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User Reviews for Atomoxetine to treat ADHD (Page 8)

Also known as: Strattera

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Atomoxetine Rating Summary

User Ratings
13% (53)
13% (51)
12% (48)
6% (26)
6% (25)
4% (15)
5% (22)
9% (38)
7% (27)
25% (102)
5.3/10 Average Rating
407 ratings from 439 user reviews

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Reviews for Atomoxetine

Zenperson · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 27, 2016

“My son ADHD sensory processing and now since putting him on strattera 10 mg diagnosed aspergers is off and on with strattera . I see improvement but after a few weeks psychiatrist out him on respirodone half of .25 . However , not sure what is working anymore .”

4 / 10
Luiggi atlanta · Taken for less than 1 month November 20, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “I am just starting to take this medication. I'm 54 years old. I was diagnosed ADHD in 2006 but never took this medication. I hope I'm not making a mistake. For now my insurance pays for it 100% because I met my out of pocket max for the year. I have harken insurance which is phenomenal insurance if you can get it. It's not offered in every state but Georgia is one. It sounds very expensive but the main point is that it helps my the ability to focus and be more productive and not feel tired or irritable”

Double dd · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 2, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “I started give this medication to my 7years old we started with 18mg, 25mg and now 40mg, no change on his behavior yet 40mg it only been 2wks that he is taking it, but one thing is he is more aggressive, crying a lot but I am going to continue for 2more wks to see if any changes after that definitely I will call the doctor to change this med.”

4 / 10
Flip1226 October 27, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “First of all, unless Strattera is seriously messing with your brain, you should really be patient and keep taking it to see if it really works. I thought several times about quitting, but since I have been fighting depression and ADHD my whole life, why not give it another month to take effect? I started a month at 25mg, a month at 40mg, and about 2 weeks at 80mg. Wow, have things really taken off for me! I am getting so much done at home and am motivated to get a job again! The one downside is the cost. Seriously? My insurance won't cover it so my 80mg prescription was almost $500! To combat nausea, take with food always! It may interact with vitamins too, so take those at the opposite time of day. Most side effects went away after 2 wks.”

9 / 10
BRIAN123! October 21, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “Been on Straterra for about a month now. Only thing I've noticed is that it gives me heart burn. I've also become more agitated. Has not helped with focus at all. Still daydream. Still very forgetful. This medication really sucks for me. I know alot of Dr's hate giving stimulant drugs for ADHD but it's what helps me. I personally think if you are gonna take a non-stimulant drug you might as well take all-natural meds.”

1 / 10
Zak Khan October 14, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “Hi, I'm from the UK. I have been taking atomoxetine for roughly 5 months for my ADD which was diagnosed late. The medication had been ok. Recently it's impact on me has started to reduce. I feel that I am able to continue with tasks but am unable to apply focus on to the task. In other words I feel able to continue doing a thing but the quality of my effort seems diluted (beyond help). This is frustrating because I have to repeat things several times (such as reading things for my Masters degree). It has more or less ended other symptoms such as daydreaming, inability to continue at things, sleep problems, memory issues (though this to a smaller extent over time).I am going to get it changed though it works for some better than others.”

4 / 10
Dwayne2016 · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 11, 2016

“Started strattera (atomoxetine) after trying concerta as doctor said the non-stimulant might suit me better than the stimulant medication. The side effects of this drug were not as bad as taking the stimulant but after being on it for over 3months, the only benefit i noticed was improved sleep. Sleep through for like 7 hours where as before was waking up several times throughout the night. Generally felt weird taking this drug and had increased anxiety. Can't say that it helped any of my ADHD symptoms, actually made them worse maybe partly due to increased anxiety therefore doctor has taken me off it.”

