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Tetraphase Presents Data at ECCMID from Growing Portfolio of Next-Generation Antibiotic Candidates

- Data Highlight Enhanced Potency and Favorable Pharmacokinetics of New Agents Against Pseudomonas and Gram-Negative Respiratory Pathogens -

WATERTOWN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apr 2, 2012 - Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on next-generation antibiotics, announced today that it is presenting new results from studies that demonstrate the improved potency and pharmacokinetics of several of its newest discovery-stage tetracycline analogs. These data, which focus on significant gram-negative pathogens – including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and troublesome gram-positive respiratory pathogens – were described in seven poster presentations at the 22nd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease (ECCMID) in London, UK.

"These are the first reports of novel tetracyclines with improved potency and efficacy against contemporary P. aeruginosa isolates," said Guy Macdonald, President and Chief Executive Officer. "These compounds retain activity against other major gram-negative pathogens, as well, and merit additional research to advance them into later-stage development. Even as we move our clinical-stage compounds forward, we continue to search for new candidates with the potential to treat the most virulent infections, including those caused by multi-drug resistant bacterial strains."

Presentation Summary:

(Full details on titles and times for Tetraphase abstracts can be found on the ECCMID Congress website.)


  • "Mouse pharmacokinetics, dose fractionation and efficacy of TP-559, a novel tetracycline with anti-Pseudomonas activity, in murine infection models challenged with Pseudomonas aeruginosa." J. Sutcliffe, X. Xiao, R. Clark, T. Grossman. (Poster #1425).
  • "The intravenous pharmacokinetics and efficacy of a novel tetracycline TP-433 in murine infection models challenged with Pseudomonas aeruginosa." Y. Deng, T. Grossman, R. Clark, X. Xiao, J. Sutcliffe. (Poster #1426).
  • "TP-834, a novel IV and oral isoindoline-containing pentacycline, is highly efficacious in rodent models of pneumonia." J. Sutcliffe, P. Hogan, C. Katz, W. Zhang, Z. Zhu, T. Grossman. (Poster #1427).
  • "TP-834, an isoindoline-containing pentacycline antibiotic, is orally bioavailable, metabolically stable and has low potential for drug-drug interactions." T. Grossman, M. Ronn, N. Dunwoody, J. Sutcliffe. (Poster #1428).
  • "In vitro potency of novel tetracyclines against Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other major Gram-negative pathogens." W. O'Brien, C. Fyfe, T. Grossman, C. Chen, R. Clark, Y. Deng, M. He, D. Hunt, C. Sun, X. Xiao, J. Sutcliffe. (Poster #1448).
  • "Synthesis and antibacterial activity of isoindoline-containing pentacyclines: a novel class of tetracycline analogs with oral bioavailability." R. Clark, D. Hunt, M. He, C. Fyfe, W. O'Brien, T. Grossman, J. Sutcliffe, X. Xiao. (Poster #1451).
  • “The novel isoindoline-containing pentacycline TP-834 is active against community and biothreat respiratory pathogens, and problematic Gram-positive pathogens.” T. Grossman, W. O'Brien, C. Fyfe, J. Sutcliffe. (Poster #1452).

About Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company utilizing its breakthrough synthetic chemistry technology platform to discover and develop next-generation tetracycline antibiotics that address unmet needs such as the treatment of serious drug-resistant and gram-negative infections. The company has developed an emerging pipeline of potent novel antibiotics that provide a portfolio of intravenous and oral drug candidates with the potential to treat a wide range of infections, including broad-spectrum and selective-spectrum infections. To learn more about Tetraphase, please visit


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Posted: April 2012