My checks started to have an allergic reaction (urticaria) where under my my left eye has started to swell up. The reaction spread towards my entire cheeks on both side showing red botchy hives. My initial reaction thinks that my left cheek was bitten by something as I woke up with a small red patch on my cheek that was itchy. 10 hrs later before bed it spread to my left face aggravated by my scrubbing with an abrasive cloth which left both face red and patchy. By the time I woke up the following day my left underwent started to swell and my left side face started getting red and blotchy and itchy. Doctor prescribed Loratadine and Fucidin H cream but that made my face very dry and scaly. Another Doctor changed it and prescribed 1% hydrocortisone and Zyrtec.

It's 4am in a hotel where I am.