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Dicerna Pharmaceuticals to Present at Upcoming Conferences in October

WATERTOWN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 30, 2010 - Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Dicerna), a second generation RNA interference (RNAi) company developing novel therapeutics utilizing its proprietary Dicer Substrate Technology™ and Dicer Substrate siRNA (DsiRNA) molecules, today announced that Dicerna management and scientific co-founders will be presenting at the following conferences in October:


John Rossi, Ph.D., Dicerna scientific co-founder and scientific advisory board chair, as well as professor in the department of molecular and cellular biology and dean, Irell and Manella Graduate School of Biological Sciences at City of Hope's Beckman Research Institute, will give a keynote presentation at 8:30 a.m. on October 7. In his presentation, Dr. Rossi will discuss small RNA therapy for HIV and lymphoma, and will describe aptamer mediated delivery and functional activity of Dicer Substrates in vivo.


Martin D. Williams, Dicerna senior vice president and chief business officer, will present a company overview at noon on October 12. In his presentation, Mr. Williams will discuss how the company's leading-edge Dicer Substrate Technology platform, DsiRNA molecules and proprietary drug delivery systems differentiate the company from other RNAi approaches. Mr. Williams will also discuss Dicerna's “platform-to-product” approach to partnering, a key part of the company's corporate strategy.


Dr. Rossi will chair Session XII: Preclinical Applications from 1:00-3:30 p.m. on October 23.

During this session, Darren Wong, Ph.D., Dicerna senior director, oncology, will give a presentation titled “Development of DsiRNAs Against Classic ˜Undruggable' Targets in Oncology” at 1:00 p.m. In his presentation, Dr. Wong will discuss Dicerna's successful generation of potent DsiRNA molecules against several gene targets that have been previously considered “undruggable” by conventional small and large molecule approaches.


Douglas M. Fambrough, Ph.D., Dicerna chief executive officer, will present a company overview in which he will discuss the company's novel, second generation approach to developing RNAi-based therapies and delivery systems using its Dicer Substrate Technology platform, as well as its lead in-house program in oncology.

About Dicer Substrate RNAi

Dicer is a critical enzyme involved in the RNAi gene silencing cascade and acts as the natural initiation point for this pathway by processing double-stranded RNA so that it can be used for gene silencing. Dicer then delivers these modified small RNA molecules to the mature gene silencing complex. Dicerna's synthetic Dicer Substrate siRNA (DsiRNA) molecules are 25 or more base pairs in length and are processed by Dicer. By utilizing this distinct early entry point into the pathway, DsiRNA molecules have greater potency and longer duration of action than other RNAi approaches. In addition, DsiRNA molecules have enhanced delivery potential because their structure creates a natural conjugation point for cellular targeting agents.

About Dicerna

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals is a private, venture-backed RNAi-focused biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutic agents and related drug delivery systems in multiple disease areas based on its proprietary Dicer Substrate Technology™ platform and Dicer Substrate siRNA (DsiRNA) molecules. Dicer Substrate Technology is a second generation RNAi approach that results in greater potency, longer duration of action and enhanced delivery potential, differentiating it from other RNAi approaches. Dicerna believes that its Dicer Substrate Technology is based on intellectual property that is both broadly enabling and distinct from other IP in the field. Dicerna has exclusive, worldwide rights to the Dicer Substrate Technology and has the sole right to grant sublicenses to the company's portfolio of Dicer Substrate Technology intellectual property. Dicerna has a major alliance with Kyowa Hakko Kirin for DsiRNA pharmaceuticals and drug delivery systems, initially focused on oncology. The company also has a partnership with Ipsen to research and develop novel DsiRNA therapeutics with targeted delivery in oncology and endocrinology. Dicerna is based in Watertown, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit


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Posted: September 2010