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HemoGenix Announces Publication of its White Paper on ?Stem Cells and Predictive In Vitro Toxicity Testing?

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov 18, 2011 - HemoGenix announced publication of its White Paper on “Stem Cells and Predictive In Vitro Toxicity Testing,” an informative and different view of how stem cells can be used to predict potential toxicity in early stage drug development and help reduce the attrition rate, time and cost prior to human clinical trials. Several primary stem cell systems, such as blood-forming stem cells, are already used to provide a high degree of predictive value in toxicity testing. Embryonic (ES) and adult induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells are considered to harness the hope of new therapies for many diseases. However, they also have the potential to provide the tools to develop drugs with improved safety and low toxic side effects, if they can be validated as alternative equivalents to primary stem cells.

“If human ES and iPS-derived stem cells can be shown to be equivalent to available primary stem cells, the ability to rapidly and effectively test new drug candidates without having to use irrelevant cell types or even animals would significantly improve drug development and allow safer drugs to come to market more quickly and cost-effectively,” said Ivan Rich, Founder and CEO of HemoGenix (

About HemoGenix, Inc.

HemoGenix® is a privately-held Contract Research Service and Assay Development Laboratory based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Specializing in predictive in vitro stem cell toxicity testing, HemoGenix provides its services to small, medium and many of the largest biopharmaceutical companies. The proprietary assays developed for its contract services are further developed into application-specific assay kits that are manufactured and produced in Colorado Springs and sold worldwide. HemoGenix® has been responsible for changing the paradigm and bringing in vitro stem cell hemotoxicity testing into the 21st century. It is also changing the paradigm in cellular therapy by providing advanced, standardized and regulatory compliant, instrument-based stem cell quality control and potency assays for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and cord blood banking and regenerative medicine.



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Posted: November 2011