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Novo Nordisk Celebrates New INDYCAR Partnership Featuring Indy 500-Themed Billboard in Times Square

INDIANAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 18, 2012 - Novo Nordisk, a world leader in diabetes care, announced today that it has expanded its motorsports initiatives to include an official partnership with INDYCAR. The healthcare company is now the official diabetes care sponsor of the IZOD IndyCar Series.

Novo Nordisk first entered the sport in 2009 as the primary sponsor of Charlie Kimball in Firestone Indy Lights. Kimball and Novo Nordisk advanced to the IZOD IndyCar Series with Chip Ganassi Racing in 2011, where Kimball became the first licensed INDYCAR driver with diabetes to finish the Indianapolis 500.

“As the official diabetes care partner of INDYCAR, we are proud to bring our legacy in diabetes care and innovation in insulin delivery to the millions of people with diabetes,” said Camille Lee, Corporate Vice President of Diabetes Marketing at Novo Nordisk. “This partnership not only helps to advance the Race With Insulin™ program, but it also breaks new ground in raising diabetes awareness.”

To celebrate the new partnership and support Kimball in his quest to win the 96th Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, Novo Nordisk has commissioned a digital billboard in Times Square featuring its insulin delivery system NovoLog® FlexPen® (insulin aspart [rDNA origin] injection) and the 27-year-old driver. The display appears on the landmark One Times Square building, which reaches an estimated audience of 300,000 each day.

“A connection with a company such as Novo Nordisk, which aims to change the course of its industry through innovation and education, aligns well with the goals of the IZOD IndyCar Series,” said Greg Gruning, executive vice president of business strategy, INDYCAR. “Together, the IZOD IndyCar Series and Novo Nordisk have found a synergy that serves a mutual goal of reaching new audiences with our combined messages in fresh and innovative ways.”

Novo Nordisk will also bring its award-winning NovoLog® FlexPen® awareness and social media campaign Race With Insulin™ to several races this season. The program will be on display through the end of the 2012 season at Indianapolis, Belle Isle, Milwaukee, Iowa, Sonoma, Baltimore and Fontana.

For more program information, visit or follow Charlie on Twitter at @racewithinsulin.

About NovoLog® (insulin aspart [rDNA origin] injection)

Indications and Usage:

NovoLog® is a man-made insulin that is used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes mellitus.

Important Safety Information:

Do not take NovoLog® if your blood sugar is too low (hypoglycemia) or if you are allergic to anything in NovoLog®. If you take too much NovoLog® your blood sugar may fall too low.

NovoLog® is a fast-acting insulin. You should eat a meal within 5 to 10 minutes after using NovoLog® to avoid low blood sugar. Do not inject NovoLog® if you do not plan to eat right after using NovoLog®. Check your blood sugar levels. Ask your health care provider what your blood sugars should be and when you should check your blood sugar levels. Alcohol, including beer and wine, may affect your blood sugar when you take NovoLog®.

Do not change the type of insulin you use unless told to do so by your health care provider. The amount of insulin you take as well as the best time for you to take your insulin may need to change if you take a different type of insulin.

Do not mix NovoLog® with any other insulins when used in a pump or with any insulins other than NPH when used with injections by syringe.

Needles and NovoLog® FlexPen® must not be shared.

Tell your health care provider about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions, including if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Your NovoLog® dose may change if you take other medicines.

NovoLog® has not been studied in children with type 2 diabetes or in children with type 1 diabetes under the age of two.

The most common side effect of NovoLog® is low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Other possible side effects include reactions at the injection site (like redness, swelling and itching), and allergic reactions. Get medical help right away if you experience signs of serious allergic reaction such as body rash, trouble with your breathing, fast heartbeat, or sweating. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for further information.

Please see for NovoLog® complete Prescribing Information.

About Diabetes

In the United States, 25.8 million people have diabetes, a condition in which the body does not produce enough or properly use insulin, the hormone needed to convert sugar, starches and other food into energy needed for daily life.

About Novo Nordisk

Headquartered in Denmark, Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with 89 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. The company also has leading positions within hemophilia care, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy. For more information, visit

About IZOD IndyCar Series

The IZOD IndyCar Series is the premier open-wheel series in North America, competing on a challenging combination of superspeedways, short ovals, undulating road courses and temporary street circuits. In 2012 the IZOD IndyCar Series will conduct races in the United States, Canada and one each in China and Brazil -- all available in high-definition worldwide through comprehensive, long-term agreements with ABC, the NBC Sports Network, ESPN International and TV Bandeirantes. The IZOD IndyCar Series continues to be the fastest, most diverse and most competitive racing series that features an international cast of star drivers and venues. A leader in motorsports technology, the IZOD IndyCar Series was the first in motorsports to utilize 100 percent fuel-grade ethanol and for 2012 its three engine suppliers will use passenger car-relevant E85. For more information on the IZOD IndyCar Series, visit

NovoLog® and FlexPen® are registered trademarks of Novo Nordisk A/S.

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Posted: May 2012