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User Reviews for Albuterol (Page 8)

Also known as: Ventolin HFA, ProAir HFA, Ventolin, Proventil HFA, ProAir RespiClick, AccuNeb, ProAir Digihaler Vospire ER

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
COPD, Maintenance 5.2
28 reviews 51 medications
Bronchiectasis 3.9
16 reviews 151 medications
Asthma, Maintenance 3.2
71 reviews 123 medications
COPD, Acute 3.0
22 reviews 25 medications
Asthma, acute 2.7
123 reviews 164 medications
Bronchospasm Prophylaxis 2.7
9 reviews 15 medications
Summary of Albuterol reviews 3.2 269 reviews

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Reviews for Albuterol

Jenbungle · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 23, 2017

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol) for Asthma, Maintenance: “Not providing any relief at all.”

1 / 10
Dan Allen March 12, 2017

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol) for Bronchiectasis: “I never received any relief.Not sure if it even works. I followed directions, just awful product.”

1 / 10
Blueyeezzz March 12, 2017

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol) for Asthma, acute: “Useless !!! I took it to my pulmonary doctor and told him nothing comes out. He said don't tip it that the powder will fall out. Well I kept paying for them trying to get some relief but never did. My copy being 40.00. I just kept thinking I was imagining there was nothing there. I decided to open one that showed zero doses left to see if the meds was gone. Guess what all the med was still in it. No residue from the power anywhere except inside the area they put it it. This was like the 4 th inhaler I paid a 40.00 copay for. I feel like a repayment should be in order. That's not including all the freaking anxiety attacks I had trying to get medication out of these defective devices. My other powder inhaler Anita works great. Different device”

1 / 10
Richland Washington Davis. February 27, 2017

Ventolin HFA (albuterol) for Asthma, Maintenance: “Right now, I am waiting for my doctor to renew my prescription so I can get my medication. The inhaler I am currently using shows it has 122 puffs left, and its empty. This isn't the first time I've had one of these go dry before its used up. Now, without an inhaler, I have to hope that the doctor on Monday will send in the renewal. Fortunately, unless the pharmacy will provide a new inhaler to compensate for the defective one, I am out the money that was paid for it. Oh, it does work, when it has medication in it.”

4 / 10
JulieS1970 February 18, 2017

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol) for Asthma, acute: “Agree with everyone else. I am glad I didn't pay for it and only had a free trial. It's really useless. Could tell no difference after using it. I got more relief from an empty regular pro air (with just some residue coming out!)”

1 / 10
Shelly Welly · Taken for less than 1 month February 17, 2017

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol) for Asthma, Maintenance: “I'm not a complainer but this medicine is the worst. I normally use the regular Proair inhaler and it works great but I just got back home from picking up a refill and relied it was this Proair Respiclick. I can't imagine it working for anyone as a rescue inhaler. Did they really test it on real asthma patients? We can't breathe well enough to breathe in this medication. I pray,to God they don't try to phase out the inhaler with this joke of a medication!”

1 / 10
nurse nadine · Taken for less than 1 month January 7, 2017

For Bronchiectasis: “Taking for bronchitis. Using ProAir HFR inhaler. Used 2 puffs x every 5 hours seemed to be helping very nicely till I tried to go to bed. I did get a steroid shot this morning so that is working against me also but I am absolutely not sleepy and it is now 1am. I usually am in bed by 930/10pm religiously. I am now coughing again and needing another dosing. I took my 5 cc of codeine cough syrup at 9pm thinking that would help be drop off to sleep but noooo. I am going to take 1 puff of the inhaler and one 5mg Ambien. I was sent home from work to REST and I can't. I have to start the Medrol dose pack tomorrow and that has always affected my sleeping without throwing anything else in on top of the mixture.”

7 / 10
LexiEnri · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 1, 2017

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol) for Asthma, acute: “I absolutely despise this inhaler. It honestly takes a lot for me to get so upset over a product, but this one is ridiculous. There have been multiple cases where I've had attacks, and my lungs are not strong enough to get the medicine out of it. I have to use it multiple times to even find a little bit of relief. I do not recommend this product”

1 / 10
mathgirl · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 28, 2016

Ventolin HFA (albuterol) for COPD, Maintenance: “My main complaint is that the inhaler seems to be empty before the 200 puffs are used. It seems to help well for the first 150 to 175 puffs, then stops feeling effective. I carefully following how to use it & don't know why I am not getting the right dosage throughout.”

6 / 10
todolist December 26, 2016

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol) for Asthma, acute: “It is extremely difficult to Use during an acute asthma attack. It is rather terrifying trying to be able to breath enough to actually take this medicine. My husband dug around for an empty Ventolin to stop the attack.”

1 / 10
Ugly girl December 24, 2016

Ventolin HFA (albuterol) for COPD, Maintenance: “Took regular for about 3 weeks. Started severe muscle cramps, bone pain, cough, sputum production, sleeplessness,, voice change,spinning sensation, blurred vision, respiratory infection. Stopped about 2 months. Still having severe muscle cramps and bone pain. How long will this last?Could it have lowered creatine kinase , potassium, or magnesium.”

