I started Stilnox possibly 6 years ago. 10mg. It went up after tolerance to 30 then 40 the other night I took 90 mg and I literally felt nothing. My question is does it just stop working and if so how much time do I need to reset my body to be able to start on 10 mg again? I have insane anxiety and cannot fall asleep unless my mind gets switched off. I feel fine the next day as opposed to other drugs that make me feel sleepy for days. I love Stilnox and get it prescribed by a specialist psychiatrist. Who has upped my dose to 30 mg a night. Basically. I'm so anxious about it not working anymore and I need to know how long till I can start again without having to take so much??? Has this happened to anyone? I don't want any other drug. I hate the zombie state everything else leaves me in. For example I took my 20 mg... Waited... Nothing. Took another and another and and another and after 90 mg was still wide awake it was 1 am and I slept for only 3 hours??? What now???