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Genetic Immunity Presents DermaVir at DNA Vaccines 2010 Conference ? Unique Nanomedicine Formulation and Topical Administration of an HIV/AIDS Therapeutic Vaccine

BUDAPEST, Hungary & MCLEAN, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar 2, 2010 - Genetic Immunity, a US/Hungarian biopharmaceutical company developing nanomedicine vaccines, will present data at this week's DNA Vaccines 2010 in New Orleans, LA concerning the formulation and topical administration of the DermaVir therapeutic vaccine for HIV/AIDS. DNA Vaccine 2010 invites leading scientists to report on the latest research in the progressive field of DNA or Genetic Vaccines.

“Biological activity of DNA vaccines depends upon expression of plasmid-DNA-encoded antigens. Our novel nanomedicine vaccine, DermaVir, is a single plasmid-DNA that expresses most HIV antigens and forms virus-like particles,” commented Julianna Lisziewicz, PhD and CEO of Genetic Immunity. “We will be reporting how our team successfully overcame significant hurdles over the past ten years in the formulation and transdermal delivery of DermaVir. Building upon our research into the relationship between the structure of DNA nanomedicines and biological activity, Genetic Immunity has now moved DermaVir into Phase II clinical trials for the treatment of HIV.”

On Thursday, March 4 (2:00—2:15PM), Dr. Lisziewicz will report Genetic Immunity's successful creation of plasmid-DNA-containing nanoparticles in the 80 to 400nm size range, mimicking viruses naturally evolved to deliver DNA/RNA into cells. Surrounded by a polyethylenimine-mannose shell, DermaVir's pDNA enters through the skin and is protected from endosomal degradation prior to release into the nucleoli of antigen presenting cells. After establishing the preferred chemical environment for the pDNA, optimal particle size and “compactness,” and most favorable cationic degree for the PEIm, DermaVir was developed as a liquid DNA vaccine formulation maintaining physical stability and biological activity for several months at 4ºC.

“Sufficient antigen must reach the lymphoid organs to maximize vaccination efficiency. DermaVir's novel mechanism of action is based on natural migration of Langerhans cells from the skin to the lymph nodes,” explained Franco Lori, MD. “For targeting antigens from the skin directly into the lymph nodes a new medical device, DermaPrep, has been developed that combines a special skin preparation procedure with a patch for needle-free, topical vaccine administration.” DermaPrep reproducibly delivered over 50% of the absorbed pDNA vaccine to the lymph nodes. Clinical studies have demonstrated an excellent safety and tolerability profile. DermaPrep, which recently obtained CE Mark approval in Europe, offers a novel topical administration method for liquid vaccines.

About Genetic Immunity

Genetic Immunity is a US/Hungarian biopharmaceutical company establishing leadership in nanomedicines for immune amplification. Nanomedicine, a nanotechnology science, delivers highly specific medical intervention on the molecular scale for treating disease. By leveraging its proprietary immune amplification platform technology, the Company addresses new markets for infectious diseases, cancer and allergies through the discovery, development and commercialization of topically administered nanomedicines. These indications represent significant unmet medical needs and the potential for alternative treatment approaches.

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Posted: March 2010