For the past couple of months I've had real bad trouble sleeping, every night im up until 3am.
As I'm only 14 mum took me to the doctors as two normal sleeping pills wouldn't work.
He advised us all these different sleeping pills but none had worked then he gave us a script for 'Zolpidem' or something like that.
So yesterday night i took my first pill of Zolpidem (10mg). I cant really remember how long after but i was feeling pretty sleepy but i asked mum to take me to the shops as there open every night until 9 to go get a dvd.
I remember looking at the dvds but they didn't have the one we wanted so we got a jigsaw puzzle.
From there on i remember being at the checkout feeling really really weird then i was seeing doubles or even triples of everything and laughing at everything feeling like i was in a dream but i was still awake.
Then i can remebwer walking out of that shop and walking through the shopping centre seeing doubles but they wernt blury they were clear and seemed real. There was a guy walking past and there was two of him very clear tho. then i remeber spinning around being so happy and seeing disco lights and **** (mum was freaking out by now and was worried as shes a nurse) then i got to a monster zinc sign in the shops (how they like advertise things in glass frames planted in the ground) and my hand went straight through the sign, well to me it did. so i started looking at it and laughing at it as the characters literally hopped out of the sign and they started smiling and running around the shops! I remember my mum tugging me by the arm trying to get me out of the shops to our car but i ran away from her and those little characters were running with me then i just fell over like passed out and then i woke up to me walking with mum to the car. as i was walking to the car i was looking at the planes and i was seeing doubles of the planes in the night sky. I got in the car and i was watching all the cars going past us but there were 3 of the same car like i was seeing triples and doubles of everything! I found this so fun and i was really enjoying it and laughing! Then we got home and my sister had her mates over a couple of boys and a couple of girls and when mum pulled in the driveway they were at the front on the trampoline and as i got out of the car one of them had three eyes. Mum told them she didn't know whats going on and walked inside trying to make me come in with her but i wouldn't, they told mum they'll look after me. so i was out the front with them and i couldn't speek i was repeating the same word if i tried to speek and i felt like i was in a big dream, they found this funny so they started videoing me with their phones and i remember trying to get up and walk and i feel over and they were either drunk or stoned and they were pissing them selfs laughing. I couldn't remember how long i was out there for then i remeber running inside grabbing mums car keys.. then next thing i remeber i was in the car locked the door trying to reverse out the drive way. they were standing behind the car and banging on the car to stop me but i didn't care and i reversed out pulled back into the drive way and did a burnout then hoped out and fell over. by now they were all worried and i woke up to them carrying me in side and the ground was like a bouncy castle and was all wobbly and stuff when i walked each time i stepped i would fall over.. i then passed out on the lounge and on the coffee table there was the tv remotes some candles and a jigsaw puzzle and every single object in the house was moving around like they all had the power to move and i meen everything the couches to me were bouncing up and down same as the pillows tv ect. i meen everything! thats all i could remember or describe but heaps of other **** happened like of me feeling and seeing **** but i cant describe it. i thought this was awesome but about 2 hrs had past of me feeling like this then i started to sober up just feeling very sleepy and by now it was like 12 am. I fell asleep and this morning i woke to watching the videos my sister and her mates had recorded and i seemed smashed out of my face from this one sleeping pill called zolpidem.. my eyes were basically black from my pupils being so big as i have sky blue eyes and in the videos my eyes were black and i could hardly speek.. what was wrong with me was i hallucinating or what.. i found this what happened awesome it was so fun but to others it wasn't so what actually was happening... aha please tell me. thanks.

Ps i really enjoyed is it okay to take it tonight and stay up will it have the same effect?