soma for a few months now as needed for muscular back pain and back spasms. I've tried other muscle relaxers, but this is by far the best I've tried. I can't tell you how much this helps when my back starts acting up. And there's just enough drowsiness to let you sleep pain free, yet not too much if it's in the middle of the day. I highly recommend it.”

9 / 10
willidi February 10, 2009

“Since I am an addict for pain pills I don't have many options. My friend gave me a few to try. Thank heavens above. I finally found a non narcotic, non addictive drug that helps....Thanks”

10 / 10
kelly b February 10, 2009

For Muscle Spasm: “This medicine really works.”

10 / 10
Anonymous December 11, 2008

Soma (carisoprodol): “I was subscribed Soma when I was recovering from an accident where I fractured my clavicle. I was directed to take only at bedtime. I was experiencing a lot of nerve pain from the injuries and having a hard time sleeping -- I could only sleep on my back and I have lower back problems to begin with. I found Soma to be a wonderful sleeping aid that allowed me to get a solid pain-free night of sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning without feeling groggy or sedated. I took Soma almost every night for a couple months and experienced no withdrawal symptoms when I stopped. I would highly recommend it for insomnia but I wouldn't feel qualified to attest to it's effectiveness for other purposes.”

9 / 10
Anonymous November 29, 2008

Soma (carisoprodol) for Muscle Spasm: “I have been using Soma on and off for many years and find that it is an effective pain reliever and muscle relaxer. If I take it with food I have no real side effects. However, if taken on an empty stomach I get a little buzy. I have spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and degenerative hip dysplasia and find that I get more relief from Soma than from narcotic pain relievers although there are times when I have to take both. I have found that Soma has been a life saver. After trying drugs like Flexeril and amitriptyline it is a great and effective alternative and it does not make you feel awful in the morning.”

10 / 10
BAB39 November 28, 2008

Soma (carisoprodol) for Muscle Spasm: “Ever since an accident 2 years ago, I've had horrible muscle spasms and pain in my back/shoulders that plague me almost 24 hours a day. Flexeril made me so groggy and drowsy during the day that I couldn't take it. My doctor has now prescribed Soma and I feel relief without the marked drowsiness I had with other muscle relaxants, even with taking it 3 x a day.”

9 / 10
nowinDenver October 25, 2008

Soma (carisoprodol) for Muscle Spasm: “Soma has saved me for 12 years now. The first one I took back then put me out like a light, but now I'm on 3 a day and can still function. I've never "craved" it and it is fabulous for fibromyalgia.”

10 / 10
tomdoc October 19, 2008

Soma (carisoprodol) for Muscle Spasm: “Soma is a non-narcotic that allieviates pain and allows me to fall asleep. I can't take narcotics because I'm in drug court and that's just not allowed. I like Soma and take it twice a day as ordered.”

7 / 10
dplm70 September 26, 2008

Soma (carisoprodol) for Muscle Spasm: “Wonderful...only one that works for me.”

10 / 10
Anonymous September 24, 2008

Soma (carisoprodol) for Muscle Spasm: “I have used Soma for 2 years and it really helps me. I have nothing bad to report about it. I do not feel addicted, and only use as needed but it certainly relieves my neck and lower back pain to the point where I can at least work. I have no hallucinogenic effects with it and don't feel sleepy with it either. It's just a great drug.”

10 / 10
Anonymous August 24, 2008

Soma (carisoprodol) for Muscle Spasm: “Went through at least 4 other muscle relaxers, none did a thing except make me tired. Soma actually helped with the pain itself and had much less overall tiredness with it. I take it for chronic pain, which I know some doctors debate. But after going through various pain relievers and muscle relaxers, this is the only thing that really helps and lets me work and do normal activities.”

9 / 10
mrandmrsroda August 1, 2008

Soma (carisoprodol) for Muscle Spasm: “I have taken soma a few times now and wow what a difference. I have tried every relaxant under the sun, and yuck I hated how they felt and they never worked. I also sleep very well. It even made my knee pains go away. I am 28 years old with fibromyalgia. I really hope this continues working. Please dont be afraid to try it. Im a baby when it comes to meds, especially muscle relaxants. But this is totally different! I promise. Just give it a shot.”

Anonymous July 21, 2008

Soma (carisoprodol) for Muscle Spasm: “I have recently started having back pain and my doctor started me on Soma. I have been pain free ever since. It really does take the pain away, and fast. Just do not drive on it. It relaxes your muscles and you can easily lose focus.”

8 / 10
krayonkk July 13, 2008

Soma (carisoprodol) for Muscle Spasm: “I was put on Soma six years ago along with my pain medicines. I swear by it. I have been on the same dose of Soma and pain medicines for 6 years. Because of Soma I have not had to alter my dose and have been able to work and function and it was good. Till my doctor took everyone off it. I am now miserable and in pain. It is great and it works.”

10 / 10
redraven June 3, 2008

Soma (carisoprodol) for Muscle Spasm: “I just started taking Soma, and now get an uninterrupted good night's sleep. I also notice that I have fewer muscle spasms in my legs.”

9 / 10
Anonymous June 2, 2008

Soma (carisoprodol) for Muscle Spasm: “I have been on narcotics and different types of muscle relaxers for over two years now for chronic back pain. I just started taking Soma as a last resort and wow am I glad I decided to give it a shot. To date I have more relief from the Soma then from the previous narcotics that I was taking. Its amazing and I am thankful.”

9 / 10
Jimmy D May 15, 2008

Soma (carisoprodol) for Muscle Spasm: “soma helps my back pain effectively.I seem to be pulling my muscles easier as time goes by.Thank God for soma and the relief it brings.”

9 / 10