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SJTRI Scientists Present Newest Research on Drug-Eluting Stents (DES)

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb 14, 2008 - The scientific team from Atlanta-based Saint Joseph's Translational Research Institute (SJTRI) presented recent findings at the Cardiovascular Revascularization Therapies 2008 (CRT) symposium. The cardiology investigators, led by Keith Robinson Ph.D., presented 16 scientific abstracts at this prominent industry meeting; two of which were recognized among the "Ten Best Abstracts" Award.

Refat Jabara, MD, presented his abstract "Novel Anti-Inflammatory Salicylate-Based Bioabsorbable Drug-Eluting Polymeric Coating" from the podium during oral presentations of the 'Best Ten Abstracts' category. This novel, fully bioabsorbable salicylate-based stent offers the potential to reduce adverse events associated with current drug-eluting stents and could be very beneficial to patients with coronary heart disease. Dr. Jabara received Top Five Abstract Award honors for the work from the course chairman, Dr. Ron Waksman. Dr. Jabara later presented an in-depth overview of this technology to a standing room-only crowd at the CRT program.

"At SJTRI, we are in the process of evaluating several variations of the next generation of intravascular stents. As demonstrated in this study, the technology of a fully bioabsorbable stent platform could lead to dramatic advances in the clinical treatment of patients with coronary heart disease. I am fortunate to be able to contribute to the assessment of these devices and the impact that they may have on the health and welfare of patients around the world," said Dr. Jabara.

Dr. Lakshmana Pendyala's abstract, entitled "Vasorelaxation is Impaired Proximal and Distal to Paclitaxel-eluting Stents," is an analysis of the physiologic effects on the cardiac vasculature resulting from drug-eluting stent implantation.

"To assess mechanisms of adverse clinical outcomes identified for DES, we analyzed endothelial-dependent vasomotor function both downstream to the DES sites, as well as in the proximal segments," said Dr. Pendyala. "The study showed that while a Paclitaxel-eluting stent is very effective at its intended role in reduced tissue overgrowth inside the stented segments, there are profound adverse effects to the normal physiologic function of coronary arteries in the circulatory distribution of the implanted devices."

With the ongoing concern surrounding the clinical use of DES, SJTRI is uniquely poised to perform impartial investigations of the new generations of DES.

"Our scientists have been studying the effects of drug-eluting stents to the vessel wall using a combination of sophisticated assays that are focused on providing clinically-relevant information which we believe will guide the development of improved devices," said Keith Robinson, Ph.D., director of preclinical sciences at SJTRI. "We have clarified some of the underlying mechanisms for the known vascular toxic effects of current-generation DES to the scientific community, as well as demonstrated our unique expertise in the ability to design and execute studies to appropriately evaluate the utility of these future clinical therapies."

About SJTRI - Saint Joseph's Translational Research Institute (SJTRI) is a specialty research organization (SRO) engaged in academic and industry-sponsored research in preclinical and clinical settings. The Institute's innovative work helps move potential therapies, devices and drugs from the laboratory bench to the patient bedside faster using all available resources of the Saint Joseph's Health System.

About CRT 2008 (Cardiovascular Revascularization Therapies) - CRT 2008 includes 14 concurrent ceetings, including Live Case Demonstrations and more than 200 faculty from around the world. CRT 2008 is designed to provide a variety of health-care professionals access to the world's leaders and the latest research in order to improve practice and treatment outcomes. This conference is intended for physicians, biologists, nurses, technologists, cath lab staff and other health-care professionals with an interest in coronary and vascular intervention, and imaging.


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Posted: February 2008