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ASCO Impact Report From Encuity Research Indicates Oncologists Are Likely to Shift Patient Treatment Plans

NEWTOWN, Pa., June 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Encuity Research, the market research and analytics subsidiary of Campbell Alliance, today released the results of its ASCO Impact Report, a survey of physicians attending the 2012 annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO). The survey was designed to evaluate the relevancy and effectiveness of company-sponsored clinical data and promotions at ASCO.

Encuity's survey results revealed that this year's event had a significant impact on the treatment plans of oncologists and hematologists in attendance—with 76% indicating that they are likely to change their patient treatment plans based on ASCO findings.

New breast cancer and prostate cancer treatment plans gained the most traction. Among the ASCO-attending physicians surveyed, 45% intend to change their breast cancer treatment plan once Genentech's T-DM1 becomes available, while 44% intend to increase their use of Johnson & Johnson's prostate cancer treatment, Zytiga®.

The majority, 86%, of ASCO-attending physicians also awarded the highest overall "presentation of information" rankings to T-DM1. This endorsement was closely followed by Zytiga®, earning "very or extremely valuable" ratings from 73% of physicians surveyed.

"It is clear that several companies delivered clinical presentation home runs at ASCO, while others did not," said Michael Turner, General Manager of Encuity Research.  "The study also showed that ASCO will have a significant impact on the future behavior of physicians in attendance. This demonstrates, above all, that companies cannot afford a promotional 'swing and miss' when the stakes are so high."

The ASCO Impact Report provides an encompassing view of ASCO attendees' intent to change treatment plans, their perception of clinical information presented, and their ratings of information offered by pharmaceutical and biotech companies, including physician-deemed "up-and-comers" Seattle Genetics, Celgene, and Millennium.

This report is based on an online survey of 100 oncologists and hematologists who attended the event.  In addition to custom research, Encuity provides 11 syndicated market research services, including its Physician Meeting and Event Audit.  Data from this audit indicate that pharmaceutical and biotech companies spent $2.9 billion on events in the past 12 months, with 11% of their budgets going to symposia like ASCO.

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Posted: June 2012