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Tripos Releases Next Generation Molecular Modeling Suite, SYBYL-X 1.1

Availability on Windows and Linux Platforms Puts Powerful Tools for Lead Discovery and Lead Optimization in the Hands of Every Researcher

ST. LOUIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 12, 2010 - Tripos®, a leading provider of drug discovery informatics products and services, today announced the release and general availability of SYBYL-X Version 1.1. This new release focuses on enhancing research productivity for scientists in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, flavors and fragrances, and related industries, featuring faster navigation, new menus and toolbars, and new ways to approach life science molecular discovery projects. Previous SYBYL versions have been the benchmark for the industry in molecular modeling, and customers using this new, next generation version have given it high marks.

According to Patrick Flanagan, Tripos' Chief Operating Officer, SYBYL-X 1.1 is more than just a redesign. It is a new approach to simplified workflows and streamlined tasks, helping scientists reduce time spent on common, repetitive tasks by as much as fifty percent.” SYBYL-X delivers huge productivity gains, reducing the time needed to make key molecular discoveries. “From a business perspective, these productivity enhancements, coupled with availability on the Windows and Linux platforms and Tripos' simplified licensing programs, make SYBYL-X the most affordable molecular modeling available on the market today,” Flanagan added.

Tripos' SYBYL-X product manager and lead scientist, Brian B. Masek, Ph.D., said, “The breadth and depth of scientific application in SYBYL-X remains unrivaled. SYBYL-X has the industry-leading and heavily-cited Comparative Molecular Field Analysis (CoMFA®) for accurate prediction of biological activity, and its successor, the patented Topomer CoMFA, which quickly and easily provides users with superior pIC50 forecasts needed in lead optimization. Additionally, with SYBYL-X you get cheminformatics capabilities for structural searching and analysis with the industry leading UNITY application, and high accuracy docking for structure based design offered by Surflex-Dock. SYBYL-X is rounded out with the most modern, up-to-date tools for predicting and modeling protein structures. All of these technologies work together in SYBYL-X to offer the most complete, most affordable solution for drug and molecular discovery, in well-validated, robust scientific approaches.”

SYBYL-X is available today for Windows® and Linux®.

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About Tripos

Tripos, a Certara™ Company, is a global leader in innovative scientific software products and services enabling life science researchers to improve the efficiency of molecular discovery. Established in 1979, Tripos helps a broad range of companies and research facilities accelerate the identification and optimization of new compounds that have the potential to become marketed drugs, foods, flavorings and fragrances.

About Certara

Certara is dedicated to improving human health through a broad spectrum of products and services, from molecular discovery to clinical research. Formed in 2008, Certara unites Tripos and Pharsight Corporation, leading providers of software and scientific services to improve productivity and decision-making in discovery and clinical drug development. More information about Certara is available at


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Posted: May 2010