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Cannabis Science Presents Newest Case Photos of the 3rd Critical Squamous Cell Carcinoma Self-Medicated Cannabis Patient with Clear Continued Improvement

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb 23, 2012 - Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTCBB:CBIS.OB - News) a pioneering U.S. biotech company developing pharmaceutical cannabis (marijuana) products is monitoring the outstanding progress of the 3rd Self-Medicated Cannabis Patient with Clear Continued Improvement. This self-medicating patient has what his doctors describe as the worst case of squamous cell carcinoma the had ever seen. This patient's tumors, while resistant to conventional treatment, continues to make obvious improvement with the use of cannabis extracts.

Figure 1 shows the tumor from the last treatment on the left side of the patient's head, scabbing over and healing. A cavernous opening began to form, and the roof and sides of the tumor have degraded and fallen off, as shown in Figure 2. Figures 3 and 4 show the tumor from above, and it is clear that the tumor continues to degrade.

On the right side of the patient's head, the tumor is also slowly healing from the application of the cannabis-based extracts. The last three pictures show the absorption and killing of the tumor by the extract.

You can view these graphic photos on the Cannabis Science website and click the button “View Images of 3rd Self-Medicated Patient & His Apparent Success.”

Cannabis Science continues to focus on cancer as a major initial target for treatment with its critical ailment formulations. Cannabis Science has provided the scientific foundation for numerous patients suffering from cancer to make the informed decision to treat themselves with cannabis extracts. The company has seen vast improvement in four out of patients with skin cancer to date who we have been scientifically advising. Their photo-documentation is available on the Cannabis Science website and click on the breaking news button where you will find all the cancer related and updated patient news.

About Cannabis Science, Inc.

Cannabis Science, Inc. is at the forefront of pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana research and development. The second formulations will address the needs of patients choosing to use concentrated cannabis extracts to treat their ailments. Eventually, all Americans will have access to a safe and effective FDA approved medicine regardless of which state they live in. To maintain that marijuana is a dangerous, addictive drug with no medical value is scientifically absurd. Cannabis medicines, with no effective lethal dose, are far safer than aspirin, acetaminophen, and most other OTC drugs that kill thousands of Americans every year.

The Company works with world authorities on phytocannabinoid science targeting critical illnesses, and adheres to scientific methodologies to develop, produce and commercialize phytocannabinoid-based pharmaceutical products. In sum, we are dedicated to the creation of cannabis-based medicines, both with and without psychoactive properties, to treat disease and the symptoms of disease, as well as for general health maintenance.

Forward Looking Statements

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Posted: February 2012