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Persistent Vaccination Effect of Grazax After Completion of Treatment

COPENHAGEN, October 22, 2008 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Breakthrough: Results from the fourth year in a long-term clinical study prove the disease modifying effect of GRAZAX(R). For the first time ever, it is documented that the positive clinical effect of the tablet vaccine persists after completion of treatment.

Today, ALK announces main results from the first follow-up year in a long-term study (GT-08) with GRAZAX(R), the company's tablet-based vaccine against grass pollen allergy. The clinical study documents that the effect of GRAZAX(R) persists following completion of the recommended three-year treatment regimen. Furthermore, blood samples from patients show a persistent, positive effect on the immune system indicating a lasting tolerance to grass pollen.

During the first year after completion of treatment, GRAZAX(R) continues to provide statistically significant reductions in both hay fever symptoms and the use of symptom-relieving medication.

In the follow-up year, hay fever symptoms were reduced by 31% while the use of symptom-relieving medication was reduced by 52%. The reduction of symptoms and use of medication is measured as median values relative to a control group in which patients had unrestricted access to symptom-relieving medication.

The patients in the study have adhered to the recommended three-year GRAZAX(R) treatment regimen and completed treatment in the autumn of 2007. The above-mentioned results cover the 2008 pollen season, the first season in which the patients did not receive active treatment with GRAZAX(R).

The fourth-year results represent a major breakthrough, since ALK is the first company ever to document a persistent disease modifying vaccination effect of a tablet-based allergy vaccine. Patients cannot obtain such a persistent vaccination effect with traditional symptom-relieving allergy medication.


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Posted: October 2008