Hello. After talking with my physician I thought I should pass along information regarding the shingles vaccine. It is very popular right now and there are people who are not able to get this. TV commercials are promoting this.

Anyone immunosuppressed, prednisone or other steroid, transplant, cellcept, prograf and similar drugs are not to receive this vaccine.

That is true for anyone fighting a major illness or injury where the body is fighting infection, repair, etc.

The reason is this is a live vaccine and one would get shingles by being vaccinated. The body cannot make proper antibodies during those times. Please remember that if you have received meds within the last year of these types, even a dose pack for prednisone, that your physician needs to know prior to the vaccine.

Also, if you have never had chicken pox, or children have not, please get them the vaccination. Shingles can appear at any age and is very painful.