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Novel Compound Affords Protection Against Lethal, Whole-Body Radiation Even When Administered Hours After Exposure!

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn., January 15, 2007 /PRNewswire/ -- RxBio, Inc., announces that its lead product, RX100, protects against lethal, whole-body radiation when administered before, during, or up to several hours after exposure. Animal studies convincingly demonstrate that RX100 can prevent death if given before or during lethal radiation exposure or rescue life if administered within six hours of lethal, whole-body radiation exposure.

According to Gabor Tigyi M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Physiology at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center: "RX100 is unique among radioprotectants. It is an analog of an endogenous, prosurvival molecule that is metabolically stabilized which boosts natural mechanisms that promote and sustain cell survival while inhibiting the cascade leading to programmed cell death. While other agents shut down essential cellular-signaling mechanisms involved in radiation-induced cellular injury, tend to lack specificity, and may deliver unacceptable toxicities, RX100 is a specific activator of natural, nontoxic, protective mechanisms of cell survival."

RX100 is a small molecule (molecular weight <500) that is stable at room temperature, has an excellent shelf life and can be formulated for a wide range of patient types-from infants to the elderly.

"This product appears unique as a radioprotectant in that it can be administered orally or by subcutaneous injection before, during, or up to six hours after exposure to lethal, whole-body radiation," stated RxBio Chairman and CEO Dr. W. Shannon McCool.

In addition, Rx100 is a potent protector of the gut -- from radiation, chemotherapy, and other toxic substances. Among other things, it prevents the disintegration of the mucosal barrier -- thus, preventing diarrhea and overwhelming bacterial infections, potentially severe side effects from such exposures.

Several agencies of the Federal Government have expressed interest in this promising new compound and its unique approach and mechanism.

For further information on Rx100 or RxBio, contact: W. Shannon McCool, D.Ph., RxBio, Inc., P.O. Box 5389 CRS, 1325 Sunset Drive, Johnson City, TN 37604; phone: (423) 928-3330; fax: (423) 282-6602; email: .

CONTACT: W. Shannon McCool, D.Ph., RxBio, Inc., +1-423-928-3330, fax -+1-423-282-6602,

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Posted: January 2007