1 / 10
Hooeful unicorn · Taken for less than 1 month October 7, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “I'm just starting the journey of the medication. I never wanted to be on meds cause I am a chef and did not want my taste buds affected. I have to say in one week I feel really hopeful, less irritable and focused and CLeAR. I can see my goals clear and am knocking things out one by one and not so stressed. It's working as a anti depressant too. I'm excited. I really am. I'm reading that the journey has just began but I'm going to see it though. Adderall is a mess and we use it for a buzz and to be high all night. I actually am done with those days and want to start to get my life on track. How is it with drinking? I don't drink much but since I began to be a working chef we have a ton of wine pairings. Would be nice to join in with clients”

8 / 10
tonyloco · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 1, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “Strattera was my first treatment after I was diagnosed with ADHD PI for six months. First week on 40 mg, then 80 mg and the last three months on 100 mg. I didn't improve any symptom, but it worsen everything. I got negative effects, from the sexual side (no erections just after taking Strattera,). My mood was really unstable, with peeks of depressing episodes and rage outbursts on the last weeks. Now I'm quitting it, and I got some discontinuing effect as tension on my head and anxiety. On the next week I'll start with methyphenidate and I hope the best.”

1 / 10
Sofop September 28, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “I have aspergers and ADD and started taking strattera when I was about 9 or 10. And in just two months I lost over 20 kg (44 pounds) I was so skinny but I didn't change because I had tried everything else and this was the smallest side effects I had so far. But after I quit just over a month ago (I'm 17 now) I realized that the medication had caused me to have severe depression for all my childhood, I'm really happy for the first time in forever. and the medication had made me more angry and restless than when not taking them.”

4 / 10
pandacity · Taken for 6 months to 1 year September 19, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “I've been taking Strattera since I was finally diagnosed in February with predominately inattentive type ADHD and I think I might stop taking it altogether. It's helped with my attention span a little, but the side effects largely overshadow this. I have never experienced such agonizing headaches since I started taking this medication, to the point where I've had to call off work several times because I'm so nauseous from the pain. It might just be the combination of medications (I also take Wellbutrin, Zoloft, and Trazodone), but I'd rather live without the headaches than continue taking Strattera hoping it will one day work.”

4 / 10
techwiz123 September 19, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “I have taken Strattera for almost 5 years now and its a wonder drug for me personally. Without this drug my mind really really races and I can help it with exercise and things like that to get the energy out, but I'm not on the same beat as others. When I take Strattera, everything slows down and I'm on the same beat and wavelength as everyone else. Social conversations go better and I'm able to stay on task with work and actually get things done. I've found taking it on an empty stomach can be bit sickening, but other than that no downsides for me. I take 40 mg 1 or 2x a day as needed and find it wears off in 6-8 hours for me. I'm extremely ADHD but have no depression at all, very happy person always have been.”

10 / 10
jonathan bbb September 13, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “People bad talk this stuff but it has helped me immensely with attention span, focus, socializing, depression, and my executive function overall. Helped almost immediately for me. Very few side effects. Good stuff”

9 / 10
Hugh Mungus · Taken for less than 1 month September 9, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “Great stuff. Like any ADD med, if you have underlying depression or anxiety, I can see how this could exacerbate it. Caffeine used to make me super depressed. Take care of your depression before starting a stimulant. Anyways, this stuff is great. Vyvanse would make me super edgy and basically feel like ripping the world's juggler out with my bare hands. This stuff feels like that peak 5 minutes of coffee where you're like 'damn I wish this could last all day!' I sleep way better, I have a ton more energy. Things done bother me as much as they used to so I can focus on my work more However, you should really work out to burn it off otherwise you could get a little aggressive. I know that I really don't put up with any shit while I'm on it”

8 / 10
Annonymousss95301 September 8, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “Was only on this for 4 days. I yook 25mg in the mornings. The side effects were bad and got progressively worse. My head felt weird and also headaches that lasted hours on end. Took extra long to fall asleep the third day. I barely ate the third and fourth day because the naseua was so bad. I would eat something small then feel like vomitting. The last day I tried to take it before bedtime as directed to try to sleep through the bad parts, but ended up calling off work because of severe insomnia. I would not recommend this stuff for anyone. Stay away from this stuff!”

1 / 10
Natalia56 · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 8, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “28 year old female.I have both positives and negative effects. I have been on Strattera for six weeks Side effects constipation,dry mouth,anger and terrible insomnia. I cannot sleep even after taking zoplicone 7.5mg I struggle and when I eventually do get to sleep I don't sleep for more than 5 hours and its always broken I wake up several times so am always left feeling exhausted. My mood swings however have massive improved, pretty much stopped which I'm very happy about. Only complaint with mood is that I seem to become very angry over little things, I have had several arguments when I have always suffered with anxiety so am not confrontational at all.I am not happy and going to consult my psychiatrist regarding changing meds”

3 / 10
themankevin7 September 4, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “This drug literally sedates me lol. I honestly naturally function at 1000mph from the second I wake up. I've never had to drink coffee in my life until I started taking strattera... So I guess the drug made me normal. Also my troubles in school went away along with impulsiveness and bad decisions.”

