I was on Zoloft 100mg for 12years for depression after having my third baby in July 2013 things were ok till the October when I suffered anxiety & panic attacks so I went to my DR .Went of Zoloft on 30th April 2014,started Venlexor XR 75mg but made me sick & my anxiety worse so I rang the chemist to see if I could take a Alprax 0.5 to calm me down & he said it was ok.Went off Venlexor XR75mg.Started taking Paroxetine-GA 20mg still wasn't feeling right even thou I was taking 2x Alprax as well gave Paroxetine 23 days and still no better so stop taking it.I just used 1 Alprax a day to get me through.Then I could feel my depression coming back so I started back on 50mg Zoloft x1Alprax a day & felt a little better but still not right so after 6 days I up my dose to 100mg but my anxiety seems to be getting worse I'm now on 2 Alprax a day & this is my 5th day.PLEASE HELP ME IM AT MY WITTS END SO CONFUSED.