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Online Business Applications Releases Web-Based IRMS-CE

(Woodridge, IL; April 25, 2012) – Online Business Applications (OBA), a leader in the health science software industry that offers advanced solutions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies in the areas of medical communications and drug safety, has launched a lighter, Web-based version of its IRMS software, IRMS-CE.

The new Web-based version is fully compatible with the company’s legacy IRMS (Information Request Management System) software, the world’s leading medical information system, which provides a complete professional call center solution for its users. IRMS-CE enables a company’s professional service representatives to easily capture and respond to medical information requests from health care professionals with its simplified forms, intuitive standard response document and FAQ searching capability, and enhanced document attaching email facility.

“We decided to launch a Web-based system after carefully examining our software and how our global customers used it,” said Dennis Oles, OBA president. “The legacy IRMS software is a client-server application that runs globally via Citrix and isn’t always convenient for our customers who are on the go or in affiliate offices around the world. Being Web-based, IRMS-CE is the best solution for those users providing request/response management as well as content search and retrieval.

“In order to make the user experience simpler, we only included features required to record and respond to a request,” Oles added. “The system allows users to search and display content for verbal responses or they can reply by sending a simple email using pre-defined templates with the appropriate documents attached.”

The design of IRMS-CE enables users to expand their communications globally by providing a search tool for finding global content via generic drug names. Standard documents, FAQs, product information, literature, enclosures and other information can be shared by all affiliates. Additionally, IRMS-CE allows privileged users to modify standard documents and then attach them to a case; to attach additional documents from any directory; and to record transactions through the case log. A case snapshot feature provides an overall picture of the case and can also be emailed as an attachment.

OBA has provided advanced software solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries in the areas of medical communications and drug safety for 30 years. The IRMS software offers enhanced tools, including automated letter generation, flexible ad hoc query capability with built-in custom reporting, and document and correspondence management. IRMS offers optional adverse event, quality assurance, product complaint and content management solutions.

About Online Business Applications
For 30 years, Online Business Applications (OBA) has been committed to providing advanced software solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries in the areas of medical communications and drug safety. Partnered with more than 100 pharmaceutical and biotech companies in more than 70 countries, OBA’s IRMS (Information Request Management System), the world’s leading medical information system, offers enhanced tools, including built-in custom reporting, document and correspondence management, an FAQ database and built-in data and privacy protection. IRMS is designed to be 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and has been fully validated. For more information, visit

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Posted: April 2012