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Zalicus Presents Data on Oncology Research at ASCO-NCI-EORTC Meeting

Systematic Combination Screening Exploits Differences in Tumor Networks to Identify Context-specific Cytotoxicity

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct 19, 2010 - Zalicus Inc. (NASDAQ: ZLCS) presented data today on its research regarding novel synergistic drug combinations for the treatment of cancer at the ASCO-NCI-EORTC Molecular Markers meeting in Hollywood, FL on October 19, 2010. The poster entitled “Systematic Combination Screening Exploits Tumor Biology Networks to Create Context-specific Cytotoxicity”, Short,, explores the association of cancer cell line genotype to combination drug sensitivity as a predictor of synergy and potentially responsive patient populations.

Dr. Short and the Zalicus research team confirmed that broad synergy profiling, as opposed to single-agent response data, is required to maximally exploit drug synergy. Specifically, the team has demonstrated that temporal sequencing of drug combinations can yield greater synergy and overcome resistant phenotypes thereby increasing the probability of context-specific cytotoxicity. Importantly, this work establishes that correlating chemo-sensitivity and genomic determinants can be leveraged to identify potentially responsive patient populations.

“These data, which were generated with our combination high-throughput screening (cHTS™) technology, are in alignment with the goals of our Novartis oncology collaboration whereby we can begin to associate drug sensitivity to genotype and in so doing, identify patient populations that may benefit from any given combination therapy,” commented Mark H.N. Corrigan, M.D., President and CEO of Zalicus Inc.

About Zalicus

Zalicus Inc. (NASDAQ: ZLCS) is a biopharmaceutical company that discovers and develops novel treatments for patients suffering from pain and immuno-inflammatory diseases. Zalicus applies its selective ion-channel modulation platform and its combination high throughput screening capabilities to discover innovative therapeutics for itself and its collaborators in the areas of pain, inflammation, oncology and infectious disease. To learn more about Zalicus, please visit

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Posted: October 2010