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TGaS Advisors Summit: "Best Days are Ahead"


Note to editor: Summit sessions are invitation-only for TGaS Advisors clients, whose identity is kept confidential.

East Norriton, Penn., November 19, 2009 - Flexible, scalable commercialization models; the overnight shift from campaign-driven marketing to digital dialogue; Operations support for Managed Markets; and new approaches to incentive compensation and customer data are some of the key challenges for Commercial Operations leaders in 2010, according to participants in a recent TGaS® Advisors Summit.

Stephen E. Gerard, TGaS Advisors Managing Partner, opened the Summit with a panel session featuring Gerry McKenzie, Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations for Allergan, Inc.; Taso Goujiamanis, Vice President, Sales & Marketing Operations, King Pharmaceuticals Inc.; and Joan Mikardos, Senior Media Director, Innovation and New Customer Channels, sanofi-aventis. Summit attendees, all TGaS Advisors clients, are participants in the firm's confidential collaborative benchmarks, which include 70% of the top 40 pharmaceutical companies.

Looking to the future of pharma, McKenzie observed, "The best days are ahead of us. If we accept more transparency, more controls and fewer players, if we develop the right partnerships and innovative products in the right way, we will see a real transformation. If we do it right, the industry can move from the equivalent of sandlot baseball to the World Series."

Fifty-five Commercial Operations leaders from 24 pharmaceutical companies met in Princeton,N.J., on November 4, 2009, for the invitation-only gathering. The day-long event, the largest ever for the benchmarking and advisory services firm, was the ninth in a series that has brought together more than 300 decision-makers to exchange ideas on their key issues and learn "How other pharmaceutical companies do 'it.'"®

Goujiamanis, who has seen the TGaS Advisors Summit events grow in scope and participation over the years, finds a three-fold value in the gathering: "First is the richness of the information we derive from the benchmark - our collective responses to strategic, forward-looking questions about Operations. Second is the 'color commentary' among our peers about the issues we're all facing. The third level of value is in our informal connections. This year's Summit was particularly important because of the unprecedented level of change going on in the industry and how it impacts the way we do business."

Some of the most profound changes are being driven by the digital revolution, according to Mikardos: "We need to embrace the change coming our way and figure out how to use technology to listen to customers, drive future products and help doctors treat patients better."

Break-out sessions explored Executive Commercial Operations, Marketing Operations, Sales Operations, Marketing Sciences Operations and Internet and Relationship Marketing issues in-depth. A sampling of hot topics and on-the-spot surveys from various sessions follows. (For a more in-depth look at responses to these surveys, go to<> and follow the links.)

Executive Commercial Operations: Compliance, Managed Markets and Data Management Will Be Areas of Greatest Change · Compliance and Managed Markets are expected to be the areas of greatest change in 2010, while Data Management scored highest within Operations. · Expense budgets and headcount will likely decrease or stay the same. · Medical/Regulatory/Legal (MRL) process, Data Management, Sales Force Automation (SFA) redesign and Digital Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are areas slated for the largest increases in the 2010 budget. Likely decreases: ad-hoc consulting, face-to-face sales meetings, speaker programs and non-core capabilities that can be outsourced. Marketing Operations: Discussion Centered Around Marketing Operations as an "Aspirational" Career Goal, Agency Management Responsibility, Offshoring and Outsourcing

* Participants strongly agreed that Marketing Operations produces high quality work, is responsive and accountable, but is not thought of as a place "to aspire to." * Although the responsibility of Agency Management currently resides among the brands in six of the eight companies polled, half the group felt it should fall under Marketing Operations. Participants also think the management of agencies is currently too informal. * Offshoring and outsourcing are expected to increase in 2010. Sales Operations: Predict Increases in Innovation, Analysis and Headquarters Support Systems

· Participants identified new selling model techniques: bucketing products based on their life cycle (59%), developing a differential sales resourcing model at territory level (59%), increased non-personal promotion (50%) and accounts incorporated into their alignment processes (50%).


· Innovation (55%), Analysis (45%) and Headquarters Support Systems (41%) were the top three functions in line for increased spending in 2010.


· Call Planning Targeting within Sales Operations was the most heavily impacted area when a company enters into a co-promotion agreement (78%) or reduces headcount by 10% (94%).


Marketing Sciences Operations: Cite Need to be More Proactive; Secondary Information Generally Offshored; Headcount is Greatest Challenge

* Brand teams want Marketing Sciences to be more proactive with suggestions on improving management sciences function and providing better insights. Other challenges include the new demands of global focus and digital marketing. * More than half use offshore personnel to support Marketing Sciences, primarily for Secondary Information; "high interaction required for success." * The greatest challenge is how to become more proactive in response to the many demands with headcount remaining flat. Internet & Relationship Marketing: HCP Enrollment, Listening to and Monitoring Social Media Discussions Seen as Evolving Issues

* Most brands engage in relationship marketing to healthcare professionals, tracking online and offline "touches." * Most companies analyze social media discussion content to track sentiment about brand, issues over time. 57% of participants extend their PR outreach to bloggers, 29% do not and 14% don't know if it's being done. * 57% hired professional monitoring services to look at consumers' and healthcare professionals' discussions online. 29% were obliged to report adverse events from consumer postings and 14% from those of healthcare professionals. TGaS Advisors currently provides operational solutions in Sales, Sales Leadership, Marketing, Managed Markets, Marketing Sciences, International Global Marketing, Commercial Compliance, PDMA, Internet and Relationship Marketing and Commercial Operations Integration services. Additional benchmarks are developed in response to client needs.

About TGaS® Advisors TGaS Advisors, ranked in the top 50 among U.S. Business Products & Services companies by the Inc. 500, is the leader in benchmarking and advisory services to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. The TGaS Advisors roster includes the top 10 and the majority of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies with operations in the U.S. market. The firm's benchmarking and advisory services suite of solutions, PharmaStance®, provides clients with a way to measure where they stand with respect to their organizations and answers the question, "How do other pharmaceutical companies do 'it'?"* TGaS Advisors is based in East Norriton, Pennsylvania. To learn more, visit<>.


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Posted: November 2009