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I took zyprexa for ten years I feel ok now can I stop?

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suzanne66 10 Feb 2013

It is not a good idea to stop Zyprexa without seeking you doctors advice.
Usually, relapses happen when people stop taking their medication, or when they only take it sometimes. Some people stop taking the medication because they feel better or they may feel they don't need it anymore. But no one should stop taking an antipsychotic medication without talking to his or her doctor. When a doctor says it is okay to stop taking a medication, it should be gradually tapered off, never stopped suddenly.

kaismama 10 Feb 2013

You feel ok because you are taking it. When you stop taking it you will go back to the way you were before you started taking it. This should never be done without discussing it with your doctor.

DzooBaby 10 Feb 2013

Exactly what I was going to say! lol

2MCHN2013 14 May 2013

i mean, i cant believe you feel good on Zyprexa:):):) are you sure you were mentally ill in the first place? Huhh. Yeh... but their right, you have to be monitored nd have a support line, nd replace it with something(doesnt have to be pharmaceutical)(only in my opinion), nd go down super slow... and you have to prepare yourself that if you start losing control, your goin to go right back up on the previous dose of zyprexa till your comfortable enough to do it again.

AnnetteC_51 15 Aug 2018

Don’t stop taking it. You will relapse if you do. I’ve relapsed in the beginning of the Schizophrenia from feeling better and stopping the medication. free discount card

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