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Welichem's Anti-cancer Drug Candidate Stimulates the Immune System

BURNABY, BC, Jan. 22 /CNW/ - Welichem Biotech Inc. ("WBI" or the "Company") (TSX-V: WBI - News), a biotechnology company developing drugs to fight autoimmune diseases and cancer, today reports additional results for its lead anti-cancer drug candidate, WBI-2100.

See Press Release dated September 26, 2006, reporting the Company's NRC-IRAP support and preliminary test results.

These results, from animal tests, show that in addition to its significant anti-cancer activity, WBI-2100 also shows specific stimulatory effects on the immune system. These effects are seen particularly in neutrophils, which are immune cells that are pivotal to fighting infections. Due to their inherent toxicity, the majority of anti-cancer chemotherapy drugs on the market also cause the common side effect of neutropenia, that is, an abnormally low level of neutrophils. Neutropenia can create a substantial risk of life-threatening infection to patients, and can delay chemotherapy treatment.

The Company's recent tests demonstrated that when the drug candidate, WBI-2100, is combined with the commercial chemotherapy drug cyclophosphomide, chemotherapy-induced neutropenia is prevented. In its pre-clinical testing on animal models, the drug candidate has shown significant anti-cancer efficacy as both a monotherapy and as a combination therapy with commercially available anti-cancer drugs. This unique combination of cytotoxic activity and stimulatory effects on the immune system make WBI-2100 a promising anti-cancer drug candidate that may reduce the side effect commonly experienced by patients during chemotherapy. Welichem believes that WBI-2100 is well positioned to be developed into both an anti-cancer treatment modality by itself, and/or as a synergistic therapy to improve the use of other established anti-cancer chemotherapies. The total cost of cancer treatment is estimated to be $38 billion per year worldwide.

About Welichem Biotech Inc.

Welichem Biotech Inc. is a publicly-traded biotechnology company developing therapeutic drugs in the fields of autoimmune diseases and cancer.

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Posted: January 2007