1 / 10
R.p. · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 8, 2016

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol) for Asthma, acute: “The respiclick simply does not work. I have used it repeatedly when my asthma has flared up and never experienced ANY relief. Not even sure anything comes out after the click even. I have been relying on my maintenance DULERA inhaler for rescue situations. Annoyed and will be talking to my doctor tomorrow about an alternative. Garbage product.”

1 / 10
Nicky787898098098 · Taken for less than 1 month December 7, 2016

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol) for Asthma, acute: “Why does ProAir keep making bigger and BIGGER inhalers!?! Over the years they have gotten huge and hard to carry around. I often carry my inhaler in my pocket or in my purse (which is small), but I just picked up the new ProAir and it's way too big. I can't even put it in my pocket. Plus I find the fact that you can't take it apart and wash it really disgusting. Directions say to wipe it off, but this thing is going in my mouth...I prefer soap and water which you can't do with this inhaler. I'm going back to the old stuff.”

1 / 10
Asthma Sufferer December 6, 2016

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol) for Asthma, acute: “My son used this medicine and told me that it didn't work. He ended up I the ER the other night because it offered no relief. Don't buy. Use the regular proair.”

1 / 10
Blue green November 30, 2016

Ventolin (albuterol) for Asthma, acute: “I took 3 puff I woke up puking my brains out went to er I was wicked dehydrated had get 3 bags if fluids.has any one ulse experience this!!!!!?????”

5 / 10
Unhappy customer November 1, 2016

ProAir HFA (albuterol) for Asthma, acute: “I have had the last 6 inhalers clogged. I still have medicine in them and they will not work. What is going on? It is undependable! Asthma is a condition that cannot wait!”

3 / 10
Peg44 October 2, 2016

ProAir HFA (albuterol) for Bronchiectasis: “Did not work at all for me ! I was on for one week...”

diceable · Taken for less than 1 month September 29, 2016

Ventolin (albuterol) for Asthma, acute: “I was admitted to hospital for an asthma attack. Had never taken any kind of breathing medication before, even though I'd had trouble with breathing (shortness of breath, tight chest, can't take deep breaths) for a while. I was given Ventolin. I didn't respond to the first few puffs through the inhaler and chamber spacer, so they gave me burst therapy, which involved taking 4-5 puffs every 20 minutes for 2 hours. After the first 40 minutes, I was shaking like crazy, couldn't sit still. This shaking persisted until I went to sleep that night. The ventolin inhaler they gave me DOESN'T help - only a very large dose of ventolin seems to ease the symptoms. Overall, good in high doses for severe asthma but comes with side effects.”

4 / 10
DesertTopaz · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 27, 2016

For Asthma, acute: “I escaped seasonal allergies for most of my life, but upon moving from an East Coast metropolis (no seasonal allergies ever) to the Central Valley in California, I've gone through Allegra, Zyrtec, Benedryl, and Claritin, and am currently on a daily dose of Xyzal and Fluticasone Propionate. However, occasionally my allergies are so severe (precipitated in California by the serious wildfires, here in Arizona during dust storms) that my lungs in effect, shut down and constrict. For those rare occasions, I use the Ventolin (used five times since March 2015) which helps my lungs relax and the "tight" feeling in my chest subsides. Downside: racing heartbeat occurs for about 5-10 minutes after dosage. Benefits far outweigh the risk/side-effects.”

9 / 10
LaLouSo September 24, 2016

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol) for Asthma, acute: “It doesn't seem to me it does much.”

2 / 10
Chidda September 15, 2016

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol) for Asthma, acute: “I have been using ProAir for the past couple of months because my insurance company would not cover Ventolin. I have found that ProAir is not nearly effective and does not help my breathing nearly as quickly or as well as the Ventolin. I am very disappointed in the way it sprays! When I compare a spray of Ventolin to a spray of ProAir in the air side by side, you can see and hear the difference. The ProAir is weak and slowly dispursed whereas the Ventolin is a strong great spray with quick result.”

2 / 10
human13 September 12, 2016

Ventolin (albuterol) for Asthma, acute: “Ventolin works perfectly, effective after 10sec.”

10 / 10
never smoked · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 6, 2016

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol) for COPD, Maintenance: “Asthma and COPD for 50 years. This product is unusable. I work outside ALL weather. To big for a pocket, AND DON'T get wet. What good is a rescue inhaler if one can't take it with them where it may be needed. Now taking a round of prednisone. First time since 2012.”

1 / 10
Bad Medicine 2016 · Taken for less than 1 month September 5, 2016

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol) for Asthma, acute: “With the old inhalers you could test fire it to make sure it was working. Now, how do you tell? I’ve used rescue inhalers for many years. The key word here is rescue. When I have an attack lose the ability to breathe deeply. When I use the ProAir RespiClick I can sometimes taste it on my tongue, just like with my old inhaler but I don’t get relief. The instructions say you have to wait over 5 minutes to get relief, but the medicine never seems to kick in. My doctor recommended this especially since there was a coupon.”

1 / 10
Laflin · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 1, 2016

Proventil (albuterol) for COPD, Acute: “Getting a lot of blisters on my top of my hands stop using this for a while and blisters disappear”

5 / 10