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PainCeptor Pharma Announces Positive Clinical Results that Validate ASICs as Novel Targets for Human Pain

Montreal, Canada – September 10, 2008 - PainCeptor Pharma announced today that PPC-5650, a potent ASIC1a antagonist, reduces thermal and mechanical hyperalgesia in a human inflammatory pain model, thereby validating ASICs as novel molecular targets for the treatment of pain.

PPC-5650, an investigational drug, is a selective and potent peripherally-acting ASIC1a antagonist being developed for the treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory pain. The randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study tested the efficacy of a single intradermal dose of PPC-5650 on primary hyperalgesia in 15 healthy male subjects in a UVB inflammatory pain model.  The trial was conducted at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria, with Dr. Burkhard Gustorff, MD, DEAA as principal investigator. Dr Gustorff states “It is very exciting to report on these positive, first time in human results for a novel class of compounds for the treatment of pain.”

The results from the study demonstrate that PPC-5650 exerts a significant (p<0.05) treatment effect on heat pain tolerance threshold and mechanical pain sensitivity. The Company intends to release detailed study results at the Mechanisms and Treatment of Neuropathic Pain Meeting (Nov 6-8, 2008). "We are very pleased with the results from this proof of concept clinical trial. The efficacy of PainCeptor’s ASIC antagonist for the treatment of human pain was as predicted from our in vitro and in vivo models” said Louis Lamontagne, President and CEO, PainCeptor Pharma Corp. “We believe that this proof of concept data provides positive, pharmacological and mechanistic evidence to support the further clinical development of ASIC inhibitors as novel pain therapies.”

About PainCeptor Pharma
PainCeptor Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company developing next generation therapeutic drugs for the treatment of chronic and acute pain.  PainCeptor's therapeutic programs are focused on novel, yet scientifically validated therapeutic targets within the peripheral nervous system (PNS).  By focusing on modulating target receptors in the PNS, PainCeptor expects to develop analgesics that avoid the many detrimental side effects associated with today's centrally-active pain drugs.  PainCeptor's development pipeline includes two lead antagonist programs, targeting ASIC1a and NGF/p75-TrkA, and a third antagonist program targeting ASIC3.

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Posted: September 2008