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Clinical Phase I Results of Ganymed's iMAB362 Antibody Demonstrate Excellent Safety

Clinical Phase I Results of GANYMED's iMAB362 Antibody Demonstrate Excellent Safety

Mainz, Germany, August 04, 2010 - A clinical first-in-human Phase I multi center study with GANYMED's monoclonal antibody iMAB362 demonstrated excellent safety up to a dosis of 1g/sqm in gastro-esophageal cancer patients. iMAB362 targets GANYMED's proprietary cell surface antigen Claudine 18.2, which is present in 70% of all gastric cancers, 50% pancreatic cancers, 30% esophageal cancers and 25% non small cell lung (NSCL) cancers. In preclinical cancer models iMAB362 demonstrated potent antitumor activity against Claudine 18.2 positive target cells.

GANYMED's uniquely cancer specific targets are expressed in the majority of solid cancers and are crucial for cancer growth, proliferation and survival. The Company controls a broad and robust pipeline of highly effective cancer specific antibodies. With iMAB362 spearheading GANYMED's cancer antibody pipeline, the Company is uniquely positioned to penetrate a large portion of the solid cancer market in major indications with strong unmet medical need, including gastro-esophageal, pancreatic, breast, colon, NCSL, ovarian and prostate cancer. The very positive outcome of GANYMED's first-in-human study with iMAB362 marks GANYMED's the transformation into a strong development organization with a deep proprietary anti cancer target and antibody pipeline of significant value.

"The proven safety and tolerability even at high drug levels confirms GANYMED's concept based on highly cancer specific targets for developing potent antibodies with an excellent safety profile. The Company's anti cancer antibodies are exquisitely positioned to meet current and future needs in solid cancer therapeutics to substantially improve patient care," said Prof. Rolf Krebs, MD, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of GANYMED. "As for iMAB362, this very successful Phase I study paves the way for several Phase II studies in gastro-esophageal and pancreatic cancer."

About GANYMED Pharmaceuticals AG GANYMED Pharmaceuticals AG is a leading biopharmaceutical company offering smart antibody therapeutics for ideal targets (iMAB) in solid cancers. GANYMED's unique expertise in pinpointing truly cancer specific proprietary targets is the basis for the company's growing sustainable pipeline of antibody therapeutics with unique tumor specificity targeting solid cancers with high unmet medical need. Because GANYMED's proprietary cell surface cancer targets have unmatched tumor cell specificity, iMABs can efficiently kill tumor cells without harming normal tissues. Therefore, the Company's iMABs can unleash the full potential of therapeutic antibodies via separate but synergistic biological attacks focused solely on the cancer cells: (i) direct suppression of tumor growth, (ii) antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC), (iii) antibody dependent complement lysis (CDC), and (iv) induction of apoptosis.

In addition to its lead antibody, iMAB362, which will commence Phase II testing in gastro-esophageal and pancreatic cancer shortly, GANYMED has several other antibody projects against solid cancers in development, including ovarian, breast, colorectal, NCSL and prostate cancers.

GANYMED is a private German biopharmaceutical company supported by highly successful investors with a wealth of experience in backing successful life science entrepreneurs. GANYMED's majority shareholder is ATS Beteiligungsverwaltung GmbH. Other investors include: Future Capital AG, MIG AG and private individuals.


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Posted: August 2010