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Geron Corp. Licensee TA Sciences Announces Proven Anti-Aging Benefits of TA-65, Their Telomerase Activator: Improved Immune Function, Vision, Skin, Male Sexual Function, Well-Being & Energy are Strongest Claims

NEW YORK, May 15, 2007 /PRNewswire/ -- Telomerase Activation Sciences, Inc. (T.A. Sciences) today announced the results of the Pivotal 2005 Anti-Aging Trial of TA-65, the first human trial ever to show demonstrated, measurable and positive anti-aging benefits from a Telomerase Activator. Statistically significant results were found in those taking TA-65 across several key conditions of aging:

    * Improvement in immune system function

    * Improvement in vision

    * Enhancement of male sexual function

    * Improvement in the condition of the skin

    * Increased level of energy and sense of overall wellbeing

The Pivotal 2005 Anti-Aging Trial was a double blind, placebo-controlled, 24 week study conducted in the USA involving 36 male subjects aged 60-85.

The most compelling result of the Trial was the profound and positive impact of TA-65 on the immune system, which normally declines with age, leading to many negative conditions commonly associated with aging. Improvement in the immune function of subjects taking TA-65 as compared to Placebo was statistically significant across two vital measures:

-- Lymphocyte Proliferation: TA-65 improves the proliferative response of the immune system to foreign agents. T lymphocytes are responsible for the cellular immune response in the body against foreign invaders and are critical to mounting a strong immune response against foreign material to which the body has been exposed. The Trial data provide the first demonstration that a small molecule natural product which activates telomerase can improve the immunological response of T cells.

-- Natural Killer (NK) Cells: NK cells are specialized white blood cells which can immediately mount a killing response against certain tumor cells, foreign cells from infections, or cells infected with a foreign agent such as a virus. It is known that NK cell function declines with age and is associated with increased morbidity and a loss in life satisfaction. However, in this study, the treatment group had an average increase in NK cell numbers of about 14% at 12 weeks

Additionally the Trial showed improvements in: Vision, Condition of the Skin, Male Sexual Function, and Increased Energy and Sense of Wellbeing:

Vision declines with age for a variety of reasons related to deterioration in structure and function of multiple components within the eye, including the lens, retina, and, importantly, the blood vessels (vasculature) supporting the eye tissues. Overall the data suggest that TA-65 has an effect on structure/function which causes improved vision in the elderly.

There has been significant research on the role of cellular aging and telomere attrition in several types of Skin cells, including keratinocytes, fibroblasts, microvascular endothelial cells, and melanocytes. The results of this study suggest that TA-65 improves the structure and/or function of skin in the elderly.

Sexual Function was self-assessed at baseline and at 6, 12, and 24 weeks by the male subjects using a standard questionnaire. In two categories ("ability to have intercourse" and "satisfaction") there were consistent improvements reported in the Product group over baseline compared to changes reported in the Placebo group. Overall the results suggest that TA-65 improves sexual function in elderly men.

Increased Energy and Sense of Wellbeing

Subjects were also asked to comment on their perceived well-being, energy level, and state of health. Their comments demonstrated clearly that: Improvement of well-being, energy, and performance is a clear benefit of TA- 65.

Commenting on this ground-breaking human trial, Noel Thomas Patton, Founder and Chairman of TA Sciences said: "Taken together, the results of the Pivotal 2005 Anti-Aging Trial of TA-65 provide the first proof ever recorded of the vast, powerful, and tangible benefits of a Telomerase Activator in human aging. This trial has been invaluable to our establishment of the "PATTON PROTOCOL."

About TA Sciences:

The TA Sciences Center is located at 24 E. 64th Street in New York. The company offers its telomerase-activating molecule, TA-65, as part of the exclusive 12 month "PATTON PROTOCOL." TA-65 is sold under exclusive license from the Geron Corporation, the recognized worldwide leader in Telomere Biology.

    For more information on TA Sciences visit

    or contact Greta Blackburn at 1-212-588-8805.

CONTACT: Greta Blackburn of T.A. Sciences, +1-212-588-8805

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Posted: May 2007