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User Reviews for Amlodipine to treat High Blood Pressure (Page 9)

Also known as: Norvasc, Katerzia

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Amlodipine Rating Summary

User Ratings
10% (43)
5% (21)
9% (41)
4% (17)
3% (15)
9% (37)
4% (19)
9% (40)
10% (45)
36% (156)
4.1/10 Average Rating
434 ratings from 492 user reviews

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Reviews for Amlodipine

cici · Taken for less than 1 month September 23, 2018

“Doc put me on 5mg of Amlodipine due to high BP. I am a very healthy 71 year woman. Vegetarian since age 3 I swim 4-5 times per weak along with hiking. At first I did not notice any side effects due to stresses out side of my control. BP did not go down very much so Doc increased to 10 mg. After a few days of feeling exhausted to where I did not have the energy to swim and kept falling asleep during the day. My face was flushed my whole body ached, severe headaches, pain in my heart and then terribly swollen ankles. I immediately stopped taking this awful drug. My BP had not reduced, I took 3 garlic cloves in water with lemon which brought down my BP. Next day went to the pharmacy and now I am taking hawthorn tablet in the am and garlic pill in the evening and have been checking my bp 3 times a day it is better than ever and I have resumed my normal activities, no more headaches, angina and ankles back to normal. ”

1 / 10
BM · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 17, 2018

“This drug helped me lower my blood pressure. It took about a month to work. Now a year later I have pain in all my joints and stomach. Stopped taking it my bp went sky high 180/111 along with anxiety. Went to a holistic doctor and got some herbal meds. That are working well. I would not recommend amlodipine for anyone it’s poison.”

3 / 10
Sam · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 15, 2018

“Feet and toes are now stiff and my left leg is numb. I believe now there is no way to stop the spread of these side effects from the medicine. I now feel my right leg going numb and fingers getting stiff.”

Kay Cee · Taken for 10 years or more September 12, 2018

Norvasc (amlodipine): “I have been on Norvasc for over 17 years now. Before Norvasc my doctor tried me on other BP meds and it didn't keep my pressure down, But when my doctor put me on Norvasc 5mg. My pressure is always beautiful as long as I take my Norvasc. So I want to thank the company who made this pressure pill because it work wonders for me. 17 plus years on Norvasc and will not have it any other way. The number 10 is not high enough to rate this pill.”

10 / 10
Kaycee · Taken for less than 1 month September 11, 2018

“I'm a 54 yr old female and have high blood pressure for years and I am takin lisinipril and metoprolol. My blood pressure shot up to 250 over 126 the pain in my head was so bad I thought I was going to pass out thankfully I was already a patient in the hospital and the doctors were able to get my pressure down fast and started me on Amlodipine 5 mg it seems like its working good and a few side effects but I'll keep taking it.”

8 / 10
Muffin · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 7, 2018

“Where do I begin!!! I have been taking 5mg for about a year and 1/2 now. My BP readings have been around 135/80 to 140/85. At first I only experienced the flushing, slight headaches, then came the dizziness. A year later, my knees starting hurting, shortness of breath for no reason, my hip started killing me, numbness in my limbs. I tried to stop taking it but my BP shot right up. It's like what do you do?! All BP medicines cause some sort of side effects. My Dr. put me on Atenolol and that seems to be working so far but we'll see.”

7 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month September 6, 2018

“Horrible leg pain and swelling.”

1 / 10
Femiao September 6, 2018

“I've been having high blood pressure for years, but due to my stubbornness, I refused to be on medications, rather I tried managed it with running and diet, until recently I have put on some weight and had not been running as regularly as I should my blood pressure went up to 230/120. That's when I was referred to A&E. I'm now on amlodipine and the Doc just up my dosage to 7.5mg, she was very encouraging telling me to compliment it with regular running. One of the reason I refused to go on medications at my earlier stage was a very negative with a previous doctor who insisted I stop running altogether. That totally turned me off.”

8 / 10
Rondog · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 30, 2018

“This is a bad drug. My health went down hill from the point that I took this drug. My ankles swollen and legs, feet etc. I had blurry vision, irregular heart beat and just couldn't get and good night sleep for the life of me. Some times nightmares. These all went away once i stop taking this medicine - please stay away from it.”

