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ProtoKinetix Highlights AAGP Development and Production Strategy

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan 8, 2007 - ProtoKinetix Inc. (OTCBB: PKTX) summarizes the highlights of the scientific accomplishments attained over the last 24 months to develop a commercially viable group of products. The first hurdle was to determine that the AAGP(TM) molecule was stable and lacked toxicity. Upon these confirmations, PKTX concentrated on human cell preservation at various temperatures. Early studies showed a greater than 300% increase in cell preservation down to -20 degrees C. Efficacy test results showed a 98% red blood cell preservation after being subjected to -15 degrees C for 9 hrs as opposed to 100% mortality for cells not treated. Further tests showed a significant reduction of platelet aggregation from 22 degrees C to 0 degrees C. Scientists at the University of Rouen expanded the family of AAGP(TM )molecules and found them to be stable and safe. A third party laboratory found that AAGP(TM) increased heart cell and heart tissue survivability. AAGP(TM) was shown to slow the aging process of human skin cells at temperatures ranging from 37 degrees C (core body temperature) down to 0 degrees C. More intense stress to human skin cells using H2O2 and UV-C resulted in successful preservation when treated with AAGP(TM). World wide patents and subsequent extensions were then filed.

After laying the above scientific foundations, in 2006 ProtoKinetix began to concentrate on trials that were targeted toward specific markets. At the request of a cosmetic corporation, the Company conducted trials using very low concentrations of AAGP(TM). The results showed minimal decline in the preservative effects attained. Again, targeting the cosmetic market, PKTX showed that AAGP(TM) proves to be a powerful additive compared to coenzyme Q10 and side by side. Third party testing showed that lengthy exposure to AAGP(TM) maintained cell integrity and function even with high concentrations of the molecule (15 mg/ml).

Patent expansions included AAGP(TM) molecules ranging from the very smallest (320 daltons) single amino acid based molecule through to the largest (2.2 kilodaltons) AAGP(TM) molecule that would have any practical application.

INSA (Frances National Institute of Applied Science) chose AAGP(TM) as its project to present at the annual GECO Conference. ProtoKinetix' lead scientist was awarded the prestigious Francinov Award for the development of the AAGP(TM) family of molecules.

Recent studies have shown that AAGP(TM) significantly reduces inflammation. This new development has opened up several avenues for research and business development. The latest UV exposure experiments suggest that AAGP(TM) not only protects cells from UV light but may also be acting at a molecular level to induce the repair of damaged cells. A new market for AAGP(TM) has been opened up by the discovery that the addition of this molecule to a solution of DMSO in cryopreservation of cell lines increased the thawed out cell viability by 100%.

Capitalizing on the significant scientific breakthroughs accomplished over the last few months, ProtoKinetix has a wide range of choices for maximizing the commercial value of the Company. PKTX' focus for 2007 is to launch AAGP(TM) into the markets which require no regulatory approval to a fast track approval. These markets include:

1. Skin care applications - anti-aging and anti-oxidant additives for cosmetic use

2. Sun protection agents - protection and repair

3. Cryopreservation of cells and tissues

4. Preservation of organs, islets and skin cells for transplantation

In anticipation of successful contractual negotiations in the first quarter of this year, ProtoKinetix has entered into discussion with major chemical corporations to dramatically ramp up the production of the AAGP(TM) family of molecules. As of this date, PKTX has entered into 6 specific application development agreements with major universities, institutions and corporations. These developments will very quickly establish the market value of AAGP(TM) which will ultimately determine the long term value of the Company.

About ProtoKinetix:

ProtoKinetix Inc. is a Biotechnical Company dedicated to the development of a family of synthetic antifreeze glycoproteins (AAGP(TM)) for human and veterinary medicine, the biotechnology and cosmetic industries, and as a food additive. Using previously published research on native antifreeze proteins and antifreeze glycoproteins as a guide, and coordinating a vast pool of world recognized intellectual talent in a networked environment, PKTX is conducting rapid and meaningful research with a view to developing markets for this very useful family of molecules. Sign up for free automatic email news alerts at our new website at:

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Posted: January 2007