I remember being under 5 when I started getting bad headaches. They increased a lot,at age 13 I got Spinal meningitis and the headaches were bad to the point of knocking me unconscious. I am now 47 and I have been getting migraines 2 + a week and they last 2-3 days. my face goes numb now and i lose feeling in my face, lips and arms. I have seen a neurologist to rule out a stroke. I have amitripthine 3-5 tablets a night every night. (unsure of spelling ) Maxalt 5 and 10 mg. botox didn't help, the pain is too much , I vomit badly, light sensitivity. I use a lot of peppermint oil, pack my head in ice and sleep on the floor in the bathroom where its dark and cool. I need something that works. Someone said this medication was bad some said it helped I am scared of trying another medication that won't work.