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Stinson Brand Innovation, Inc. Releases White Paper Trends In Pharma Branding Over The Next Five Years

CHICAGO, IL, July 7, 2009 -- STINSON Brand Innovation, a health, science, and technology brand consultancy, has announced the release of a new white paper titled, “A Look in the Crystal Ball: 3 Trends in Pharma Branding that will Impact the Industry Over the Next Five Years”. The white paper is available for free download at

To answer the question we considered the constant development of technology and the advancements of communication that is affecting every industry, and wonder how it is personally affecting the pharma industry.
The three ideas we focus on in this white paper include:

1. Mobile branding:

Due to the explosion of mobile communications, brand media must now offer healthcare professionals highly personalized and relevant information when and where they need it.

2. Growth of patient content:

Health 2.0 (a subset of Web 2.0) has become a driving force in the further evolution towards customer-centric care--collaboration between patients, as well as between patients and their caregivers.

3. The experience of the brand and marketing as a service

The relationship between doctors and drug reps has changed—and it may never be the same again.
“Staying ahead of the game is a challenge for every brand innovator,” says Mark Stinson, president of STINSON Brand Innovation, ‘“A Look in the Crystal Ball” is a whitepaper to stir advanced thinking into the future of pharma branding and highlights various ways to communicate a brand through popular social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.”

A Look in the Crystal Ball: 3 Trends in Pharma Branding that will Impact the Industry Over the Next Five Years” is the ninth white paper published by STINSON Brand Innovation on topics ranging from brand strategy to brand experiences. They are all available for free download at

About STINSON Brand Innovation:
STINSON Brand Innovation is a global health, science, and technology brand consultancy. The firm’s expertise includes brand strategy and positioning, corporate branding, interactive and digital branding,

branded customer experiences, and brand team facilitation. Celebrating its fifth year in business this year, Stinson is attracting global clients and collaborators for work on brands in research technology, diagnostics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, integrated healthcare delivery, and patient advocacy. The consultancy is headquartered in Chicago with offices in Boise and Philadelphia, along with affiliates in Istanbul and London. More information is on the firm’s website at

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Posted: July 2009