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Proscape Technologies Congratulates Connect Tech, a Division of Draftfcb Healthcare, on Becoming a Gold Certified Content Partner

HORSHAM, PA - May 26, 2009 - Proscape Technologies, the innovator and global leading provider of Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) software for Life Sciences companies, is proud to announce Connect Tech as the company's first Gold Certified Content Partner in the new Content Partner Program. Connect Tech, a division of Draftfcb Healthcare, is the first-of-its-kind agency that is solely focused on creating content for CLM programs for the pharmaceutical industry.

Proscape designed its Content Partner Program to ensure creative agencies have the resources and capabilities necessary to develop optimal content for their customers' Closed Loop Marketing initiatives. The program allows agencies to position themselves as strategic partners and offer enhanced value to their pharmaceutical clients. Gold Certified Content Partners like Connect Tech are the most accomplished and experienced Closed Loop Marketing content creators using the Proscape platform. With at least four personnel who have met stringent requirements for skills and experience, Connect Tech has achieved superior accomplishments during the training and accreditation process and demonstrated creative and technical proficiency in the use of Proscape's enterprise level software.

"To best compete in this space that is constantly changing, we knew that a strong partnership with market-leader Proscape Technologies was imperative," said Jason Levy, Vice President & Group Product Director at Draftfcb Healthcare. "We are extremely proud of our new designation as a Gold Certified Content Partner as it solidifies our position as the foremost expert on content creation for Proscape and allows us to better serve our clients by helping reduce costs and improve efficiencies."

Proscape's award-winning solution helps Life Sciences companies improve sales force effectiveness, sales and marketing productivity and overall performance by driving more effective customer interactions, capturing the resulting feedback and making it available to home-office marketing teams for more informed decision-making. A pioneer in the Closed Loop Marketing space, Proscape's technology offering is the most mature software platform of its kind and has been implemented by seven of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies. To date, the Proscape system has driven more than 80 million sales calls across five continents.

"It has been clear since our relationship began with Draftfcb in 2005 that they were at the forefront of innovation in the Closed Loop Marketing space," said Derek Pollock, President, Proscape Life Sciences. "By taking the initiative to become a Gold Certified Content Partner, Connect Tech has demonstrated the company's commitment to improving efficiencies for our mutual customers."

About Connect Tech - A Division of Draftfcb Healthcare A unit within Draftfcb Healthcare's Rated Rx is Connect Tech, the first-of-its-kind agency that is 100% dedicated to creating content for pharma closed loop marketing (CLM) programs. The Connect Tech team provides dedicated, specialized, full service strategies and tactics to support our clients' implementation of CLM programs on field reps tablet PCs. Since its inception, we have created over 5,000 screens for use in CLM presentations - our team has been recognized as both cutting-edge and strategically focused. As a result of their spectacular work, they have earned us even further business wins and continue our leadership position in this process. This group works hand-in-hand with our 40+ person interactive division, Rated Rx. Many projects include MOA animation, 2D and 3D animation, e-blasts, website and microsite development, logo animation, interactive detail aids, quizzes, games, plasma displays, and integrated technology solutions.

About Proscape Technologies, Inc. Proscape Technologies is the innovator and global leading provider of Closed Loop Marketing software for Life Sciences companies. Proscape's award-winning software platform is trusted by seven of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, as well as dozens of others worldwide, to help improve sales force effectiveness, sales and marketing productivity and overall company performance. Established in 1996, Proscape is headquartered Philadelphia, London and Tokyo, with additional offices in Chicago, Toronto, Paris and Amsterdam. Learn more at<>.

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Posted: May 2009