Steph · Taken for less than 1 month August 27, 2018

“Side effect is my ankles have swollen up really bad”

Margo · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 1, 2018

“I have been on amlodipine-varsartan 10-160 for 5 months. Flushing around knees after 6pm. Cut pill in half and flushing not as bad. Swollen ankles in the evening. Frequent trips to the bathroom at night. BP best it has ever been. Muscle cramps out of the blue around stomach or back. Just tolerate it. Will follow up with doctor on labs next dr. visit. Female age 59. Suffering from BP since 2002 tried Lisinopril, norvasc, Bystolic these never lowered my blood pressure.”

5 / 10
Peter Paul July 23, 2018

“I have end stage renal disease, I’ve been on dialysis for 13 years. I am 29 years old man. For me Norvasc 2x5 mg is the best medication, when I was 17 I had a BP of 225/110 Hgmm and with this med since I take my BP is 115-140/75-80 and my pulse is good as well. No other medication works for me, we tried everything out. I only gave this med 8 points, because my gums are swelling and I have to pay a lot for dentist. ( my teeth are good ).”

8 / 10
brians2803 July 23, 2018

“After 10 years of being on this medication I started developing severe pain in my joints. I never thought it was caused by this medication and saw several doctors, had many test all negative they tried many other medication with so many side effects, some even putting me in ER room. After doing a lot of research on line and getting no where with all the doctors three RA doctors and several other types of doctors I was forced to retire as I was unable to walk to far, or lift up my arms as I had so much pain that I was unable to sleep. I found something on line about drug induced lupus. I stopped medication and in 2 days I stop vomiting and by the 5 day most of the joint pain was gone. After a month I was able to lay on my side my hips were not in pain anymore, the sores on my eye lids had stopped,my hands no longer were in pain. This is a terrible medication so be aware if pain starts for no reason. It did damage to my knees because it took over a year to find out what was my problem and all the doctors could not find this”

1 / 10
Willymakes me · Taken for less than 1 month July 20, 2018

“Makes me feel weird”

renodino · Taken for less than 1 month July 10, 2018

“Male, 56 yo. Was having palpitations with lisinopril, so I was switched to 10 mg amlodipine. On 2nd day, had severe reaction (irregular hearbeat, fluctuating BP, lightheaded, etc), ended up in ER. After various tests, docs didn't find anything wrong, but said don't take it anymore. The real fun began later that night. Woke up with severe panic attack that turned into a "bath salts" (recreational drug) episode: compulsively waving arms and pacing the floor, twidding fingers and toes, grunting, and finally depersonalization (watching yourself from outside your body). It subsided after 20+ minutes, but had panic/anxiety attacks every day 2 months after. I never had anxiety issues before. 2 years later, and I still have to be careful, as I can't control anxiety when life gets a bit difficult. I switched back to lisinopril + metoprolol, so my BP is back down, without palps. But I occasionally need to take anti-anxiety meds. Others report similar reactions, which may be why its banned in some countries.”

1 / 10
Sharon · Taken for less than 1 month June 26, 2018

“I have been using Amlodipine 5 mg for about 12 years. Recently my pharmacy switched manufacturer's to Lupin Pharmaceuticals located in Mumbai, India. The new tablets are white, octagon shaped and hard. Within a couple of days after taking the new tablets I notice a sharp pain in my right temple. By the seventh day my entire head feels like a snare drum. When I contacted my local pharmacy they explained that they obtain whatever medicine is available from the manufacturer. In this case the manufacturer has been warned more than once about "low quality/poor quality" meds. In a Bloomberg article not too long ago it was published that the [FDA Warns India's Lupin Over Generic Drug Quality Violations]. And yet America continues to do business with this company at the expense of the health of of its citizens. Simply incomprehensible!”

1 / 10
ChronicBPamazon · Taken for less than 1 month June 21, 2018

“It's not the pill for everyone. I took this medication for 2 weeks with other high blood pressure (HBP) control medication and it was long enough to show its side effects for me. The first 3 days I felt pressure in the back of my head and later toward the end of first-week I was experiencing occasional shortness of breath and muscle weakness (not tiredness). You don't want any of these side effects if you do have them, talk to your healthcare provider today. My doc took me off this med nonetheless. As for effectiveness: it wasn't able to bring down my diastolic pressure under 95 most of the time but I did manage 85 couple of times. To some it works, others not so much, just like any other medication.”

