Zyprexa hits most neurotransmitters and blocks them. I don´t know why but when I first took Zyprexa I was 100% anxiety free. Might be because it blocked my Serotonin? No Idea. From what I can tell this is the strongest serotonin blocker/decreaser. I think I took 2.5mg . I dont wanna go too high of a dosage on it to avoid the Side effects. But yeah Zyprexa for my anxiety.. But Zyprexa also makes me tired so I thought Adding Wellbutrin to increase norepinephrine. What about the weight gain? well Wellbutrin is know to decrease weight so I got that covered as well. And the last Abilify to increase dopamine.. Since Zyprexa blocks that.
Zyprexa : 2-5mg-5mg Daily
Wellbutrin : 300mg daily
Abilify: 5mg daily.

What do you guys think? And about the serotonin I dont like serotonin so I am not trying to increase that.