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User Reviews for Amitriptyline/chlordiazepoxide

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Anxiety   9.8
4 reviews 53 medications
Depression   9.5
4 reviews 81 medications

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Reviews for Amitriptyline/chlordiazepoxide

Big G April 23, 2020

Limbitrol (amitriptyline / chlordiazepoxide) for Anxiety: “Very good helps with anxiety best medication ever. 10/10”

10 / 10
Selena · Taken for less than 1 month November 10, 2018

“I've been on this medicine for a week now, I was prescribed it when I went in to see my neurologist and he suggested it bc of my severe anxiety and not being able to sleep and to help with my constant migraines. The first 2 days I was angry and would snap back but as days go by I'm very calm and don't get stressed or worried about anything. Before I had many emotions and would freak out over everything but now nothing bothers me. Even my co workers are wondering what's going on with me. It's nice to care about anything but I did notice that I either am very calm or get hot tempered, theres no in between.”

Willy Dale October 14, 2015

“In the 80's I started waking up in the mornings with terrible tension headaches. At first I started using BC powders which is mostly crushed aspirin. After quiet a while I got a pepcid ulcer . My physician started trying different meds for tension. We finally tried this med. IT WORKED!! 100%! No more tense dreams that caused the tension! I've been taking it for 20 plus years! Thank God for this medicine! So, it's not just for depression, anxiety, etc. For me it works to relieve those tense dreams that caused my morning headaches! I take one in the AM & two at bedtime.”

10 / 10
cindylou2003 November 22, 2011

Limbitrol (amitriptyline / chlordiazepoxide) for Depression: “This medicine did wonders for me at 19 to 20yrs of age. I slipped into a severe depression. I had to think about WHAT TO THINK ABOUT. Felt like my mind would go blank at any moment. But after being given this medicine, within 3 weeks I snapped out of it. I stopped taking it and haven't needed it again since. But it is a comfort to know it is there should I ever go through that again. ”

9 / 10
doris plumlee May 9, 2011

Limbitrol (amitriptyline / chlordiazepoxide) for Depression: “I have been taking Limitrol for 30 years. I would not be able to exist if it weren't for Limitrol. I had anxiety attacks and bad depression. I take 3 pills at bedtime and sleep like a baby and wake up feeling great. I am 76 yrs old and the only side effect I have is dry mouth. I can handle that. It is a shame my medicare and TexansPlus insurance will not except this medicine.”

10 / 10
Anonymous April 10, 2011

Limbitrol DS (amitriptyline / chlordiazepoxide) for Anxiety: “I tried all sorts of SSRI's with no effect. I tried this medicine and after about a month I began to feel a lot better. I take this with 5mg of Valium whenever I have panic attacks. The only side effect I had was a slightly unpleasant taste in my mouth. It can be a bit annoying, but I suffer so much from anxiety, a little bad taste in my mouth is not too much to deal with. I would recommend this to anyone who has tried many medications with no results, and really need relief from their severe anxiety.”

10 / 10
Anonymous December 26, 2010

For Anxiety: “Only thing that keeps me out of a psych doctors office.”

10 / 10
Lizardoli November 4, 2009

Limbitrol DS (amitriptyline / chlordiazepoxide) for Anxiety: “I started this medication 3 weeks ago and like it, I am on the low dose one before bedtime! Working so far, but may ask doctor to up the dose on my refill! Have had no side effects that I am aware of at this time!”

9 / 10
pain-less August 12, 2009

For Depression: “This is the first medicine that I have used that helps my fibromyalgia pain and sleep issues”

9 / 10
Anonymous February 6, 2009

Limbitrol DS (amitriptyline / chlordiazepoxide) for Depression: “This healed my anxiety and deep depression and made me able to work, think, work out, enjoy my life, and recoup the losses caused by my illness. My whole self got well, including physical ailments. Had no difficulty tapering off when I was completely well.”

10 / 10

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