Ty111135 September 4, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “I see a lot of mixed reviews on this. It's obvious this drug is EXTREMELY helpful on some and on others its completely ineffective, and can even do harm. My suggestion is to try it out for a month. If you don't feel the effects of it, try it for another month and if you still don't then switch to another drug. If you start feeling agitated by it, get off it immediately. For me strattera has worked wonders. I am 18 years of age, and have noticed the effects after my 4th week of taking it. My mind feels clearer, and I feel more motivated to focus on things I would usually find boring. The effects are reflected in my ACT score: my score has gone up a whole 6 points since first taking it. I wholeheartedly recommend strattera to anyone with ADD.”

10 / 10
Shaky91 August 25, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “This stuff must've been brewed up by a demon in the depths of hell cause it was awful. I can't explain the feeling when it kicked in other than I wasn't prepared and I could definitely feel it kick in. Also it was too much for me to really be helpful.. I felt a lot like i did when I tried to take vivanse once and it was so bad I threw the stuff away and years later I'm just trying to get back on meds. Well it also makes me really tired and agitated but it's difficult to sleep after it kicks in because for the next three or four hours if just hits me in waves. A week into taking it I started getting so bummed I eventually started feeling suicidal. Will never take this stuff again.”

1 / 10
contemptforcommies August 18, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “I see a lot of people bad mouth this medication. It works extremely well for me, and I responded within just a few days. My psych doc says he has a number of patients that this med worked well for as well. It is also an effective antidepressant for me. Just my experience.”

9 / 10
LKR1204 August 14, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “We started strattera 10mg then 18mg then 25mg for our 9yr old. In the beginning it was great, after about 5 days of each dose it was clearly time to increase to the next dose, but now we have been at 25 mg for over a month and the impulsivity and anger has gotten worse again over the past 2 weeks or so, and we can't increase the dose any further. Will be calling her doctor Monday to change to something else. An alarming thing to me is that she is also sad and crying a whole lot, which is new. This child never cried before.”

2 / 10
Jenn W · Taken for less than 1 month July 24, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “My 6 year old son (ADHD/Autism) starting taking Strattera about 6 months ago because he had a bad reaction to stimulant medicine. Was on 20 mg and it did not help him. The doctor increased it to 40mg and now he cries all the time and about everything. His concentration is still really bad. I will be talking to his doctor soon.”

1 / 10
James Blakely July 18, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “I started taking Straterra in February of'16. About three weeks ago I began to cry at the drop of a hat. Three days ago my depression worsened and began to become almost delusional with themes of guilt. I feel better since I stopped yesterday and today. I will ask my Psychiatrist to take me off and commence with Vyvanse. Crying and emotionally labile isn't me. I'm glad I stopped it before I hurt myself.”

1 / 10
steviesuperstar July 18, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “unbelievably bad ,seems to exaggerate all of my adhd problems 4 fold . i started on 40 mg even though im 91kg in weight and ive read up and they say it should be a mg per kg . so im guessing my doc was cautious , not a bad thing.So i went to 60 mg things didnt change i was wanking 4 times a day and sleeping only 3-5 hours a night and hardly eating a thing .i cant be arsed typing any more”

1 / 10
Stina9724 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 12, 2016

Strattera (atomoxetine): “I'm 36 yr old female who has been on Strattera for 8 months. When I started back to college full-time my focus was a mess and it took me hours to write the simplest of papers. Growing up I greatly struggled in school and clearly it was due to undiagnosed ADD. As an adult I was diagnosed w depression/gen anxiety but never found much relief from medications. Once I began the 80mg dose of Strattera, I was sleeping better, able to focus in class and at home while tackling work and much of my anxiety is gone. Over the break my dr suggested some people take a med break , so I did -- now realizing what a huge difference it made for me. Side effects in the beginning were heartburn, but I took a Xanax w dose and it subsided in about a month.”

10 / 10