Before this drug I was on Paxil 20mg for over 10 years which I found a great help for anxiety, however I was sleeping over 16 hours a day! As you can imagine, this has resulted in me not moving on that much with my life..

I stopped the Paxil (2mths ago) and my fatigue left me, however the anxiety returned! My Dr prescribed Setraline (Zoloft) 50mg, stating it is a less sedating drug than Paxil.

I am now on day 12 for anxiety, depression & agoraphobia. At the moment my anxiety is higher than it was before I began taking Setraline and I am sleeping allll day long (if that makes sense??? ).

I’m VERY panicked this medicine will not work for me! So my main 2 questions are;

1: Is it normal to experience heightened anxiety and 'no benifits' (at all) at this point and will it lift?

2: If it does improve and this drug helps will the fatigue/somnolence pass (I really don’t want to sleep anymore of my life away!!)

I realise you don’t have all the answers but I just NEED a little advice from anybody who may have had experience with start-up issues (if that’s what it is??)

I'm seriously considering returning to Paxil if this fails..

With thanks