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Encore Therapeutics Inc. Announces Extended Release Depot Formulation of Ropivacaine Available for License

CARLSBAD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 26, 2011 - Encore Therapeutics Inc. (ETI) today announced that it has developed a proprietary extended release depot formulation of the local anesthetic ropivacaine (F-93). Extensive pre-clinical studies demonstrate that F-93 achieved a 5-10 fold extension of local anesthetic efficacy compared to the currently marketed product, Naropin™. Ropivacaine is preferable over other local anesthetics such as bupivacaine because of its greater selectivity for sensory neurons and because it is less cardiotoxic. These properties make it more useful clinically than other extended release local anesthetic products that are currently in development.

F-93 is a proprietary non-liposomal phospholipid gel (PG) formulation capable of delivering high doses of ropivacaine locally in a single-phase, injectable depot formulation. In addition to pre-clinical efficacy studies, ETI has completed pre-clinical pharmacokinetic and toxicology studies as well as extensive CMC evaluations that demonstrate a two-year shelf life for F-93.

“Localized extended release delivery of ropivacaine offers distinct safety and efficacy advantages over other extended release local anesthetics products now in development. F-93 also has the potential to reduce systemic opiate use and decrease the length of hospital stays for post surgery patients,” stated ETI Chairman and CEO Dr. Paul J. Marangos. Dr. Andrew X. Chen, Chief Scientific Officer at ETI and the inventor of the PG technology, also noted, "The PG technology has the potential to provide localized extended duration of action for a wide variety of injectable drugs that can potentially improve and expand their safety and clinical efficacy.”

About ETI - ETI develops novel formulations that enhance the clinical utility and product life cycle of existing drugs. The Company is actively seeking licensees to bring its innovative products to market. In addition to F-93 the company has four other product candidates available for license:


  • ETI-311 is a PG depot formulation of buprenorphine being developed for pain and opiate withdrawal.
  • ETI-411 is an IV nanoemulsion formulation of progesterone being developed as a neuroprotective agent.
  • ETI-511 is a PG depot formulation of meloxicam being developed as a local analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent.
  • ETI-101 is a dermal filler based on the PG technology being developed for aesthetic medicine applications.

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Posted: September 2011