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Colby Pharmaceutical Company Announces Publication of JVRS-100 use as Potent Immune Activating Adjuvant in Combination with H5N1 Influenza Vaccine

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan 9, 2012 - Colby Pharmaceutical Company (CPC) today announced publication of new results showing that a single dose of JVRS-100 adjuvanted H5N1 influenza vaccine enhanced-immune responses, -dose sparing, and -cross-clade influenza virus protection. This publication, entitled, “Cationic liposome-DNA complexes (CLDC) adjuvant enhances the immunogenicity and cross-protective efficacy of a pre-pandemic influenza A H5N1 vaccine in mice,” appears in the journal Vaccine, 30(2):254-64, 2012.

This new research reports preclinical studies showing Colby's JVRS-100 as a very potent immune activating adjuvant for pre-pandemic H5N1 vaccinations. These studies were coordinated by Colby's VP of Research, Jeff Fairman, PhD, in collaboration with CDC's Xiuhua Lu, MD, and Stanford University's David Lewis, MD. JVRS-100 significantly enhanced influenza-specific antibody and T-cell immune responses, increased efficacy at lower influenza antigen doses, and enabled cross-clade influenza virus protection. Remarkably, the influenza antibody response and efficacy was unchanged 14 months following JVRS-100 adjuvanted H5N1 vaccine single dosing.

The authors of the new Colby Pharmaceutical Company publication are Dong L, Liu F, Fairman J, Hong DK, Lewis DB, Monath T, Warner JF, Belser JA, Patel J, Hancock K, Katz JM, Lu X.

“This and other new Colby data is to be presented at the Biotech Showcase on January 10 and at OneMedForum on January 11, both in San Francisco, and demonstrates the powerful and lasting anti-H5N1 immunity with JVRS-100 adjuvanted influenza vaccines, as measured by potent immune responses and significantly prolonged JVRS-100 inoculated animal survival,” stated Colby CEO, David Zarling, PhD, MBA.

About Colby

Colby develops and sells drug candidates from two new disruptive sub-classes of mitochondrial/endoplasmal targeted medicines: the JVRS—100 Series of Cationic Lipid—Deoxypolynucleotide Complex (CLDC) biopharmaceuticals and CPC—Series of Lipophilic Cation—Small Molecule Complex (LCSMC) drugs. Colby in-licensed the JVRS-100 immune activator and developed JVRS-100 stand-alone cancer therapies, as well as JVRS-100 combination therapies with disease specific infectious-virus or -bacteria vaccines and systemic- or nodal-administrations of JVRS-100 combined with antigen specific cancer vaccines. Colby's management team has significant experience and has worked together for several years, selling three CPC clinical drugs in 2010-2011. Colby encourages inquiries regarding potential partnering and/or investment to Anne Vallerga, 650-333-3152 or, 5941 Optical Court, Suite 223, San Jose, CA, 95138.


Contact: Colby Pharmaceutical Company
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Posted: January 2012