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Inhibiton Therapeutics' Researcher to Present at the Ehrlich II, 2ND World Conference on "Magic Bullets"

CENTENNIAL, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 5, 2008 - Inhibiton Therapeutics, Inc. (OTCBB: IHBT) announced today that the principal researcher for its ICA-1 compound, Dr. Mildred Acevedo-Duncan, will present the work for ICA-1 entitled "PKC-i inhibition by ICA-1 reduces the cell proliferation of Neuroblastoma" at the Ehrlich II, World Conference on Magic Bullets in Nurnberg, Germany on October 3-5, 2008.

The ICA-1 compound has demonstrated more exacting specificity of protein kinase C-iota and not of proteins that are closely related to PKC-iota. These results demonstrate greater promise for the development of a targeted therapy. Research being funded by the Company has shown that the ICA-1 compound has been effective in laboratory in-vitro testing in various cancer cell lines. This research has demonstrated that inhibition of the enzyme protein kinase C-iota is a promising means to prevent and treat certain cancers through development of a targeted therapy.

Previously announced laboratory testing has shown that ICA-1 was effective in blocking BE(2)C neuroblastoma cells finding and that lower concentrations of ICA-1 were more efficacious in inhibiting the proliferation of 64% and 53% of the neuroblastoma cells when compared to control groups. The effects of ICA-1 on breast cancer cells have also obtained promising results. ICA-1 was effective in reducing the proliferation of MDA-MB-468 breast cancer cells by 83% compared to controls when incubated with the drug for 48 hours at clinical concentrations. For MCF-7 breast cancer cells, ICA-1 was effective in reducing the proliferation by 32% compared to controls when treated with the drug for 24 hours.

These results indicate that ICA-1 has promising results for further in-vitro studies as well as future in-vivo studies for the potential treatment of both neuroblastoma and breast cancer.

About the Ehrlich II, World Conference on Magic Bullets

According to its website address "The conference is dedicated to Paul Ehrlich and is held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his Nobel Prize award. In his Nobel Lecture on December 11th, 1908, Paul Ehrlich laid out the foundation of chemotherapy and the use of drugs to cure patients. He coined the term Magic Bullets and this term has remained in science as well as in the lay world for particularly important and clinically efficacious drugs.

"At this conference the discovery, development and successful use of Magic Bullets in clinical medicine will be presented and vividly discussed. Particular reference is given to PK/PD - relationships to develop and use Magic Bullets in patients more rationally by use of the modern methods of individualization of drug therapy.

"The conference is aimed to bring together clinical and pharmacological scientists."

About Inhibiton Therapeutics, Inc.

Inhibiton Therapeutics, Inc. is a nominally capitalized development stage company focused on biotechnology research, development and potential commercialization of technologies and products for new cancer therapeutic agents and cancer fighting drugs called targeted therapies. The initial focus of the Company's research is a protocol to investigate the effect of PKC isozymes on the regulation of various cancer cells including brain and breast cancer. Inhibiton began funding this research in September 2004.

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Posted: September 2008