I have had almost perfect results on Cymblta but I keep zoning out and am almost dazed.

I do have more of an appetite than on Lexapro (which is the only SSRI that didn't have horrible side effects. Only insomnia, decreased appetite, sore muscles, and agitation).

But with being a student, employee, and mom I CANNOT be this unmotivated; which has just started with the Cymblata.

Does the zoned feeling and mild increased hunger ever go away? I'm on day 2 and started at 30mg.

No sure I want to go back to Lexapro, but I am too busy to be blah all day!

SSRI's= horrible except Lexapro 7/10 stars
Wellbutrins=panic attacks, anxiety, weight gain, insomnia, anger

Diagnosis: GAD, depression, and OCD