5 / 10
SLP · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 11, 2018

“I started in Amlodopine about a year ago at 10mg my blood pressure dropped down to 115/70 which made me feel ill, 170/100 was my usual. I do have high anxiety and since starting Amlodopine, I’ve put on weight, constantly swelling in my feet, hands and my eyes. On 5mg, My blood pressure was usually at 130/90 which are good numbers for me where I feel perfect. I cut back the dosage to 5 mg Because of the severe swelling, but lately my blood pressure is somewhere about 145/95 and have found I need to take 5 mg twice a day now. I’m going to try to eliminate Amlodopine and go with the other one hoping there will be less side effects. Amlodopine makes me feel like I have a 90-year-old body with all aches and pains and swelling everywhere. It’s even to the point now where my right foot swells so bad that it makes my foot feel broken and I can’t walk. I was told by the pharmacist that this medication cannot be effective on its own. I’ll see how Losartan works out.”

5 / 10
Doug · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 10, 2018

“I've been on Amlodipine for five years. My doctor started me on 2.5mg daily, and just last year bumped me up to 5mg. No side effects. What is especially remarkable is the TIME it takes to have an effect. When first was put on it, it was a month or two before by BP decreased. When it was bumped up, it *again* took a month or two to have any effect. So if you're going on Amlodipine for high BP, BE PATIENT.”

10 / 10
Nem · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 28, 2018

“I am a normally healthy 67 year old female and a retired nurse. In mid April I was diagnosed with hypertension. 180/103. I saw the Dr due to extreme headache and after I took my BP at home I was shocked. He started me on Amolodipine 5mg. It worked well but last Wednesday I noticed slight swelling in my ankles. I knew it could be a side effect, so I wasn't too concerned. Then by the next day the swelling had increased and I could barely shuffle. By Friday AM the pain had spread to my knees and I saw the PA at my Dr office. He diagnosed me with Acute Poly Inflammatory Arthritis. I had chills and slight temperature. I went home thinking what the heck and why. By Saturday Morning I was in so much pain I could not walk. The swelling had spread to my knees and the pain to my wrist and finger joints. I called the on call MD. He told me to stop the Amlodipine and started me on Prednisone and wanted me to start Metroprolol.”

3 / 10
Joe C · Taken for 10 years or more May 21, 2018

“I've been taking Amlodipine for about 15 years or so. I'm in my mid 50's Guess it must be working well for me. I'm on 10mg, I do have the occasional persistent coughing. No other problems that I'm aware of. I would say I'm about 40 lbs overweight. BP has been pretty good overall These was a time it was a bit elevated, just before I went from 5mg to 10mg about 5 or 6 years ago. All drugs have side effects, these have not been bad. I just keep my water handy, in case I get dry or cough. I also drink at least a gallon of water a day. I believe this helps my overall health.”

9 / 10
David · Taken for 10 years or more May 18, 2018

“I suffered from migraine for most of my adult life and was out sick several days a year because of this. I had all the usual symptoms of light sensitivity, pain on one side (occasionally shifting to the other), nausea, and vertigo once. Eventually, I developed high blood pressure and was given Norvasc. The migraines stopped immediately and I have not had a headache of any sort for decades. I currently take the generic form of this medication with equal benefit.”

10 / 10
Georgia Girl 2 · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 15, 2018

“I have been taking Amlopidine for about 2 years. I've had ups & downs with it. I got a new refill about 15 days ago, dizziness was getting worst everyday. Mothers day weekend I was stricken to bed with deep down in the dumps feeling & very low energy. I picked up a lower dose today 5 mgs. I pray this batch does not make me sick.”

3 / 10
Gene M. May 12, 2018

“I started experiencing Hypertension about 20 years ago despite healthy eating and physical conditioning. My latest "prescription" was Amlodopine in addition to Lisinipril. I started noticing one of them having a sweet taste on my tongue . I got curious because I always stop by a BP machine and keep tabs on it , especially if I feel symptoms. Long story short, I took back control of how I treated my one and only ailment. I started taking the meds every other day and joined a gym. I actually feel just as good and for the most part BETTER.”

3 / 10
Yahayaao · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 9, 2018

“I have been on amlodpine 5mg my I have been having the side effects of pain on waist, light headed, back pain, neck pain, numbness, abdominal ache, but it normalize my VP to 120/80 at times 114/75 my Doctor reduce it to 2.5 my but I'm still having those side effects”