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Obagi Medical Products Releases Results of a Clinical Trial Showing Optimized Patient Outcomes When Condition & Enhance System is Used in Combination with Botulinum Toxin Type A

Clinical study reveals patients using Condition & Enhance™ in conjunction with BOTOX® treatments achieved an 86 percent overall improvement in facial appearance vs. 8 percent who used a standard skincare regimen with BOTOX®

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jul 30, 2009 - Obagi Medical Products, Inc. (Nasdaq: OMPI), a leader in topical aesthetic and therapeutic skin health systems, today announced positive study results at the American Academy of Dermatology's (AAD) Summer Academy Meeting in Boston, Mass., showing that the use of its Condition & Enhance System, when combined with Botulinum Toxin Type A treatments (BOTOX®), provides greater improvement in overall facial appearance, as well as increased patient satisfaction, vs. BOTOX treatments with placebo.

“I regularly have patients come in and ask for BOTOX or other aesthetic procedures, but they have aged skin that doesn't always look markedly improved with injectables alone. This data clearly highlights the fact that by adding Condition & Enhance to an injectable patients' treatment regimen, you are addressing all facets of aging skin for optimal results which ultimately improves patient outcome and satisfaction, even in patients who have previously had BOTOX,” said Joel Schlessinger, MD, board certified dermatologist from Omaha, Neb., director of Skin Specialists P.C., and lead investigator of the study. “And perhaps even more importantly, 100% of study participants using the Condition & Enhance System wished to continue treatment after the close of the study.”

At the conclusion of the study, physician ratings of overall improvement in facial appearance were significantly greater with the Condition & Enhance System + BOTOX as compared to BOTOX with a standard skincare regimen. Also, it was found that 86 percent of Condition & Enhance + BOTOX patients achieved an overall improvement in facial appearance vs. 8 percent using BOTOX with a standard skincare regimen by the end of the trial. In addition, statistically significant benefits were seen in evenness of facial skin color tone and facial skin texture, as well as improved levels of skin laxity and fine lines and wrinkles.

Similarly, the Condition & Enhance System was clinically proven to increase patient satisfaction: 82 percent of study participants had peers notice a positive change in overall facial appearance, as compared to 16 percent of study participants in the standard skincare group. Study participants also reported the following by the conclusion of the trial (120 days):


  • 89 percent of patients were either Satisfied or Extremely Satisfied with their overall facial appearance, as compared to 12 percent of the standard skincare group
  • 93 percent were Satisfied or Extremely Satisfied with the treatment regimen, as compared to 12 percent of the standard skincare group

“At Obagi Medical Products, we strive to provide physicians and their patients with the most effective skincare treatments available,” said Steve Carlson, President & CEO, Obagi Medical Products, Inc. “We are very pleased with the results of this particular study. They further validate the results of previous studies showing the significant benefit of using Condition & Enhance in complement with non-surgical procedures.”

Study Methodology

Participants in the multicenter, randomized, investigator-blind study ranged in age from 30-65 years and had received previous injections of botulinum toxin type A in the upper face. Over the course of the 120-day trial, 61 patients were randomly assigned (1:1) treatment with either the Condition & Enhance System or a standard skincare regimen.

About the Condition & Enhance System

Condition & Enhance is a 4% hydroquinone-based skin care regimen that, together with the use of tretinoin, creates a system that has been specifically designed to be used daily to optimize facial procedure results. The Condition & Enhance System, which utilizes Obagi Medical's Penetrating Therapeutics™ technology, helps to correct photodamaged skin, promote and maintain the overall health of the skin and prevent future skin damage. The system is available only by prescription.

About Obagi Medical Products, Inc.

Obagi Medical Products' develops and commercializes skin health products for the dermatology, plastic surgery, and related aesthetic markets. Using its Penetrating Therapeutics™ technologies, Obagi Medical's products are designed to improve penetration of agents across the skin barrier for common and visible skin conditions in adult skin including chloasma, melasma, senile lentigines, acne vulgaris and sun damage. The history of Obagi's skin care product introductions is as follows: Obagi Nu-Derm®, 1988; Obagi-C® Rx (the first and only prescription-strength vitamin C and hydroquinone system), 2004; Obagi® Professional-C (a line of highly stable vitamin C serums), 2005; Obagi® Condition & Enhance™ for use with cosmetic procedures to enhance patient outcomes and satisfaction, 2006; Obagi ELASTIderm™ eye treatment and Obagi CLENZIderm® M.D. acne therapeutic systems, 2007; a formulation of Obagi CLENZIderm® M.D. Systems for normal to dry skin, June 2007; and Obagi ELASTIderm™ Décolletage System, January 2008, and the Rosaclear™ System for the treatment of rosacea. Visit for information.

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Posted: July 2009